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Ok when I first saw them I was like holy gozer, that's the best GB looking elbow pads I have ever seen. Not a great deal I can add that all the other reviews haven't already said, suffice it to say these are excellent, comfier than I expected and are a fantastic addition to to your Ghostbuster uniform to aid authenticity.
Look, these suckers would be worth it if you just wanted a good elbow pad for whatever reason.
The build quality is amazing, and these are the closest movie accurate elbow pads you can own.
We ship orders on regular business days, Monday through Friday, national holidays excepted.
You may have received an estimated ship date during the ordering process that indicates that your order won't ship for a few days, or even a few weeks or months.
Under no circumstances will we mark an item as a gift or write a lesser amount on a customs form.
Just like the lunchboxes you remember from elementary school, this Ghostbusters lunchbox features an image of Slimer and a plastic insulated drinking container inside! As we found out at the end of last year, not only is there a second HP theme park to be built in Hollywood, there are also set to be some exciting new developments at the original Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando. The rumours started in December when Universal announced that they will be closing their classic Jaws ride, and people speculated that this area would be filled by a Harry Potter expansion. Universal Orlando announced this morning their classic Jaws attraction and its surrounding Amity area will close permanently on Jan. This seemed strange however, because this Jaws area is in a completely separate part of Universal to Islands of Adventure, the park where the existing Wizarding World is located.
Diagon Alley, as seen in the movies, is home to infamous locations such as The Leaky Cauldron, Gringott’s Wizarding Bank and the true Ollivanders wand shop location, as seen in the films.
Many of these locations have been mentioned in the rumored development plans for Phase 2 of the Wizarding World for months now, including an innovative indoor dark coaster ride said to take place inside Gringott’s Wizarding Bank. Speaking of having access to both parks… connecting the dots is said to be a true recreation of the Hogwarts Express, allowing guests with two park passes (and Universal Resort guests) to recreate the true journey from the Muggle world of London and actually board travel to the train station and board the train for a trip over to Hogwarts and the rest of the Wizarding World at Islands of Adventure. Now if all that wasn’t enough, I’ve heard some rumors about another possible new attraction likely to go into this Phase 2 project, that may attempt to take advantage of the new 3D projection tunnel technology Universal created for King Kong 3D 360 at the Hollywood park earlier this year.
Screamscape later followed this up, debunking the Knight Bus rumours, but providing more substantial evidence about a big Gringotts ride to be built in place of Jaws! While on the subject of Phase 2 of the PotterVerse (London), as I had suspected, the rumors of the Knight Bus attraction were wrong. They also note that another Ollivander’s wand shop is to be built in the new area and that it will be much larger than the hugely popular one in the current park. Later, ThemeParkInsider got hold of detailed concept plans for the Diagon Alley park, confirming the location and giving great detail about the Gringotts ride. It looks like we can expect another elaborately themed walk-through queue tour, along the lines of what we got with Hogwarts Castle in the original Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You can read much more about the ride here at the original source, and below are pictures allegedly showing sketched plans for the design of the ride’s carriages. At the beginning of last month we began seeing physical evidence of these plans coming into fruition, firstly with a demolition permit linked to several people who have worked on the Harry Potter films in the past. Following this, some pictures surfaced showing the start of demolition of the Jaws attraction. And finally, as we reported just under two weeks ago, sources say construction markings been spotted heading from the Jaws area down to the Wizarding World.

