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As the residential ventilation leader, NuTone offers more range hood kitchen ventilating solutions than anyone.
NuTone’s Central Vacuum is the quietest and most powerful cleaning system that does more than clean floors. Buy this Range Hood online at NuTone Range Hoods are stocked and available at The Home Depot. That was SH2 illustrator and creature designer Masahiro Ito's intention, to give them a distinctly 'human' aspect. Wrapped in a cocoon of flesh, Lying Figures closely resemble patients in straight jackets from a mental institution. These repulsive creatures walk in a crooked, sporadic path and crawl along the floor, unable to move their arms in their melted flesh. Like the Lying Figure, the Mannequins are weak and can also be taken down easily with any type of weapon. Red Pyramid Thing, also known as 'Pyramid Head', is the most well-known creature in the game and Silent Hill series.
Found sporadically throughout the game, Red Pyramid Thing serves as numerous boss fights and a means to progress the player further into the game without the intent of battling him. Inherently immune to all attack, encountering Red Pyramid Thing will require two contrasting strategies, depending on your confrontation with him. Hospital nurses with a melted face, battered, stained apparel and convulsive stride best describes these creatures. This deformed creature slowly slithers and crawls along the ceiling, grasping its victim's neck with its feet.
Since they only appear once but in large quantities keeping distance and constantly moving is key.
Found at the bottom of metal grate floors, Mandarins use their club-like arms to scavenge the grates.
As a giant bulge of flesh Abstract Daddy resembles a human figure lying belly-down on a flat surface with its extremities peering out the other side of the frame. Due to their swiftness and running speed, it is best to take down this creature with a high-powered weapon.
While it comes with single-color blades or in a translucent version, as well, the whimsy of the multi-colored look just makes me smile. The Minka Ceiling Fans collection is comprised of transitional, contemporary, and modern styles.
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With an ironing center, all your ironing items are within reach in a moment’s notice. He then proceeded to undermine this quality by imbuing them with movements of that like a drunk person's stumbling. Inspiration for the design of this creature came when an employee of Team Silent walked into the office with his hood over his head and his arms tucked into the sweatshirt's pockets. Lying Figures are more formidable in larger groups or in small hallways in which case a firearm can dispose of them from a safe distance. These bizarre creatures have two sets of legs, with the latter set replacing where their arms should be. Mannequins are made of a plastic-type material and release a deep, threatening moan before attacking.
Unlike the Lying Figure, once incapacitated Mannequins lie immobilized while simultaneously convulsing.
This creature received its name from the large, metallic, pyramid-shaped helmet it wears on its head.
It has been a Silent Hill tradition to include nurses in each installment; these are one of the few enemies to reappear in multiple games. These demonic ladies are typically found in Brookhaven Hospital and walk around with a limp, broken neck. A firearm is ideal for taking them down, as the length of their steel pipes can hit you a good distance away and a melee weapon only does minimal damage.
Within the frame is an indistinguishable blob of convulsing flesh with a pair of feet dangling at the bottom.
Any weapon will make contact with them but because their attack requires being directly above you any firearm can ensure distance and safety. A quick pistol shot or well-timed foot stomp is all that's needed to dispose of these pests. Their face consists of nothing more than a tube-shaped limb with an orifice at the end of it.
The cavities at the end of their limbs grip the grates and if a victim walks over them they shoot their spiked tentacles up through their arms and into the victim's feet.
It attacks by standing on its hind legs, trapping the victim in its grip and devouring the prey with its lower orifice. Since their attack requires them to be right on top of its victim, a long range weapon can ensure no injury can occur by them.

They are the easiest, most affordable way to build security, convenience and entertainment into your home.
Ito also juxtaposed improbable angles for their bodies based on mannerisms comparable to these and to the tentative walk of an infant. Inspiration for the design of the Mannequins came from a German-born French surrealist Hans Bellmer, who took hundreds of pictures of dolls in disturbing poses with bizarre limbs in the early 1930's to protest against the Nazi regime.
Their first appearance is in Woodside Apartments and appear throughout the game periodically afterwards. With the exception of the helmet, Pyramid Head's physical features match that of a human's. If confronted in an inescapible area, use a firearm to keep distance and ensure safety until he retreats.
They were first introduced in the original Silent Hill game, accompanied with male doctors (who never made an appearance again).
When encountered with a Nurse weilding a firearm being first to draw will determine injury or not.
Inspiration for the design of Flesh Lips comes from the Irish painter, Francis Bacon, who created many disturbing paintings of limbs and flesh coalesced in a grotesque manner. They climb using their massive club hands, which double as mouths that house needle sharp tenticles in them. Abstract Daddy 's name was influenced by Angela Orosco's tragic relationship with her father.
They exhibit none of the typical cliche'd tropes in the horror genre like horns, tentacles, fangs, extra eyes or possess any supernatural powers.
He was also inspired greatly by the distorted and bizarre surreal figural imagery of 20th Century modernist painter Francis Bacon, who's vision of tormented souls heavily influenced the overall visual world of Silent Hill, especially in its creature design.
Most of these nurses use a rusty steel pipe as their weapon-of-choice, but some have been found to use Magnums. Within these paintings, Bacon made some pieces of figures being trapped and tortured inside metal-framed boxes.
However, if you are near or walk over their path they will home in on you and become aggresive.
In contrast, the spear he uses is lightweight and due to its length he is able to swiftly massacre from great distances. While they can be shot from underneath they can be easily avoided altogether by running past them.

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