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SOBRE O PRODUTOSOBRE O PRODUTOPerfume Fan di Fendi Pour Homme Acqua Eau de Toilette Masculino - A elegancia e o charme da costa italiana nessa nova fragrancia de Fendi.
Esta data tem carater informativo.Para ter um previsao mais exata devera contactar-nos por email ou telefone. The composition of the perfume is enriched with fresh green tones and invigorating citruses.
The packaging design retains the original form, this time colored in lighter shades of platinum. 1st i sprayed on my clothes, i could detect the aroma of Ck One and few hours later the aroma little bit floral mixture with green tea.
Nice classic soft floral with faint metallic jewelry notes, but so very like other scents that it doesn't inspire me to want more. I had a bottle of this leak all over the box it was mailed in- made my entire house smell FANTASTIC!! If you are looking for a summer scent with persistent staying power, live in a hot and humid city, and like jasmine tea or Bvlgari type "tea" scents, then look no further. EDIT: I've been wearing this scent and the "leather" note (I suppose that's what it is) smells more like powedery vanilla on my skin. Not sure if it is the bergamot-jasmine combo, or the "Lydia Broom" (which I have no idea how it smells), or just my chemistry but Fan di Fendi EDT is totally incompatible with me.
I love the scent, I also love the bottle which is pretty elegant but on my skin it doesn't last for more than 1 hour !!!! I really like this,Green watery tones that remind me of Isabella Rosselini Manifesto, only slightly more intense and with greater longevity, and the slight leather tones on the dry down give it a sophisticated edge. On my skin, I get mostly bergamot, a deliciously mouth-watering mix of the orange and pear and just a touch of the yellow florals. The sillage is modest, I'd say it was a more intimate type of scent, but, it does rise when you are out in the sun. Warm yellow florals and a soft pear accord make a lovely duett together to form the heart, but the thing I really love is the wonderful, very expensive smelling leather base. I do not think I will buy a full bottle of this one, but I will enjoy the sample very much.
A little while after applying it I began to wonder what that beautiful, expensive leather smell was that I kept getting wafts of and then realised it was my perfume, so the leather definitely comes out in this one!

Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. This page contains information, reviews, perfume notes, pictures, new ads, vintage posters and videos about Fendi Fan di Fendi Eau de Toilette fragrance but we do not warrant the accuracy of information. Fan di Fendi Homme Acqua Masculino Eau de Toilette e refrescante, moderno e chic.Seu frasco traz uma reinterpretacao do design original em codigos e cores mais frescas. A new, fresher versions is launched under the name of Fan di Fendi Eau de Toilette in summer 2011.
There are Sicilian bergamot, Calabrian mandarin, pear, green tea, Italian broom, yellow jasmine and leather tones in the composition. It's a great EDT for summer, very casual, fresh and clean but I won't buy it again just because it doesn't have anything unique about it. Good body and form, well blended, prettily femine, so overall fine for office or tea parties. This starts out with as very strong citrus-y blast of bergamot and mandarin orange, and to be honest, I really can't pick out the pear in this. The humidity must have been high as well because you could go outside and just stand there for five minutes and come back in drenched. Must be a mix of the jasmine and tea, and maybe the broom on the leather base causing that. Usually, most leather base notes (with the exception of Anglomania) don't smell good on me.
To me it is a lovely, classy scent and reminds me of walking around expensive perfume departments, pretty much like Harrods!
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The notes make it sound like it would be much more interesting than it seems to actually be, but overall it's a pleasant, feminine scent without falling too far into stereotypes.
I wore this this afternoon and if you want to know about the longevity and persistence of this stuff, I'll tell you that this scent laughed right in the face of all that humidity. I really like this one, bergamot is one of my favorite notes and this one is very nice indeed. I've had trouble finding, just the right casual scent that I really like and I think I've found it.

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It was a rather warm day yesterday so I broke the spell of the heavy hitters I have been wearing this Fall and decided to wear this. Doesn't have much personality for me, but if you want to smell nice without annoying everyone or just can't tolerate loud fragrances - try it. I would describe it as fresh and luxurious and recommend it for those sophisticated yet young at heart¦ I usually go for sweet frags but the unique freshness of this beauty won my heart!
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Um objeto de desejo, uma fragrância atemporal, fortalecida pelo toque do conceito fashion Fendi.
My birthday is comming up and I hinted this while at the store to hubby hopefully he buys it for me! It's just sweet, powdery, fruity floral with refreshing tea and other cooling but cozy feel. Click on the appropriate options on the fragrance classification form below the perfume picture. This EDT has awesome staying power and out of nowhere it suddenly appears when you think it has worn off. This is the perfect scent to wear if you know you're going to be spending time outdoors and want a scent that will stick. We do not make guarantees nor accept responsibility for what you might find as a result of these links, or for any future consequences including but not limited to money loss.
User reviews of Fan di Fendi Eau de Toilette by Fendi represent the views of the credited authors alone and do not reflect Fragrantica's views.
Then there are the citrus notes which are light and not bitter yet not overly sweet either. Os produtos possuem selo de garantia do distribuidor, o que garante a sua qualidade e procedencia.

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