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In this piece, I avoid comparing delivery quality, seller confidence, and customer service since the mileage varies for different individuals. A lot of users I've talked to, and even me in most cases, prefer to avoid products from third-party sellers and place trust in Amazon and Flipkart to undertake the order. At Flipkart, all products sold by the seller - WS Retail - are the ones that are fulfilled by Flipkart, WSRetail being the company's subsidiary. A new trend in the Indian e-commerce market, exclusive partnerships, has been attempted by almost every major players worth its salt. Amazon managed to pull back some mindshare with the exclusive deal with Microsoft for the Xbox One, and looks like both the retailers will see this an important way to 'force' online buying and expect to inculcate that as a habit. Flipkart launched Flipkart First a few months ago, and walked away with the early mover advantage. Again, worldwide, Amazon is a great source of reading reviews for a product even if you were buying it elsewhere. One of the highlights of the Amazon experience worldwide has been their packaging and delivery. Pet experts have also revealed that Holi colors can affect their gastrointestinal tract owing to the high presence of toxic chemicals, which leads to vomiting, salivation, loose stool, and loss of appetite. I am sure by now you must have read or heard about this online service called Flyte by Flipkart.
All songs can be downloaded and purchased individually and they are priced quite reasonably.
Now this is quite exciting if you are living in India as previously MP3 formattedA music which was DRM free was not reallyA available, unless it was pirated.

Flipkart might be selling digital music as a platform but I am not sure that the music industry in India will adopt it in a big way. The major revenue earners for music artists in the US and Europe seem to be concert tours.A Unfortunately in India, the most popular songs are always from films.
Another factor against legal music downloads is that much of India’s population which downloads music online is very young. That said Flipkart’s Flyte is a goodA platformA and also much needed one for music lovers in India. The brand reputation carried over across the seas, even to a first time buyer in India, a unique advantage which is uncommon for new players. The general consensus looks like that while Flipkart was a darling for many for quite long, Amazon is garnering lot of fans with quicker deliveries and overall experience in recent times. The assumption here, based on the trust in the brand, is fair pricing, better delivery, and quick resolution in case of an issue.
However, Flipkart got all the eyeballs (and of course a huge revenue) with popular and sell out tie-ups with Motorola, Asus, and Xiaomi. Available at a‚?500 for an annual subscription, the membership brings free one-day delivery, discounted in-a-day delivery, and some exclusive offers along the way. Apart from the Kindle devices, Amazon doesn't sell products in India, so we don't get to see much of those legendary no-tape, flip-to-open boxes. This means they depend on selling their music as CD’s or even caller tunes on mobile phones rather than going on concerts all over for revenues.
However, there's no digital content, and not much incentive yet, and I don't see many people interested in subscribing to the service.

It's been there since a while, and for most products in popular categories, you'll see a lot of customer reviews giving you a fair idea of the product helping you make a purchase decision.
Until last week for Indian music fans, there was no real online retailer who sold music legally and cheap.
Musicians in the US and Europe have sold their music online at affordable prices not to make a lot of music but to actually reach the widest possible market. But alternatively they do have a mobile phone and that might be effective way in including them in buying music online.
So, I'll avoid the crystal ball gazing and look at how the two stack against each other right now in terms of few, nifty features they offer. Unfortunately, on Flipkart, there's no way to set a filter like that, and you'll have to go to individual product listing to check the seller, and make your decision. only been there for a year, and you'll find a lot of products without any or only a few reviews.
In other words Flipkart is trying to do something that iTunes did for the American music industry. The e-tailer cleverly integrates reviews for some of its products, but those of course miss the Indian context.

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