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IMPORTANT: The text in this website and product(s) sold on this website do not substitute for legal advice. See if you qualify for HARP or call today (800) 251-9080 to find out how much you could save.
At Quicken Loans, our goal is to make sure you’re always in the best mortgage for your financial situation.
If you’re hearing conflicting information about the Making Home Affordable plan, check out our loan modification and HARP refinancing program myths and FAQs.
You owe less on your mortgage than your home is worth.This means that you can qualify for today’s already low mortgage rates!
You owe more on your mortgage than your home is worth.If you owe more than your home is worth and previously couldn’t qualify for a refinance, you may qualify for the government’s new HARP Making Home Affordable plan. To find out how you can get a low rate on a 30-year fixed and a lower mortgage payment with the Making Home Affordable plan, call us now at (800) 251-9080 or fill out our short form and we’ll get in touch with you right away. In addition to Making Home Affordable, Quicken Loans now offers FHA Streamline, the easiest way to refinance your FHA loan. We hear all the time that we should refinance while rates are low, but why would you do it?
I modified loan thru the lender two years ago, payment was at 1746 and ended up after modification at 1995, I requested for the HARP and the bank stated that they already helped and that there is not a second chance, can I refinance my loan thru a different bank? In our Ask the Expert Section, we recently received a question from Tim, he asks, “I lost my Knoxville home to foreclosure about a year ago. For many Knoxville homeowner facing foreclosure on their Knoxville home, a loan modification is often the first thing homeowners try. The new streamlined loan modification program was started to help the process be easier for borrowers who are behind on their mortgage payments and to prevent foreclosures from happening. In our Ask the Expert Section, we recently received a question from Charlotte, she asks, “After losing our jobs in Knoxville, my husband and I relocated to Charlotte. The biggest thing you need to consider is the cost of keeping the home and if it is worth it in the long run to you. Knoxville short sales are confusing transactions that many real estate agents even struggle with. In our Ask the Expert Section, we recently received a question from Bill, he asks, “I bought several rental properties when the market was strong.
With Knoxville short sales, it can be difficult to say what lenders will and won’t do. In order to get your short sale approved, you will want to be able to show your lenders that keeping these homes is causing you hardship. When it comes to deciding whether or not to do a short sale, many Knoxville homeowners can come up with a lot of reasons not to do a short sale.
In our Ask the Expert Section, we recently received a question from Chet, he asks, “I want to do a short sale on my Knoxville home. In our Ask the Expert Section, we recently received a question from Sue, she asks, “I want to do a short sale on my Knoxville home.
When you complete a Knoxville short sale, you are still the owner of the home until the home closes. Before doing a short sale on your Knoxville home, there are a few things that many sellers need to be aware of. For a homeowner facing foreclosure, sometimes walking away sometimes seems like the best option, especially when you hear about some of the difficulties that come with doing a short sale.  Foreclosures will do much more damage to your credit and gives the opportunity for a lender to pursue you for a deficiency judgement.

The above brokerage assumes no responsibility nor guarantees the accuracy of this information and is not engaged in the practice of law nor gives legal advice.
It is strongly recommended that you seek appropriate professional counsel regarding your rights as a homeowner. Nor does the text substitute for real estate, financial, tax, bankruptcy or other professional advice. As you’ve heard in recent news, our government released a multi-step plan to help American homeowners.
Or get started now and find out if you qualify for the new plan with our easy Making Home Affordable HARP qualification tool now!
We can help you.The message of the plan is clear – the government wants American homeowners who currently qualify for a refinance to take advantage of historically-low mortgage rates. We can help you.With a new, streamlined refinance program from Fannie Mae, Quicken Loans is able to refinance your mortgage to a low, fixed rate. If you believe you qualify for a loan modification under the government’s new plan, call your loan servicer (the company you make your payments to) right away. Also, watch our new video about the Making Home Affordable loan modification and refinance plan. In order for your loan to be eligible for HARP, your loan had to close prior to May 31, 2009.
Many different hardship situations have caused many homeowners to lost their home to foreclosure. The seven year waiting period applies to those Knoxville homeowners who do not have documented hardship for why they went through foreclosure. You could try to make the necessary repairs and find another renter.  Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that it would not happen again or that you would find a renter who will cover the costs of keeping the home. While you are not required to have a real estate agent to complete a short sale, it would only be to you benefit to have one and it will cost you absolutely nothing.
Now, it is becoming a hassle to maintain the properties every month and keep up with the payments. While you may be able to keep making the payments now, in the future, it could be difficult to continuing maintaining the homes and to keep making payments.
The first step to getting your life back on track is to figure out the best solution for you to avoid foreclosure on your Knoxville home.
For most sellers, the choice to do a short sale is not an easy one, it comes after many difficult months of exhausting all other possible options. In the case of a short sale, there will still be credit damage, but it will be far less than if you when through foreclosure. The above brokerage is not associated with the government, and our service is not approved by the government or your lender. Loan Modification Key® and its owner(s) cannot and do not guarantee results from any lender or servicer. We’re extremely excited to be a part of the plan that could help millions of responsible homeowners in America.
This is fantastic news for nearly 5 million people who couldn’t previously refinance under traditional guidelines.If you’re on time with your mortgage payments, but couldn’t refinance due to lack of equity, the streamlined refinance program is for you.
It’s a great way to get all the fact about the loan modification and refinance plan in just a few minutes.
I’m going to have one of our Client Relations Specialists reach out to you with an email. I’ve forwarded your concerns to our Home Loan Experts who should be reaching out to you shortly to answer any questions you may have.

At that time, all loan servicers will be required to offer a loan modifications to all borrowers who are 90 days or more behind on their payments.
Your lender will take care of paying the commissions, closing costs, and past due property taxes. Since the homes are no longer worth what they were, if eventually it will be difficult to keep up with maintenance, they’re value will likely just keep going down, which is why a lender would be willing to consider a short sale. Despite what you can hear about Knoxville short sales, they can be a good thing because they help you avoid foreclosure. I’m just not sure anyone will want to buy my home, since there are quite a bit of work that needs to be done. If you’re a Knoxville homeowner who is considering doing a short sale, here are 5 things that every seller must know.
With many short sales, you are able to get the lender to waive their right to pursue you for a deficiency judgment. Even if you accept this offer and use our service, your lender may not agree to change your loan.
Loan Modification Key® and its owner(s) do not represent any loan modification program or governmental program including but not limited to “Making Home Affordable”. Call us today at (800) 251-9080 and we’ll work with you to determine your home’s value, your equity and what kind of new loan you need. You can also use the Making Home Affordable Loan Lookup Tool to find out if your home is eligible for Making Home Affordable.
Fannie Mae, the federal corporation that purchase most mortgages, has specific waiting periods depending on your situation.
At the end of March, the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), announced an new streamlined loan modification program for all loans owned by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The new modification process will allow less documentation than in the past, borrowers will no longer have to show financial or hardship documentations in order to be approved. While living in our Knoxville home, they trashed our house, which would make it more difficult to sell now. I have a stable income and a good job, but owning these three properties is making money tight. If my lender pursues me a for deficiency judgment, I would have no way of paying it all back. Simple things like maintaining the yard, keeping the home clean, and other basic maintenance can be helpful while you are selling the home. Finally, would you be able to sell the home in the future and break even, or would you still be underwater? At this point, I don’t have the money to pay an agent and would rather handle it myself. In some rare cases, lenders to do not sell their mortgages to Fannie Mae, if that is the case you may be able to qualify immediately after foreclosure if you can meet their requirements. If keeping your Knoxville home is making life more difficult for you, it may be good to consider a short sale.

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