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In addition to these great benefits, vinyl floors are also some of the most inexpensive floors to both purchase and maintain.
Once you decide on a vinyl to match your home's decor, check out our service locator to find contractors in your area who have experience installing vinyl.
Have you ever wondered what makes one type of discount laminate flooring different from another? While not all discount laminates are bad news, you will need to know a couple of things before installing one in your home. Don’t trust the warranty printed on the side of the carton of any discount laminate flooring. Despite having a printed warranty, I doubt you’ll be able to find help should you need it. The warranties can be misleading but depending on the company you may find help in the form of an AC Rating. All of the other research and warnings aside, the most important aspect of finding out if a discount laminate is right for your home, is to do the key test. While this test will only help you with how the planks will hold up with light objects causing dents and scratches, if you use it combined with the AC rating, you’ll have an idea how the flooring will hold up over time and if it provides enough value for the price. The low cost of vinyl flooring is one of the major reasons people choose it, but most are surprised at how durable vinyl is and how easy it is to keep clean. Discount Flooring provides even lower prices than many other flooring providers, so our vinyl flooring is affordable even for people on the strictest budgets.

Some laminates sell for as little as $.39 per square foot, while others are over $10 per square foot. For all practical uses, these are merely guesstimates and should only be expected in the best-case scenario.
This type of rating, rates the type of wear a specific laminate can withstand with a number value from AC1 to AC5.
It is a very simple test and will let you get an idea of how a laminate will hold up in your home.
Vinyl is great for bathrooms and kitchens in particular, as cleaning up vinyl is nearly effortless. If you see the words: special buy, limited time, or clearance attached to any laminate flooring than it fits in this category. This is especially important to know if you’re only installing part of your flooring now and want to install the same laminate later on. Remember what I said above, these laminates are mass-produced and after one run aren’t made again. You simply place a sample or plank of laminate on the ground and hold out your keys at shoulder height, above it. If you have any more questions about our vinyl flooring, any particular products, or about our contractors' listings, feel free to call us. If you wonder how to choose the right discount laminate for your home, and can’t seem to differentiate between all these differences, then continue reading.

Although there is some discount flooring available on clearance, typically speaking, it has been mass-produced and then sold at an incredibly low price.
This rating is for light residential use, in barely used rooms like spare rooms and adult bedrooms. Its durability and resistance to scratching and denting make it great for kitchen floors-which often need to withstand more abuse than other floors-and more.
Because it probably won’t be available later, and it will be near impossible to find an exact match. While AC2 laminates were for slightly more traffic areas, such as dining rooms and formal living spaces. Another thing to know before purchasing laminate flooring is to ignore most of what the salesperson or packaging may tell you about the product. AC3 was deemed the perfect rating for more commonly used areas of the house, such as kitchens, hallways, and family rooms.
If the keys did a lot of damage to the laminate plank, I’d stay away from it, unless it is going in a low-traffic room.
So be prepared that you may have to do some research online or contact the manufacturer to it find out.

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