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The introduction of the microprocessor, a single chip with all the circuitry that formerly occupied large cabinets, led to the proliferation of personal computers after 1975.
Other features: TrackPoint, Glossy Screen, Array microphone, Multitouch Touchpad, Stereo speakers with Dolby Processing, rubberised casing, ambient light sensor, HD active protection, robust construction with Gorilla Glass.
We weren’t able to bring you an unboxing video or experience as the review samples ship in basic packaging.
The Lenovo Twist comes across as a stylish, quality laptop with a solid, grippy feel although somewhat denser than the best lightweight Ultrabooks. The 5-point multitouch, Gorillas Glass covered, LED-backlit, IPS, 1366×768 screen with Windows key, volume up.down, rotate lock and power button has features! The main feature of the screen is the ability to rotate and fold back flat against the keyboard to provide a tablet mode. Be aware that this laptop weighs twice as much as most consumer tablets and is, relatively, huge! This reviewer is a big fan of Touchpoint mouse control and has rarely had to use the touchpad but the overall impression of the keyboard and mouse control is that it’s flexible and well designed. Overall, the Lenovo Twist performs in an average manner WRT to other Ultrabooks and a lot of that is to do with the hard drive. Startup times are also affected by the HDD although are relatively (compared to Windows 7, HDD PCs) fast. In terms of CPU performance the Lenovo Twist is a cut above many others due to the thermal design which tends towards letting the device warm up (and fan-up) a little more than others and thus allowing Turbo Boost to work better than on other devices. The stereo speakers are loud enough and provide some sort of separation but be sure to turn off the horrible Movie Mode Dolby virtual surround processing. One of the features of the Twist is that you’ve got three ways (actually four if you buy an accessory) to get video out to a screen, TV or projector. The HD 4000 GPU supports full HD (1080p) decoding in hardware and we tested it up to 50fps and 30Mbps which is as high as you’ll get on most consumer video cameras.
The Wi-Fi card, a Centrino N-2230 module, supports Intel Wireless Display (Wi-Di) so you can send 1080p video (up to 60fps) to a screen without a cable.
All Ultrabooks include the Intel Quick Sync Video hardware that, through use of the Intel SDK, can provide accelerated decoding and encoding capabilities for common video file formats.

We didn’t perform any formal throughput testing but it appears that the antenna quality is good as we got strong signals in places where other Ultrabooks have struggled. Home - lenovo support (), Lenovo community forums read participate product discussions fellow lenovo users .
Home - lenovo support (), Lenovo community forums read and participate in product discussions with fellow lenovo users . For computers generally referred to as PCs, see IBM Personal Computer and IBM PC compatible. The touch-swivel Windows 8 Lenovo Thinkpad Twist is a solid performer with an excellent working fascia for many scenarios. This is 400gm heavier than the ‘old’ Toshiba Z830 which even has a bigger screen but in terms of convertibles, there isn’t much that’s lighter. Overall it’s a cut above those found on mainstream Ultrabooks and we found ourselves disappointed when going back to a non-IPS Ultrabook. Center hinges never provide for the most stable of screens and on the Twist, as on every other center-mounted rotating display, there is a certain amount of wobble and play. You won’t be using it one-handed for long and the size limits many of the tablet usage scenarios you might have seen or used before. Only a backlight would make this working surface any better because yes, the keyboard is top-notch too.
It’s an SSD-enhanced drive and use ExpressCache for acceleration but that doesn’t help in all scenarios and the terrible small-block read and write speeds really show up in some areas.
It’s not a consumer tablet though and there are one or two characteristics to be aware of but at a starting price of $899 for a Core i5 variant (959 Euro, 899 Euro street price) we think it offers solid value for money.
IPS is almost a must-have on a convertible to avoid strange unbalanced left-right eye color balance in portrait mode.
The mount point is metal and likely to be strong and well-tested but of course we can’t give you a long-term test here. This review is being written on the Twist right now and there’s very little to complain or worry about. Not only can you also hear the HDD but you can feel the heat it generated right under the right palm.

Windows 7 provides a good set of software codecs out of the box and supports most hardware video decoders. The HD4000 is way more capable than anything you’ll find on a netbook with on-chip graphics though and can provide some entertainment with older titles.
On the laptop or belly, the Twist works well as a TV partner and in bed the completely open laptop can be usable.
The downside is that the device was its warm areas and the fan can turn on under normal use. MPEG2, MPGEG4 part 2 (like Xvid, Divx) and MPEG 4 part 10 (like H.264) along with WMV of course.
CPU usage levels were low (average 5-10% on ‘balanced’ mode battery power) while decoding 1080p (H.264) video content.
We tested video encoding with Cyberlink Power Director and the results were as quick as on any other Ultrabook. The wide-viewing angles aren’t perfect all the way through the viewing angle range but are good enough that you don’t have to fine-tune the angle of the screen.
Lenovo and Windows 8 work together to disable the on-screen keyboard unless the Twist is completely in tablet mode. Overall the screen is a great part of the package but there’s one downside – it appears to take a lot of energy.
That works against some of the ways the device can be used with finger-only because it disables the OSK.
We dropped in an Intel 520-series SSD, loaded up Windows 8 Pro and saw much snappier performance. At 50% brightness and ‘balanced’ battery mode the power usage averaged 14W which is a lot higher than other devices in this category of CPU.

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