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This fan may look like an overweight flying saucer, but rest assured it does a fantastic job of vacuuming moist air from bathrooms.
I have had fantastic luck installing bathroom exhaust fans that are actually located in the attic space.
These remote bathroom exhaust fans have insulated flexible duct pipe that extends from the fan motor to small exhaust inlet boxes that are attached to the framing members in your bathroom ceiling. The flexible insulated ducting that extends from the roof to the fan, and then to your bathroom ceiling, does two important job: It helps to suppress noise from the fan, and the insulation prevents condensation from forming inside the flexible piping.
To avoid damage to your home while installing a bathroom fan, always follow the written instructions that come with the fan. Avoid the temptation of venting your fan through the horizontal soffit that can be found in many roof overhangs. I was wondering, can I use 3 inch black ABS pipe to vent fan outside instead of the plastic type flex tubing?
Looks like there are bits of shredded, brown leaves hanging down from our bathroom exhaust fan. These inline exhaust fans work very well partially because they use a high velocity reverse curve blower wheel.
Then you do the required work to extend the pipe and put on the correct vent hood on the outside wall. I have to reroute the vent pipe putting shower pan in and it is in the way on second floor. I have a series of FOUR videos that show you how to find the PRO in your city or town in just about an hour.
I need to ensure my bathroom fans are vented to the outside and not the attic, and I need 2 new bathroom fans installed.
I think Mr Burns was asking about a drain stack vent because he mentions "since it is only for gases only".
How can you run a business if you spend over eight hours each day answering one-off questions for people Tim?
Tim Carter, I am positive that I speak for everyone that uses your website, we truly appreciate your advice on all subjects!
Ask the Builder is a FREE weekly newsletter that offers building information you can trust from award-winning builder and nationally syndicated columnist Tim Carter. Subscribe to the FREE Ask the Builder newsletter to receive professional advice for your home. An exhaust fan over the stove is the best way to keep your kitchen free of unwanted grease and dust, as well as keeping odors to a minimum.
In homes and apartment units, there are a few kitchen items that are seldom appreciated until they are gone or out of order. Includes: types of kitchen exhaust fans, exhaust fans and range hoods, and shopping for exhaust fans.

They are noisy, and I don't feel they do a good job of getting rid of the moist air produced while showering. A bathroom exhaust fan, improperly installed, can create all sorts of hidden damage to a home. It has been around for years, but many builders choose to install cheaper fans to try to make their houses more affordable. They resemble central vacuum systems inasmuch as the fan motor is located perhaps 8 or 10 feet away from the bathroom.
The box extends up into your attic, and all you see on the bathroom ceiling is a sleek round inlet cover.
I urge you to watch this video of mine to see how easy it is to install the correct vent-cap flashing on a roof. Many people complain about a leaking bathroom fan, when in fact the water is not a roof leak but condensate water that forms inside of uninsulated exhaust piping and flows down the piping into the bathroom. The ones with lights use brilliant compact halogen bulbs that fit into the center of the small circular vent covers.
If you are not comfortable working with high-voltage electric wire so it will pass inspection, then hire a competent electrician to connect the fan. The connections between the flexible duct pipe, the fan, inlet boxes and the roof vent cap must be permanent.
Also be sure to install a makeup air duct in your home that allows an equal amount of fresh air to enter your home for every bit of air the exhaust fan is expelling.
My only issue with using one for a bath is a large quantity of dust and lint will accumulate on the blower wheel and in the housing over a short period of time and will eventually need to be cleared out.
You need to figure out how to get a 4-inch metal vent pipe from the fan location to the closest outside wall.
A bathroom vent would trap moist air inside the ceiling space and lead to mold and potential lumber rotting issues, not good!! A drain stack vent terminated this way would trap deadly methane gases in the ceiling space leading to a very dangerous and potentially deadly situation.
He needs a better system of website followup to an otherwise great website with tons of great information. My guess is because it's easy to criticize and it's hard to start your own website where you can do what you feel OTHERS should do. The industry's quietest roof or exterior wall mounted ventilator with power enough for the largest commercial style range. The trouble is, I have discovered many consumers would gladly pay a slight upcharge if they were given the option of having great ventilation and less noise while in the bathroom. The powerful fans can slurp up massive amounts of moist humid air that rises to the ceilings as you shower.
I always place two of these inlets with lights in each bathroom, one immediately adjacent to the shower area and the other toward the center of the bathroom.

The most important aspect is to duct the air from the bathroom to the exterior of the house. It only leaks during the cold winter months so it is condensation that is causing but how can it be stopped? This house is a Colonial style house built in the early 50's, well constructed exterior walls of cinder block & brick.
I think it's similar to the mentality of many people who offer suggestions at meetings but want OTHERS to implement and carry out their ideas. Related Searches: exhaust fan, kitchen wall exhaust fan, kitchen range hood, kitchen Your choice will depend on where the stove is located as well as the overall design of your kitchen.
The leader in handcrafted range hoods of copper, polished stainless steel, stainless steel, aged bronze and brass. See store ratings and reviews and find the best prices on kitchen stove exhaust fan commercial kitchen exhaust fans Restaurant Kitchen Exhaust Fan System? This air is ducted through the roof of your home in a special roof vent cap that is easy to install.
This means poisonous gases are drawn into your home through furnace or water heater exhaust pipes.
I have never worked with slate before, and am uncertain I can seal up whatever hole I create for the roof cap.
We want to ventilate the bathroom w the door closed ( currently we shower w the door open).
Then there are two types of exhaust fans with range hoods, the The sleek lines and glass accent panel of the Mozetta Series 30" Wall Mount Stainless Steel Range Hood allow you to create a designer kitchen on a budget. Seamless kitchen exhaust hoods Kitchen Range Exhaust Fans: These fans are mounted inside the range hood over your kitchen stove. Over-the When you are working in the kitchen, there is a moment where you realize that your kitchen exhaust fans just are not doing the job that they are meant to do.
But I feel that day may never come, as builders will argue that more choices equate to more problems.
It is better to use metal band clamps that are nearly identical to traditional automotive radiator hose clamps.
Roberts modified his upstairs bath remodel project to accommodate the critical vent stack from the lower bath in the proper way. These inexpensive clamps can be found at hardware stores, ductwork shops and some home centers. The Broan s-110 is a traditional ceiling mounted exhaust fan which is fairly quiet and moves a sufficient amount of air given it is vented properly.

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