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We measured the diameter of the shade and purchased these yard sign stakes and fittings for a couple bucks. I am pretty convinced you can fab anything with a little creativity and a trip to the hardware store! We broke off the center pieces from the yard sign stakes so we had four long rods and glued our ferrule and stops in place. If you are going to try to add a shade to a light, I would stress for you not to break the shade before you install it, and forego all this, but we had to come up with something.
For future reference, if you are ever in a lamp shade bind, super glue, yard sign stakes, and ferrule and stop can save the day!
FYI- I had these chandelier crystals on hand but you can order them very inexpensively online if you want to glam up your fixture. Tomorrow I’ll be announcing the winner of the Royal Design Studio Giveaway and announcing a new series with some very talented bloggers!
Kristin, yes you are just like MacGyver when it comes to decor it’s beautiful, I love how you transformed it and the price too!

Six-Light Crystal Pendant Crystal Bud's contemporary design and organic style is compatible with all modern lifestyles. Mini Pendant This Dainolite signature series will create color and style in any setting. 2-Light Sconce with Oval Glass Oval Glass vanity has shapely styled glass on trim, contemporary bar frame and oval backplate. Any gallery owner can tell you that the right lighting can make or break the impact of a work of art.
Then, with a little trip to the hardware store Dave and I got creative and came up with a plan. We wanted to make a telescoping base so we could easily take the shade down for cleaning or light bulb changing. This hardware here allows for the metal rods to slide back and forth and stop and lock at your desired length. Whether turned on or off, this beautiful glass styled cylinder will capture the focus of your room setting.

I found a large white  lamp shade on sale at Target and some greek key trimming on sale at Hobby Lobby.
Our Picture Lamps offer halogen lighting to illuminate your paintings and other artwork to their best advantage. I wanted to do a cool hexagon or something really geometric but the light is so blinding it needed a shade…and this was way cheaper to execute.
I have a gorgeous shaded chandelier in our bedroom so I thought I’d try my hand at making my own for the foyer.

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