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Cote gameplay, la periode d’adaptation va etre delicate pour une grande majorite de joueurs. Certains diront que c’est du recyclage, mais la possibilite de choisir son type de passe (croix pour les passes au sol, et triangle pour une passe lobee) trouvera son importance aupres des joueurs de basket chevronnes.
Par contre, le jeu au poste etait soi-disant un axe d’amelioration pour cette version. En gros, une evolution intelligente du gameplay qui devrait a terme fluidifier et diversifier le jeu des joueurs aguerris.
Vie de Geek est mis a disposition selon les termes de la licence Creative Commons Paternite - Partage des Conditions Initiales a l'Identique 3.0 Unported. However, after hearing about the NXT revolution, where there was less drama and more, you know, wrestling, I slowly started to get pulled back and after 4 long years, WWE 2K16 was the first wrestling game I was actually interested in and soon enough, it was finally in my hands.
MyCareer is essentially the other story mode in the game, which has you creating a wrestler of your own and building him up from a weakling scrub working NXT to a Wrestling God main-eventing Wrestlemania and unlike previous WWE games, you can’t just create an OP character from the start and run roughshod over everyone.
The create-a-wrestler suite has been beefed up and you can finetune your creation like never before, including in-depth body morphing, being able to choose the textures of your attire (cloth, vinyl, metallic etc.) and adding hair dye to ensure that your creation is truly unique. But regardless of who you choose or create, you will have a myriad of matches to put them through hell with, including steel cage matches, hell in a cell, table matches, extreme rules and dozens more and regardless what you want to play or what you want to create, you won’t be pressed for content.
Getting back to gameplay, you can say goodbye to the arcade beat-em-up wrestling games of yesteryear and instead, say hello pure wrestling simulation. Combining this with the returning stamina system, resting holds and chain wrestling mini-game, you have the most realistic wrestling game to date, with matches having a proper back-and-forth flow as you and your opponent trade moves until you finally build up enough momentum to hit your finisher, but even that isn’t a guaranteed win. Graphically, the game seesaws between amazing and mediocre, with established superstars like the seemingly immortal John Cena, Randy Orton, The Undertaker and other veterans faithfully recreated to the point you feel Randy Orton might jump out and hit you with an RKO out of nowhere for real.
Another area where the game shines in terms of presentation is the little things which makes matches feel realistic once combined with the gameplay, such as superstars actually sweating, chests turning red after being hit repeatedly, them backing their opponents into the ropes when they Irish whip, using the ropes to assist them in getting up once they’re fatigued or injured or even stretching out damaged limbs.
There are obviously some issues in terms of bugs, but they tend to be on the funny side, with limbs warping and twisting in unnatural ways, obvious clipping and hit detection, but none of them are game breaking and I never once encountered any critical crashes or issues. The last few FIFA games have included Ultimate Team Legends, at least on Xbox, and this feature allows the best players from the past to be included with the best footballers today. Tous ne sauteront pas tout de suite aux yeux des joueurs, mais certains sont aussi interessants que parfois importants (bien entendu, je ne parle pas du protege-dents de certains joueurs).
Il y a nettement moins cette sensation d’inertie, de se laisser embarquer par un contact, de perdre totalement le controle de son joueur.
Il etait deja possible sur 2k15, par exemple, d’effectuer une passe lobee, mais uniquement a destination du joueur au poste.
Couples aux petites innovations au niveau de l’IA (deplacement auto des joueurs), cela donne des phases de jeu tres interessantes.

