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Quick Fuel Technology offers a wide array of electric fuel pumps and pressure regulators designed to provide consistent and reliable fuel flow for optimum carburetor performance.
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I purchased this car incomplete from my friend (eggsNspam[]) and built it up a to use as a weekend warrior but I don't have the time or the money to put into this car any more.
Mike Lauer: We still do not recommend installing the baffle after doing thousands for 20 some years.
Heater is just behind the glove box on the right side (the motor points downward and the fan is in a big round shroud). Un plug the cable bundles that get in the way of removing the blower moter (the motor will come straight down).
Things have changed from the start of the build, but you get to see that through the build thread I'm posting on here. Alright so when I last left, I had posted pics of acquired cage padding and harness eye bolts and also my new civic coupe which I got as a daily hack.
Decided to do a rocker cover vent system, so removed the black PVC box behind the block and blocked it off.
Ended up ditching the crap Skunk2 Pro Series Throttle body, I had a guts full of it jamming open once it got hot.

Also managed to get a Ogura Hyper Single Clutch with Chromoly Flywheel and ARP Flywheel bolts. Gear X Final Drive, currently have it being crack tested and shot peened, so just waiting for it to come back to put the box back together! LOL as said in my intro post, I added my build thread on here, I just copy and pasted into here. This is a fairly rare camper because they came with rear door, shorter wings, Rear kitchen, Larger bed. Don't be shy like a little school girl; open to trades, open to partial trades, open to OFFERS! It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.
Whether you own a Honda Civic Si, Ex, Type R, Dx, Lx, Cx, Dx, Vx, or even a hybrid you will find valuable information and honda civic car parts on this site.
I was lucky enough to know someone going to K Series set up, so I managed to buy there 70mm Spoon Throttle body.
Take a look around to view Honda Civic discussion; including a photo gallery, maintenance information, tech tips, as well as ways to get better performance from your Honda Civic.
Currently drivable but I don't recommend it until you get a base tune going to make sure it's running correctly.

At the end of the day, if the rest of the job is done properly for a normal duty application, the air flow will not cause decreased life expectancy. The rear fan on the rotor is designed in such a way that it practically loses all effect when the baffle is removed because it is supposed to create a surge in the center and propell air out to the sides. My rear hosing became much hotter when its not there, and I consider to take it all appart solder off the stator and installing the baffle.
You are going to have to take out the glove box (hardest part) though there are videos on how to do that (that's what I used as a guide).
I just got the motor and the fan because I got it for like 45 dollars but it might be cheaper with just motor, plus I got my car used, so IiĀ»? did not want any issues from the fan it self not fitting the new motor, though I doubt there should be any!lamh9798: How big of a job was this? We have a hydraulic set up for production and still sometime fall back on the method in the video. The only thing I would change is you should use a bearing puller to pull the small bearing off the armature assy.

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