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A Honda CG 160 sera a substituta da CG 150, a moto mais vendida do Brasil, anunciou a fabricante nesta segunda-feira (3). O modelo 2016 da CG recebeu o novo motor de 1 cilindro e 162,7 cc de cilindrada, que trouxe mais potencia e torque comparado com a 8?, que foi apresentada em 2013. Apesar de manter a identidade do modelo anterior, houveram mudancas nas carenagens frontais, semi-carenagens laterais, defletores e assentos. Ainda ha diferenciacao visual entre a Fan e a Titan, com a segunda recebendo diferencas nos defletores laterais, suporte de placa na rabeta, protetores e ponteiras de escape, alem de pedal de freio e pedaleiras.
Ainda sobre o modelo top de linha Titan, este possui pneu traseiro de perfil mais largo e perfil mais baixo. A CG 160 Fan 2016 sera disponivel nas cores vermelha, cinza e preta, enquanto a CG 160 Titan tera opcoes vermelha, branca e preta.
Fotos divulgacao HondaA Honda lancou no mercado brasileiro a CG 160, que substitui a CG 150, a moto mais vendida do Brasil.
The GFK-160 fan kit is a dual blower kit designed to fit a number of fireplaces, including models from Heat N Glo, Hearth & Home, and more.
The blower kit includes all of the components you'll need to successfully install a blower into your fireplace for the first time. A fireplace blower kit is an efficient and affordable way for you to finally take advantage of your fireplace's wasted heat energy.
This aftermarket fireplace blower kit is the culmination of years of our own research and development.

Our warranty is a 1 year piece of mind that you're purchasing the most recognized aftermarket blower or fan kit available.
Warranties start on the date of purchase and extend exactly 1 calendar year or 365 days from this date. Our 1 year extended warranty plan covers your purchase for an additional year after our manufacturer warranty expires.
You pay no excess if you need to make a claim, simply call us at 1-262-989-4882 or 1-262-989-4883 to make a claim with one our helpful associates.
Why not tell us and our B2B sales team about your specific business needs and expectations?
Unicorn offers perfect balance of pickup and mileage, delivering 60 kmpl* through its famed 4-stroke Honda engine, cutting edge technologies like Multi-Mapping CDI, Tumble Flow Combustion Chamber, Roller Rocker arm, and a Classy Aerodynamic Body. This engineering masterpiece with international design appeal, guarantees to quench your thirst for motorcycle frenzy with all its stunning features. Kamalahasan, or as we like to call him, Kamal, is a passionate Motorman and a tech-savvy blogger. Ainda sem preco definido e data para chegar as lojas, a 9? geracao da CG tem como principal novidade o motor maior, que ja havia feito sua estreia na NXR 160 Bros. O tanque tambem foi alterado, com linhas mais altas na pare superior e a inclusao de uma tampa mais esportiva. Os freios das duas versoes possuem disco dianteiro simples de 240 mm; e tambor traseiro, com 130 mm.

Com tracos levemente inclinados, ja no modelo Fan permanece o formato atual, porem com acabamento injetado na cor preto fosco.O tanque de combustivel manteve capacidade total para 16,1 litros, porem ganhou novo desenho nas duas versoes, com linhas mais altas na parte superior, incluindo uma tampa esportiva de engate rapido, inspirada nos modelos de alta cilindrada.
We cover all parts and labor associated with the repair or replacement, we have incredibly fast turn around, and quite honestly the best customer service you'll find in the industry.
Accessories like thermostats, rheostat variable speed controls, and power plugs are all covered under under our comprehensive 1 year warranty. At Maplin, we’re always looking for innovations and technology that can help your business work more efficiently. It sets new benchmark in the upper majority motorcycle segment in India with its swift acceleration, superior mileage, international styling, riding comfort and convenience. With the 4-stroke, 150cc engine delivering a whooping 13.3 bhp, Unicorn is the fastest motorcycle in India racing from 0 to 60 Kms* per hour in a mere 5 seconds. Na lateral, as semi-carenagens e defletores tambem sao novos, com formas mais anguladas e vincos mais acentuados.Mas a principal novidade fica por conta do novo motor, sua capacidade cubica agora e de 162,7cm?, caracteristica que proporcionou maior potencia e torque ao desempenho geral. With a dedicated business team and special services available only to business customers, you can access our electronics and technology solutions through our wide network of over 200 stores, our website with more than 20,000 products or though your personal account manager over the phone. It has a distinctive sporty and macho design with a racy front face, masculine fuel tank with knee grip and a sleek rear cowl.

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