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Since you don't have a registered EVGA product, we'd like to know what graphics card you're going to primarily use Precision with.
Adds OSD support for Battlefield 4 (Including Origin overlay compatibility)Fix error that caused incorrect font to be installed. Note: If you are a registered ASUS Member already, please use your ASUS Member's ID (Email) and password to proceed the login. I was checking why is it like that, and it's just because the Chassis fans doesn't have PWM control. I think as you, that solution might be to to change min duty cycle for chassis fans in Bios from 60% to 20% or 15%.
Well your problem is not related to the request, the thread goes toward the BIOS has to high restriction on CPU_FAN headers (40%), higher than other motherboards in the market (MSI 12.5%), and even higher than past generations of ASUS motherboards (20%), and the motherboard can clearly go down with FanXpert2, so its more a bios restriction that IMO should be revised on a future BIOS. Another example, from SPCR Scythe Ashura CPU Cooler, here is more dramatic, as even though its PWM fan it drops lower on voltage controlled than on PWM control. Now to ASUS defense this is how most motherboards are, only 1 or 2 true PWM fan headers are installed on most motherboard, so unless there is a board that specifies all are PWM headers, you wont get any better results, as matter of fact, Asus has the best software base fan control in the market, second to none, in both PWM and voltage controlled.
1) Search for full PWM control motherboard, honestly i don't think one exists, it just the way all motherboards are design, but i do hope in the near future motherboard manufactures do invest into having all headers are true PWM.
2) Get the same PWM fans for all the case and cpu, or at least that their PWM control has the same range and use a PWM splitter like Akasa Flexa FP5 PWM 5-Way Splitter - Smart Fan Cable (AK-CBFA03-45) or Swiftech 8-Way PWM Cable Splitter - SATA Power (8W-PWM-SPL-ST). Well, so change the lowest value for chassis fan duty cycle from 60% will not help if I understand well? Only one I found, and which probably has all headers with true PWM control is Intel DZ87KLT-75K Motherboard. Do you think, if I will get nonPWM noctua fans, that they will run at lower speeds than PWM fans?
This is interesting, but their software might not be as good or their bios or overclocking potential, i do like Intel mobos but on consumption though, they are really much better than aftermarket in my experience.
Here is the other way around, Speedfan is a great software but depends on updates to be able to recognize the sensors on motherboards thus allowing control for the user. So do i believe that you will be able to get lower with Noctua fans that are not PWM on CHA_FAN headers + FanXpert2, yes. I fear by my comments im stearing you away from 3pin, and i dont mean to do that, i still think its the right choice, but i do want you know all that i can tell you before you make a decision. For example im going to suggest a review that might give you the insight 3pin fans in terms of testing, SPCR Fan Roundup #6: Scythe, Noiseblocker, Antec, Nexus, Thermalright. Now if you are sure on 3pin so you can control them via FanXpert2 on CHA_FAN headers, then from that review, you can grab a couple of candidates and since you like Noctua that will also be consideration (but i do recommend you to find out their working range on undervolting).
They tested both and came very good, specially the AP12 as good as the M12-S1, but they gave the edge to noiseblocker only because of the design.
This is Nocuta new offering for case fans, if you like noctua this is what i would pick, which idk, i dont have any experience directly with either. Hope i didn't bore you to death with the long post, it was more for you to have more info and decide upon what you think its the best route, im only posting options and info, the rest is up to you. I see video, where JJ says PWM for all fan headers, than I buy the Mobo and I will find, that it's not true. The Antec Kühler H2O 920 is the first CPU cooler I've seen that comes with its own driver and software.
The ChillControl V software has a simple interface with four primary displays: Dashboard, Graphs, Fan Control, and Settings.
After experimenting with the fan control settings, I found a good compromise in setting the fans to begin to ramp up at 35 degrees Celsius and reach full speed at 40 degrees Celsius (again, these are temperatures of the coolant, not the CPU). Yep, since late 2008 I've been keeping up on coolers, since I built my i7 920 3.8OC in August of 2008.
I have to agree a big advantage that these units provide, well at least the 620 provides is that it is not obstructive when working in the case on the system. Interesting take but we feel that most users would find that this would be the equivalent of selling a car without the tires. As noted this cooler is by no means quiet with the fans running at full speed, so it would be very nice to know how well it performs at the "Silent" setting, just as the H70 was also tested with the fans on low speed.
At the "Silent" setting, it was unable to keep the processor cool enough to prevent throttling.
How would you compare the noise of the Delta-equipped Antec 620 to the noise of the 920 (using either fan setup)?It's interesting, because I can't imagine replacing a (pair of) 2400rpm fan(s) with something else and expecting increased airflow while getting much less noise, and yet it seems like Antec would have had to unintentionally design their 620 better than they expected for it to perform better than the flagship with only a simple fan swap.

