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Hot rides don't just sizzle on the streets—they're real scorchers under the hood, too. We had to make our own mounting hardware and we payed an extra $40 in materials and it took 2 days to figure how to put it together. I was running a single electric aftermarket electric fan on my 79 corvette (Moderate Build Street and Strip). Unlike most rackmount cooling fans, this cooling fan for rackmount equipment stands apart with three (3) fans total. The Griffin Company strives for ultimate customer satisfaction and aims to provide high quality products at affordable prices.
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China Good Quality Axial Cooling Fan, Axial flow fan and AC Cooling Fan International Trade Site. But, when the mercury in your engine compartment soars into the red zone, your performance plummets.

For the price my Yukon was more but it was easier and had a mounting bracket with it throught flex a lite.
This triple rack panel cooling fan consists of heavy duty steel construction including the steel housing on each fan. These Griffin rackmount triple cooling fans can be used for all your rack equipment cooling needs.
Turn down the heat and crank up the power with a Maradyne Jetstreme Series Electric Cooling Fan.Whether you're packing a small block powerplant or a torque-y turbo, Maradyne Jetstreme Fans boast a low-profile design that fits comfortably in tight spots.
A black powdered coat finish adds to the overall appearance of this rack mount triple cooling fan. These 3U rackmount cooling fans are a great investment to keep your studio rack equipment cool as it pushes out all the hot air trapped in your rack enclosure cases. If you shop around, you will realize we offer the lowest price for quality rackmount triple cooling fans.
Griffin triple rack panel cooling fans are built to be strong, long-lasting, versatile and so durable that the hard-working sound board technicians and studio engineers can use them for years to come in numerous situations throughout his career.

Plus, the integrated shroud directs the airflow over more radiator surface area, maximizing its cooling power without demanding extra clearance.Engineered for excellence, your Maradyne Jetstreme Electric Cooling Fan comes equipped with a rubber seal to ward off vibration and a powerful motor that's sealed against dust and moisture. TrA?s authentique avec moustaches et usure locale.PSG Plaid Polaire Psg Logo FanJEM AIR FORCE 1 AF-1 MK II, Improvements in digital electronics have made Martina€™s industry-standard compact fan more responsive and even more versatile. Buy today with peace of mind knowing you are getting the lowest price possible for this cooling fan for rackmount equipment. And, the entire cooling fan is constructed from impact resistant, glass-filled nylon for years of dependable duty. Advances in control, rotation, speed range and increment adjustment have raised the bar for quality, performance and durability.

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