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All vehicles are equipped with an Ignition-Off Draw (IOD) fuse that is disconnected within the Integrated Power Module when the vehicle is shipped from the factory. The IOD fuse is disconnected from Integrated Power Module when the vehicle is shipped from the assembly plant.
Browse other questions tagged windows laptop fan cooling speedfan or ask your own question. Dealer personnel are to reconnect the IOD fuse in the Integrated Power Module as part of the preparation procedures performed just prior to new vehicle delivery. My laptop had a fan setting with options for Passive Aggressive and Automatic and even between those settings I found no variance in fan speed.

The IOD fuse can be removed to avoid discharging the battery by disconnecting non-essential, low-current memory functions that are normally on at all times. 7 Dec 2011 Windows only: Free application SpeedFan monitors the fan speed, of fan control for a few fans, too (usually your CPU fan and a system fan). I sometimes feel that laptops are programmed to simply keep the CPU cool because too many people unknowingly overheat their machines by placing it on their bed or lap and closing off the vent. A detent on the IOD fuse holder allows it to be stored in its normal cavity but out of contact. ACTIONS Fan Control adjusts the minimum fan speed depending on the current CPU temperature.

7 Really Cool Chrome for Android Features You Probably Don't Know About 23 Sep 2014 SpeedFan is the popular utility meant for accurately monitoring the 7.

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