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All it takes is one Droid translating, followed by that codex getting downloaded and turned into a Neural Skillbook, and instant Capsuleer to Basic course for all the parts of New Eden that matter. I admit though, the concept of an expedited translation period thanks to advanced technology DOES sound appealing. EDIT: Granted, EVE tech also has a ton of battlefield versatility, so that could help even things up.
Honestly, the most difficult aspect of this potential story to wrap my head around is the political consequences of such a transition.
Fortifies the space around New Eden as quickly as possible to try and contain their influence and the spread of their technology. Rather than being teleported wholesale into the SW universe you could have a new EVE gate open up connecting the two realms, or have one of the null-sec corps begin spreading the jump gate network beyond their territory and discover SW space. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I want to write a story in which all of New Eden, the star cluster that comprises the EVE Online universe, is mass-teleported to the Star Wars galaxy just before the events of The Empire Strikes Back. Ships can auto repair at insane speeds including you have ships who can repair each other from distances. But once the Capsuleers get into a good group things get extremely problematic to out right impossible for most star wars fleets.

I'm inclined to believe that Star Wars has a significant advantage in that regard, at least when it comes to capital ship weaponry, thanks to the use of hypermatter reactors and turbolasers. Especially the ones who are so brain-dead that they will sell their services to the enemy or attack an enemy on a vital mission just to fuck them over. You have five interstellar nations, each with their own agenda, surrounded by lawless space controlled by entire armies of effectively immortal pilots who have their own agenda, suddenly plunged into a galaxy filled with sentient alien life, a massive interstellar empire, and an active rebellion in progress against it. Either the region would become one giant warzone or a hotbed of political and economic intrigue. May decide build friendly relations with the Amarr Empire (human-centric theocracy, religion may prove to be a problem) and the Caldari State (authoritarian corporatocracy). Strong as they are, the Empire would need a massive amount of military resources and personnel to make it happen, and that could leave them stretched thin in other areas of the Galaxy. It would be spat out on the edge of the Mid Rim near the Perlemian Trade Route, between Abhean, Anzat, and Sy Myrth in square R7 on the map. I imagine that even dedicated translator droids and implants would need time to record and analyze each other's language.
The Jovians and perhaps even CONCORD may be able to match them, but I think it would take a small squadron of T2-loaded EVE battleships to have an even chance of taking down a single Imperial-class star destroyer. Would likely try to marginalize the Gallente Federation, Minmatar Republic, and the nullsec alliances.

And all of that is located on the edge of the Mid Rim where the Empire's influence is more limited. Not only is there suddenly a vast universe full of godless, alien beings around them, there's also a massive human empire whose span and power far eclipses their own.
There are so many different ways this entire scenario could play out, I'm not even sure where to start.
But at the same time, just handwaving it and having everyone understand each other right off the bat feels kinda cheap. They'll likely use their ties with various galactic business interests to acquire as much New Eden technology as possible. I imagine they would try to form an alliance with the Gallente Federation, Minmatar Republic, and some of the nullsec alliances, trading technologies and possibly establishing bases and safe havens in New Eden.
Of course, the entire situation could simply be seen as a test of faith and harden their resolve even more.

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