Although I have no way to accurately measure the sound of the fans, I'd say the sound of the 920's fans at full speed and sound of the Delta fan are in the same ball park.
Here?s how I?d optimise the settings to prevent throttling with an overclocked CPU while keeping the noise level down:1. As mentioned in the article, Asetek builds this cooler for finished-goods companies like Corsair and Antec. ChillControl V gives the option to save data to a log file at pre-selected intervals but provides no means to view the logs or to delete them. This software allows you to fine tune your graphics card, including GPU Clock Offsets, Memory Clock Offsets, Fan Speed, voltage and much more. EVGA Corporation assumes no liability for damages, direct or consequential, which may result from the use of EVGA PrecisionX.
Does EVGA Precision X need to be running in the background to set clockspeeds and settings?
No, EVGA Precision does not need to be running, just make sure to select the Apply button before exiting. I see Power (Optional), GPU Clock and Memory Clock in the monitoring window, how can I view more?
To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. All other manufactures have only one true PWM fan header, but I think Asus bluffs customers with that. The Dashboard section gives an overview of the system's status, showing liquid temperature (which is not the same as CPU temperature), fan RPM and sound level, and pump RPM.
While this is the setting I used for testing the cooler, you'd never select it in real-world use, unless you were deaf.
In the image above you can see how the fan speed and coolant temperature graphs reacted to a load situation that subsequently dropped to idle.
Although the V6 and V8 both are impressive coolers, the liquid offerings have not really impressed me because of cost and cooling performance--and you still have the noise of a fan.A good case point is my current cooler, which is the old Cogage True Spirit 39 dollar wonder.
They're intended to compete with top-end air coolers without having the ridiculous mass to contend with, and in that regard I think they've been very successful.I never used one on the Bloomfield builds I did because either I was pushing for some serious clocks (and therefore needed cooling performance beyond what these units can do), or was on a tight budget, so I fully appreciate the price point for these units always leaves a big "do I or not" question.I do agree with you that the Cogage True Spirit is a little gem! There are also two other advantages however.The first is that in the case like the 620 the cooling is one with one less fan, there by less noise. If the pump isn't strained by the current diameter, and it's not rated for higher volume flow, nothing improves.
The Silent setting would probably be fine for non-overclocked operation, but in that case, the stock cooler would work fine, too. And while the 620 did outperform the 920 when the Delta fan was used, it definitely did not outperform the 920 in other situations-- temperatures with the 920 were significantly lower than those with the 620 in normal use, and the 620 had to spin its single fan more loudly to reach the performance of the 920's dual fans.
I've got an H50 I installed a year ago, shortly after they came out, and follow this line of CPU coolers out of developmental curiosity. I have found the log file locations and have to delete them, after viewing them with Notepad, using Windows Explorer.
This latest version of EVGA PrecisionX adds new features, overclocking support, functionality, and full support for Microsoft DirectX 12 API. On 600 series cards and later, the frame rate limiter will also allow the card to limit the amount of power utilized to match the specified framerate.
Increasing the Power Target will increase the available power to your graphics card, allowing for higher overclocks, or higher boost clocks. You overclock by setting an offset value, this value is + or a€“ every prequalified clockspeed.
In CPU_fan header my NF-P12 has the lowest speed at 250 rpm, which is what I need, but not in chassis fans.
I was looking for motherboards which have more than one true PWM header and it's ASrock, it has two PWM headers. In this video, he counts fan headers in that video he says, that they are all PWM control headers. With fine-grained control of red, blue, and green LED elements, you can set any one of 65,536 different colors!
I did put a Gentle Typhoon 1800rpm fan on it and also installed a backplate, bringing the grand total to about 65USD.
What I mean by this is the fan used by these types of coolers replaces the existing exhaust fan on the case.

It doesn't outperform the H20 60 when you put a second fan on it.Have you considered including the coolermaster 212 plus with your benchmarks?
I think that most enthusiasts know they can change the fans out, but expect the manufacturer to give them the best option right out of the box.
There's also the fact that dual-thickness radiators simply don't perform well with single fans, which I mentioned in the review. True enthusiasts know to go with the number one choice for GeForce overclocking; EVGA Precision X 16.
I was very suprised why my NF-P12s PWM fans has from FanXpert II 600rpm as the lowest speed. While it adds a nice degree of versatility and control, it does mean that you can't effectively use this cooler on anything except a Windows system.
While the Kühler 920 doesn't have an audible alarm, it will display pop-up alerts when these parameters are exceeded. Hopefully a future software update will allow you to configure the light to pulse, strobe, and cycle through colors. I would have bought a Megalhelems probably, but back then I thought I was going to use the push pin mount system.The thing is, with my current rig running the Gigabyte UD5 ver. The typcial cooler system introduced another fan to the system and often two to achieve the same level of cooling, thus more noise.The second advanatge is the reduction of overall internal PC temperature.
The 2600k has a mockery of a stock cooler so many people consider the $30 212 the minimum solution. Since it is not communicating with the fans, it can not follow the settings I have for the rpm changes. Although our tests can't cover ever situation, I can say that at all but extreme settings, the 920 performance is better than the performance of the 620, with less noise. The software is simple and intuitive to use, for the most part, which is good since Antec includes no documentation whatsoever on it. 2 and my Bloomfield 920, I get a max temp running Prime 95 in heat mode of 75C at a 3.8Ghz OC. Frankly, the only way I know they are even running is if I have it on the Extreme setting and can hear the air movement.
Set the cooler to ?Extreme?, and calculate the difference in temperature between the liquid and the CPU (deltaT) when the CPU is working att full load without throttling.3.
These liquid cooling solutions take the heat and move it outside the case, reducing overall internal temperature. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing all software related to the 920 and it is the same.
I ran a thin metal pin (a straigtened paper clip actually) through the case mounting hole, fan mounting hole and into the radiator screw hole to align, making it much easier to line up and secure a screw through the case, fan and to the radiator.
It might only be 2c or 3 c but every little bit helps.While there are some great standard air coolers I have been sold on the self contained liquid coolers from day one of the H50 and Coolit ECO. You could run it 24-7 like that and never have wear from heat.But more applicable is when I run Crysis 2 at maximum settings for two hours and never break 60C.So the conclusion is why buy high when you can cool low for half the price?
Sure you can cool for less money but then again you can drive a Festiva for less than any other car model. I love the V6, but just can;t justify replacing my old Cogage since it cools so well anyway. One Live Wire from UPS) would be inactive because power supply is not available from UPS and batteries (Because it is Automatic UPS System). Live Wire from Main board to UPS) would be inactive because power supply is not available from power house.
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But now I have shifted and when i reconnected at new place as before and switch off the main switch to check the attached load doesnot work.

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