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The one common thread that runs through a large number of marketing success stories will be that these people have realized that you must set yourself apart from the everyone else and build your brand around a Facebook fan page. Based on your type of business, it is possible to change a lot of their elements to suit your business model exceptionally well or you can have a theme custom-built to the exact look of your brand. I doubt if anyone could have imagined how Facebook would have grown after its early days and how it continues to grow and expand on a daily basis.
Unlike the internet in general, if you choose to advertise on Facebook by use of their precise data, you can aim your ads at a highly targeted audience without the need to worry too much about search engine optimization. Facebook has allowed so many people to connect on a global scale that it literally has made our earth a much smaller place. Lady Gaga is good, but would she have been as popular if she didn’t wear all those crazy outfits?? When you decide that you want to build a Facebook fan page, check out the very best Fan pages and figure out the reasons why many are so well-liked and examine your competitors’ pages to find out which elements you can incorporate, as well as those you’d change. Learn more secrets on how you can make money with a home based business by simply clicking here now.  Here, Jake Oliver reveals a Powerful Video on the Exact Lead Generation System he Uses to Generate leads daily…. PS: I am here to help you with any questions or advice needed to take your business to the next level. Pictures are now going to be displayed at the top.   This area will not include pictures posted by your fans.
There will be two wall filters just like before.  You wall can be posts from just the admin or from admin and fans. Your newsfeed will change as well.  You will see updates only from the pages you have liked.
You can switch back you using Facebook as your self at any time.  This will allow you to see all the updates from your fan page and personal profile.
Ability to communicate with your page fans as a Page, but not from your personal Facebook account is a huge improvement.
I’ve got may five top photos static by tagging them, is there any way to keep them from random positions? I love that I will now receive some kind of notice when someone interacts with my page – hoping that includes photo comments. Thank you – as usual you’ve explained a few details that I was missing with the face book walk through!
Pages can’t join groups I have a few handmade groups that I use and would love to interact with my page rather than having to post on my like page and just tag the posts. Not having a correct chronological order of posts is a grave error, and is ruining many a fan page. Due to a high level of interest in learning more about Facebook Fan Pages, we have researched and provided the following step-by-step approach to setting up a Facebook Fan Page.
Once here, choose to create a page for “local business.” Select “Real Estate” or another appropriate business category.
Now the fun begins.  With this blank template, you can now begin to customize your Facebook Fan Page.
2.)    Provide some basic information to tell your story and let your customers know more about you.

5.)    Set up your mobile phone- This makes it easy to respond to comments, upload pictures and update your status while on the go. 6.)    Send status updates to your Twitter followers- Hopefully most of you have Twitter accounts. To look for fun ways to make your Facebook Fan Page interactive, check out Facebook’s Application Directory.
Take a stab at creating a Facebook fan page; it is free and it demonstrates you have a modern technology flair. There is one error in that – the profile pictures have gone to 160px by 160px awhile ago to keep up with G+.
You must have your look unique to you and this will start your separation from everyone else on the internet. Basically, just as there are no two flourishing high street retail outlets that look precisely the same, Facebook has given the go ahead for business owners on Facebook to be able to take their campaigning to new levels by creating exceptionally distinctive and content rich pages that may be compared to WordPress sites or even Squidoo lenses.
It is easy to combine awesome layouts as a part of your different business Facebook fan page.
The people that run Facebook are eager to keep ahead of technology and make it the largest site in the world.
The other concerns that force internet marketers outside of Facebook is that they have to keep up with Google’s constant algorithm changes. Take a page out of her book and realize that your Facebook Fan page can look like Lady Gaga – if that’s appropriate to your business and become one of the top sites on Facebook. Of course the best Facebook Fan page has come about for a reason – don’t lose sight of that. Find out how I took my business from losing money to a very profitable business in only a few short months after I learned these strategies above and incorporating them into a proven attraction marketing system. Thank you Facebook for recognizing the sellers’ pages to receive more acknowledgment! On my personal pages, I can keep the photos in the order I want, but on my fan page, they are in random order, and the order matters. I can post to other pages and profiles as Craftravaganzaa when I pop in on Craftstravaganzaa business. I think numbers on pages will jump due to people liking them and their store liking them too. And I hope there will be a way to sort the newsfeed to show the current posts first, like someone mentioned earlier!
Not having the comments in chronological order pretty much KILLS the specific fan-page I have (as it relies on proper continuity), and unless they change that, I’ll have to delete the fan-page. There has even been a facebook fan page set up to try and get the essential feature of a chronologically correct wall brought back. If not, set one up easily and link your Facebook Fan Page to your Twitter account so that all your updates are sent to both sets of followers.
This directory has a large number of applications that can be added to your page.  If you would like to learn about real estate specific Facebook applications, check out Roost’s new Facebook application.
Take the time to show your online audience that you cared enough about building a relationship with them to make a great first impression.

Add a colorful graphic linking to your website or a flashy banner along the side bar that promotes a contest or a quiz. Let us know and and let us know below which images you’ve already created for your new timeline!
Brian focusses on helping entrepreneurs and business owners how to attract news leads using facebook. I wish I found it a while ago, we struggled with trial and error and settled on excess white space to solve our sizing issues for the new Facebook Timeline. It’s true that many businesses are offering expert creations for a business Facebook fan page, and these are extremely cost effective means of becoming known on Facebook.
You can also combine digital video, mp3 snippets, and other exciting components that will really make your business page stand out. This is why any smart business owner, large or small, should never pass up the opportunity to build and grow a substantial fan base.
In Facebook, if someone likes you they will remain a fan so long as you treat them right and give them what they want. You happen to be building this to make money and increase your customers so whatever you create has to be part of a plan with that goal in mind and that goal should be to build a Facebook fan page immediately. For any business or organization correct chronological order is essential, and random order is detrimental. You can display all of your listings easily on your Facebook fan page.  Putting interactive applications on your page gives users a reason to not just become fans, but to continually visit and interact with the information on your page. Not only are these banners and images visually interesting, but there is a method behind it.  You are inviting your fans to also visit your company’s website or blog. By using one of these new Facebook templates that is specifically designed for your business, there is no reason why your business cannot cash in on all those millions of fans. It may be hard to come up with something that is totally original but with the right research and some testing, you may be able to come up with a Facebook Fan page that knocks them dead.
This video will teach you strategies to skyrocket your business and he instantly shows you here for free!! Order by relevance may be applicable to social interaction, but not interaction in business. Facebook may begin to instruct people to change the wall default view to just show posts from moderators, which makes the page chronologically correct. Some of the strangest videos on YouTube have gone viral and your hope is that your Facebook fan pages will do the same.
The problem there is you then eliminate posts from outsiders, which are essential to the healthy functioning of many pages.
Correct chronological order with outside input allowed should be an option, an option 99.9% of facebook moderatos would likely choose.

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