After 4 long years, The Lyle finally stepped into the digital squared circle once more and my God, what a triumphant return it was.
You will have to work (and work hard) dozens upon dozens of matches, start feuds and gain popularity to build your character up, earning various forms of credits and points which you use to unlock moves and abilities, which will help you pull off a coveted 5 star match and earn a shot at a title. Aside from that, you can create entrances, shows, championships and movesets, but Create-a-finisher has been dropped — however, seeing as how awkward it was in previous games, that might be for the better. Before, you could reverse every kick and punch if you were quick enough, but now, you only have so many reversals to use per match (which slowly regen), meaning you have to manage them carefully. But then you have the newer superstars like Finn Balor, Kevin Owens and especially your own created superstars looking less defined and crisp. But probably the most impressive thing is the reactions of the superstars, especially when opponents kick out, where the frustration shows in their faces with tendons in their neck popping out. He's been a mentor for the young Cleveland Cavaliers point guard since he was a freshman at Duke.
Desormais, vous pourrez toujours effectuer cette passe lobee vers le joueur au poste bas, mais egalement ressortir le ballon de la meme facon vers un exterieur (notamment de le cas de ces fameux rebonds offensifs ou on ne sait jamais trop quoi faire entre tenter une passe impossible ou remonter au cercle pour se faire contrer).
Les sizeup (plus diversifies), qu’on peut associer a une sequence de dribble pour intimider son adversaire, gagnent en importance. This might sound tedious, but thanks to some incredible gameplay, it’s, well, incredibly fun to play through. You could counter that stomp or punch, but is it worth it seeing as your opponent has a finisher stored up?
But it never got frustrating or cheap and instead of having a good match about every 1 in 10 like previous games, WWE 2K16‘s gameplay resulted in essentially every match being an exhilarating thrillfest where victory needs to be fought for tooth and nail.
Here, the attacker needs to overlay their opponent’s block with their own, which causes it to fill while defenders need to do the opposite and survive long enough to escape the hold. Irving has spoken of seeking out James for advice on his adjustment to the NBA both on and off the court. Desormais, oubliez le bouton triangle pour installer votre joueur dos au panier sous peine d’envoyer une passe lobee non-desiree. It might sound simple, but in practice, it takes time to get used to and it’s far easier to escape a hold than actually submit someone. Ils se deplacent, se tournent vers le porteur du ballon avec les mains pretes a recevoir le ballon quand ils font un appel. Elle n’a pas completement disparu, mais il y a moins cette sensation de glissement des joueurs lors de certains deplacements. James has made several comments this week about "bad habits" that have set in on the Cavs over the last couple of years, and as Irving has been the constant since James left in 2011, it's not shocking who James is talking about, along with Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson.

Ils ont une attitude beaucoup plus agressives, prets a bondir sur leur vis a vis en defense.
Le choix des systemes (toujours declenche avec L1) ne se fera plus via les fleches directionnelles mais avec le joystick droit. Les mouvements restent globalement les memes que sur la precedente version, toujours realises avec le joystick droit.
Certes on voit beaucoup de mouvements de joueurs cherchant a recevoir la balle a l’oppose du ballon. ESPN reports that James and Irving had a tough conversation in the locker room Tuesday night after a blowout loss to the Blazers, that is deemed "healthy." Irving left without speaking to the media. Oui le placement defensif est moins aleatoire et respecte un peu mieux les consignes donnees.
James scored just 11 points against the Blazers and did not score in the second half and was often not a part of the offense. Cleveland is off to a 1-3 start following a last-second loss to the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night."There's a lot of bad habits, a lot of bad habits been built up the past couple years," James said to the media moments after the exchange.
L’execution des systemes (tactique pre-enregistree) est encore trop machinale et manque de fluidite. Le replis defensif est relativement complique si on cherche un minimum a se battre pour le rebond offensif. It's also not a sign that the team is "dysfunctional" or "coming apart at the seams." It is weird, though. Consider this from earlier in the week, where after the Portland loss coach David Blatt praised Irving for his offense, and Irving essentially stuck up for his scoring focus.
I thought he played defense for good parts of the game very well, and he played a lot of minutes.
And if James' issue with Irving was his focus on scoring, then Wednesday's loss to the Jazz probably didn't make things any better. He passed 63 times according to the NBA's SportVU data, the most of any Cavalier, but the Cavs had 276 passes overall to the Jazz' 442.
Would they be better if he played with more purpose and with better awareness of the overall offense?

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