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Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. How do I convert a 3-way circuit with two lights into two 3-way circuits that control each light separately? I have two switches in my kitchen, one on each side, that each turn on two lights at the same time. First of all: You will absolutely have to pull new wires for this, and it will involve opening the drywall in several places. You'll also have to patch the drywall after, and almost certainly repaint each wall you put a hole into. Making diagrams for these is not simple, so if you describe or draw your current wiring diagram (or at least post pictures of the wires inside each box) then maybe I can provide some more concrete instructions.
Basically, the situation is that there is a light in the kitchen and one, with a fan, in the smaller attached dining room.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged electrical wiring lighting or ask your own question. How can I convert two recessed lights on a single pole switch to two separate lights with light controls?
How do I rewire two light fixtures controlled by two three way switches into two separate circuits? Are Hilbert-Schmidt operators on separable Hilbert spaces "Hilbert Schmidt" on the space of Hilbert Schmidt Operators? What I want to do is change it around so each light is turned on separately but still from both sides of the kitchen. You may be able to get away with painting just a section of the ceiling without it being noticeable, but very rarely can you get away with it on a wall. I would like to be able to turn on just the fan without having the kitchen light on as well.

There are many options, and it really depends what you're willing to go through -- eg are you okay with opening drywall? The hardware is more expensive and it's a bit more technologically complicated, but it may work out depending on the difficulty fishing wires and the types of repairs you need to do after. Unfortunately I only have one ceiling light in my kitchen so I need to make sure that the ceiling light I pick will be able to provide a lot of light. This chandelier uses 4 60-watt bulbs and is suitable for 100 SQFT to 150 SQFT so it may not be enough light for a kitchen.
You can have 3 switches at two locations to control each light AND the fan independently (which means a few new wires and lots of holes in drywall), or depending on the current wiring you may be able to have one switch control both lights, and the other switch control the fan WITHOUT having to open walls up.

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