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Working directly with the manufacturer, we have paid thousands of dollars to have brand new pads created with grey fabric. Fantastic and prompt service with excellent packaging and reasonable postage fees for us UK Ghostheads :) Many thanks! I was really surprised at how durable these were as well as being ridiculously comfortable to wear.
Not only are they as close to movie accurate as you will find, they also fit comfortably; the elastic is snug and the pads feel like they are the right size. Our ordering system will provide you with an estimated ship date based on stock availability and volume of outstanding orders. If you were not logged in when you placed your order, you will be unable to view it again at a later date.
This board has an onboard amplifier that requires a minimum amount of power that a 9V battery cannot reasonably output. Designed to fit an ABS tube with an inside diameter of 2" (nominal). Designed to fit with our Hero Fiberglass Shell. Either the booster tube or the plug has been refined since the last review and they now fit together very well. Art Asylum Designs & Sculpts Following up on the hit Ghostbusters Movie line, DST now continues the line based on the '80s cartoon series, The Real Ghostbusters!
2, 2011 “to make room for an exciting, NEW, experience” – and rumors point to more Harry Potter attractions moving in to the area. Screamscape reported the following, giving the exciting news that the new area will be home to the London section of Harry’s world (including Diagon Alley), and that a Hogwarts Express ride could connect fans between the two areas! Now, before you flip out… lets go over it all, because for starters this really isn’t going to be the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at all. The London location is also said to be home to King’s Cross station, where students would board the Hogwarts Express train from Platform 9 ?. It’s no secret that the Wizarding World has been popular…so much so that it needed to be expanded to spread out the crowds, and come up with a way to provide new locations for guests to buy Butterbeer, Ollivanders wands and more. I don’t know if this may be put to use during your train ride on the Hogwarts Express, or if this will be an entirely separate ride experience.
This doesn’t mean that we wont see the King Kong 3D 360? technology put to use somewhere… it just wont be themed as the Knight Bus. They reckon it will actually house three different shops, but will be disguised as one, which will deal with problem of overcrowding. We’ll bring you more news on these fantastic developments in the months ahead, as well as everything going on on the other side of the US with the construction of Wizarding World number 2 in Hollywood. As much as I relished the challenge of making my own, I could not pass these up for the price. During the Halloween rush period (July - October) we typically have hundreds of orders waiting to be packaged and shipped. If we are experiencing a high demand and have a lot of outstanding orders, your order may be delayed until we can get through the orders that were placed ahead of yours.

Based on the character designs from cartoon, this specialty market exclusive four-pack includes Peter Venkman in his uniform, Winston in uniform, Staypuft (evil), and the set exclusive Lewis Tully!
But with all of their usual methods laughed off, will the team have to make a deal with devil to save the day? Instead, from what I’ve been able to gather, the new land to be build in Universal Studios Florida will actually represent the “London” side of the PotterVerse… including an entrance to the infamous Diagon Alley. But it seems that Universal Creative really decided to try a new idea… and think really outside the box this time. These pads are sized large and feature all grey fabric and have shorter bands to make them more movie accurate! Now more accurate than ever!
Also missing the black patch on the elastic, but that is optional and can be easily added for accuracy. During this time period it is not unusual to have to wait a week or more for your order to ship out.
For USPS, the quickest option is Priority Express, which is typically 1-2 day delivery, followed by Priority Mail (2-3 days), First Class Mail (3-4 days) and Parcel Post (4-5 days).
Mainly the Ghostbusters Fans Shop is 100% automated, and it is simply not possible to do this.
Additionally when using a 9V battery, the battery will be drained in only 10-20 minutes of use. Each Minimate stands 2.5" tall with 14 points of articulation and a variety of removable and interchangeable parts and accessories and is packed on a blister card.
Literally… because this new expansion is going to allow for guests in both parks to get a taste of the PotterVerse… but to get the ENTIRE experience, you’d going to have to have a 2-park ticket.
Typograph was styled "from the ground up" on a highly customized version of the Sandbox theme. After wearing these all day, I am happy to report that I have no bruising despite them hurting my arms a little. There are also increased shipping costs associated with adding any item, as well as processing fees and other things. Remember that uncovered technology patent Universal files a couple of years ago that would have a coaster car ride up onto a detachable piece of track that was hooked up to the top of a simulator style motion base platform able to tilt and rotate in any direction?
Some items are special orders or pre-orders and those items will force a later ship date than in stock items. Please note that a large portion of the timeframe for international packages is time spent going through customs in the receiving country. During times of high volume, it would also be unfair to others to bump items up the queue into an existing order. The latest Screamscape rumor claims that we may see this new idea brought to life as part of the Gringott’s coaster ride. During other times of the year, the estimated ship date is going to be the most accurate source for a shipping status.
The estimated ship date can be found by following the order status link in the order confirmation email you received.
At the time of shipment, if we see two orders, we may at our conveinence combine the orders into one package to save time, money, energy, paper and packing supplies.

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