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Styles – The style of an outdoor fan can differ from indoor styles to match the outdoor decor of a patio style setting.
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A unique dual head ceiling fan from Minka Aire, the Vintage Gyro gets part of its name from the way the fan operates. The Mustang II by TroposAir is a dual head ceiling fan with an oscillating motor built into the hanging canopy. Outdoor Ceiling Fans, Hunter Ceiling Fans, Casablanca Ceiling Fans, Craftmade and Gulf-Coast Fans.
Enjoy the crisp evening air, sipping your favorite beverage while relaxing in the breeze from the Faraday II ceiling fan from Ellington Fans. At the California Fan Company we specialize in quiet, quality ceiling fans and accessories.
Damp is just that, the fan can be left outdoors to be exposed to dew and fog but not actually rained on or sprayed directly with water. While in operation the two motors create a gyro effect that causes the two motors to spin around the center point of the fan. This fan oscillates 110°, a sweeping motion which helps circulate air much more efficiently compared to standard ceiling fans.
We are America's #1 source for ceiling fans, including outdoor ceiling fans, tropical and rustic fans, Gulf-Coast, Hunter and Casablanca ceiling fans. This double ceiling fan is ideal for indoor or outdoor use and provides a high speed that is enough to send a cool breeze throughout your living space.

From our large showroom, our friendly experts will help you customize your fan from a large selection of motors, blade styles, finishes, and lights to make the perfect fan for you and your space.
We offer a wide selection of ceiling fans including tropical, nautical, modern, indoor, outdoor, and our popular double ceiling fans.
Wet outdoor ceiling fans can get wet by rain or a hose and are built to withstand more extreme temperature changes from both hot or cold weather.
This creates not just an individual personality to the fan that is all its own, but also creates an air circulation pattern that is uniquely different in comparison to traditional ceiling fans. Both motors are adjustable and can be tilted to the desired angle to blow air into the room. The blades are surrounded by strong cages and they can be adjusted to send air directed in the desired angle into the room. Wet outdoor ceiling fans must be UL approved (we only carry UL approved manufacturers) to uphold quality standards for safety of the electrical and mechanical systems of the fan.
This is a double ceiling fan that is fascinating to watch while in operation and its airflow output is even more amazing, and can cover 10 times the area of a standard 52" ceiling fan.
The Aged Bronze finish with Dark Cherry blades provides a finish that goes well in almost any setting. From traditional and modern styles to the grand dual Twin Star, we have the right fan for you! These blades allow the Twin Star motors to be positioned horizontally as well as the 45 and 90 degree angles for larger blades. Tropical fans look different from the normal fans in that they own a more natural, and woody look.

Outdoor ceiling fans are built more rugged to withstand outdoor life and therefore the price will reflect the upgrade. The Twin Star is available in satin steel,antique brass, antique bronze and weathered brick (oil rubbed bronze).
You can use an outdoor fan on the inside of your home but not use an indoor rated fan outside. In addition, part of the reason for that is the look or appearance.The wide blades can give the ceiling fans a unique look which is just right for many settings, both outdoors and indoors.
While tropical fans might look very good, the main reason that they feature wide blades is to improve airflow.
Given that they are made to provide more airflow than the normal ceiling fans, it surely makes sense that they are especially useful in muggy or hot outdoor weather. Tropical fans have a distinctive look; apart from their exceptional blades, tropical fans frequently have a more organic appearance than the standard ceiling fans.
Also, they often look like they are made out of plants or wicker.Tropical ceiling fans are just right for both humid and hot environments. They can provide a high airflow and give a unique and attractive look which can give any area the look that it is overlooking the sea.
Those work especially well in any small to medium sized bedroom, while ceiling space might be limited in a smaller room.

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