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The Edmonds Airomatic is a sophisticated powered roof top ventilator, developed to meet the cooling and drying needs of residential homes. This fan can be installed on metal or tiled roof as the dektite provided is a malleable flashing.
Categories: Exhaust Fans, Metal Roof Exhaust Fans, Roof Exhaust Fans, Roof Ventilation Kits, Tile Roof Exhaust Fans. The Edmonds AiroMatic is the first of Edmonds range of ventilators developed using advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, as used in the aerospace industry. Set to automatic the unit senses temperature and switches on at low speed when the roof space temperature reaches 30°C. This means that the fan is only drawing as much power as needed to keep the roof space cool. One of the benefits of reducing roof space temperature is improving air conditioning efficiency and reducing the cost of running them.
All capacity figures and technical data quoted is provided by the manufacturer, Capacity figures are based on the unit freeflowing (not connected to ducting).
Installation - All electrical goods must be installed by a licensed electrician unless they are DIY products (e.g.
Delivery Method - While we do not have a showroom, all products are listed in detail on our website. Delivery Cost - Most orders over $300 will qualify for free delivery, however some rural and remote areas may not be included. During normal business hours (EST) we usually have one of our experts available to chat online.
Please read our Warranties & Returns information to help understand our policies in instances where you may have received the wrong product, you have a fault, or would like to return an item. As soon as your order arrives, check that you have received your total and correct order by checking off against your order confirmation with the labels on the boxes. It is recommended that you wait until you have received your order before booking an electrician in case of any delivery delays. The Fanco OVP 2E is a 200mm metal axial inline fan suitable for connecting to 200mm flexible duct.
The OVP 2E inline fan can be mounted in any place along the duct system and at any angle (vertical or horizontal). Homes with wooden floors supported by piers can suffer from poor sub-floor air circulation. Ecofan is installed in the sub-floor brickwork by removal of one full brick and part removal of adjacent bricks above and below. Bradford offers a comprehensive range of products that will help you relax in a quieter, healthier, more comfortable home that’s also economical to run and less reliant on expensive heating and cooling. Bradford’s whole-of-home approach will keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter, and save energy all year round.

With Bradford your home will be protected from the outside elements – allowing for a more comfortable energy efficient home all year round. When you’re thinking about ceiling and external wall insulation, Bradford Gold insulation offers the highest R-Value in Australia and provides the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency. Bradford Thermoseal wall wrap and roof sarking products act as a protective Second Skin for your home. If your new home incorporates a metal roof then you should consider installing Bradford Anticon insulation to ensure it performs at its best.
Bradford provides a number of other different products which help improve comfort in your home, including the fitting of sub-floor insulation, Edmonds roof ventilation and solar energy systems.
A highly vapour permeable, tough, light duty wall wrap for use as a sarking in timber and steel frame wall construction. Multi-layered non-permeable membrane specially made for residential roofs to help insulation work more efficiently and protect the things you value from storm driven rain and dust, condensation and bush fire ember attack. Locked House Ventilation Systems is the trusted name for underfloor ventilation in Melbourne.
For roof ventilation products in Melbourne, Locked House Ventilation Systems has been providing the locals with quality products for many years.
Locked House Ventilation Systems was established in 1995 to provide low energy solutions to problems like dampness, mould, timber rot, condensation, heat and odors in residential and commercial environments.
At Locked House Ventilation Systems, we design and install roof ventilation systems and products in Melbourne that will transform your property by providing fresh, clean and healthy living environments.
Installation of one SUPAVENT per 10 square meter of home to maximize cooling, with eave grilles installed, one SUPAVENT has given satisfactory results for customers with 12 to 14 square homes.
Our home ventilation and Roof ventilation systems designed for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry’s and heat transference to colder areas of the home. A holistic healing for SICK HOUSE SYNDROME is as beneficial for health benefits as re-sale value of your home. It is a dual purpose ventilator, which can be used to cool a roof space on hot days via its new temperature sensing inverter speed control technology, or it can be set for constant ventilation rates to help reduce condensation build up in the roof space. This software has allowed Edmonds to produce a ventilator with a higher flow rate and efficiency than other ventilators while reducing its overall noise level and physical size.
As the temperature rises, the inverter technology used in the Edmonds AiroMatic, proportionally increases speed until the maximum speed is reached at 45°C. Using any of the three speed manual control settings, the AiroMatic can effectively draw fresh and dry air into the roof cavity, removing moisture and helping to protect your home and the health of your family. Generally we have found this to be suitable, however it does not constitute specific advice. To check if your postcode qualifies, simply add the item(s) to the Cart where you can input your State and Postcode to calculate shipping.
These exceptions come only to outer areas and for exceptionally bulky items where freight costs are unusually high.

After your first purchase points will be added to your account and these points can be used as currency on our website for future orders! Stale or damp sub-floor air can impact on mould and fungi growth, termite action and even household allergies and respiratory problems. This air is replaced by clean, fresh external air sucked through wall grilles placed opposite Ecofan. Even if allowed to run continuously, Ecofan, which draws only 6.5W, will cost less than $A6 per annum in energy charges. The amount and type of thermal insulation in your home can really affect how comfortable your home is all year round, it will also determine how often you need to use expensive air conditioning or heating. They keep you comfortable by protecting your home from wind-driven rain and dust, as well as helping your insulation work more efficiently. Enviroseal ProctorWrap wall wrap and roof sarking products are highly vapour permeable, allowing moisture to pass through whilst keeping liquid out. Bradford Anticon is a glasswool insulation blanket faced with a reflective foil laminate, in other words it turns a good roof into a great one, both stylish and functional. These additional energy saving and home comfort products can be quoted for at the same time as your initial insulation enquiry. Highly effective, yet silent, our subfloor ventilation systems will provide the perfect ventilation for your home. Our service is both personal and professional for all your domestic, industrial and commercial roof ventilation needs. We professionally install sub floor damp reduction ventilation systems, suitable for all your ventilation needs. The unique Edmonds design speed controller allows the selection of three fixed speeds, allowing just the right amount of flow to be set to suit the severity of the conditions without increasing power consumption.
Our warehouse is not currently set-up to accommodate pick-ups, we do however dispatch promptly with reliable post and courier services Australia wide. Bradford SoundScreen really is Australia’s most popular and trusted acoustic insulation because it really screens out unwanted noise.
With Anticon you can reduce unwanted airborne noise, reflect 95% of radiant heat, control condensation and add fire protection. We take care of all sub floor drying and general ventilation for damp and roof ventilation issues.
If you need urgent delivery, please contact us prior to purchasing to get an estimate delivery time and delivery options. Keep your home comfortable by reducing unwanted external and internal noise with acoustic insulation.

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