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Mackenzie Francis Ziegler is the youngest dancer on Dance Moms.Her sister Maddie Ziegler and mother Melissa Ziegler are also on the show. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Not only did Mrs Mouland's letter attract thousands of hits but it also saw her reunited with the 'hero' in question.One of Eric Kunkel's relatives forwarded him the post and he was amazed when he realized he was the one being praised.
They are often seen in each other's company during their down time and have holidayed together in the past.A  And Gayle King once again joined best friend Oprah Winfrey as she attended Tina Turner and Erwin Bach's wedding celebrations in Zurich, Switzerland over the weekend. Girls' weekend: Oprah Winfrey and best friend Gayle King were spotted ahead of Tina Turner and Erwin Bach's wedding celebrations in Zurich, Switzerland over the weekend The two long time gal pals were spotted ahead of the celebrations, making their way around their hotel. Dress code: Female guests at the ceremony were required to wear white and beige, while the men donnedA  traditional black tuxedos David had famously admired Tina from afar until, he joined her onstage to sing Tonight in 1985, where rumours claim he made an indecent proposal in her ear, after which they spent the rest of the song laughing in each other's arms. One bright day in late autumn a family of Ants were bustling about in the warm sunshine, drying out the grain they had stored up during the summer, when a starving Grasshopper, his fiddle under his arm, came up and humbly begged for a bite to eat.
With his head full of this foolish idea, he became so puffed up with pride and vanity that he halted and started to bray loudly.
A Raven, which you know is black as coal, was envious of the Swan, because her feathers were as white as the purest snow. So he left his home in the woods and fields and flew down to live on the lakes and in the marshes. Two Goats, frisking gayly on the rocky steeps of a mountain valley, chanced to meet, one on each side of a deep chasm through which poured a mighty mountain torrent.
A Merchant, driving his Ass homeward from the seashore with a heavy load of salt, came to a river crossed by a shallow ford. The angry Merchant immediately turned about and drove the Ass back to the seashore, where he loaded him with two great baskets of sponges.
The Gnat buzzed away to tell the whole world about his victory, but instead he flew straight into a spider's web. A certain man who visited foreign lands could talk of little when he returned to his home except the wonderful adventures he had met with and the great deeds he had done abroad.
A Cock was busily scratching and scraping about to find something to eat for himself and his family, when he happened to turn up a precious jewel that had been lost by its owner. At a great celebration in honor of King Lion, the Monkey was asked to dance for the company. At last, when one of his huge feet came within an inch of King Lion's nose, the animals were so disgusted that they set upon the Camel in a rage and drove him out into the desert.
Shortly afterward, refreshments, consisting mostly of Camel's hump and ribs, were served to the company. A Wild Boar was sharpening his tusks busily against the stump of a tree, when a Fox happened by.
Just as a great Bear rushed to seize a stray kid, a Lion leaped from another direction upon the same prey. Just then a Fox dashed up, and seizing the kid, made off with it as fast as he could go, while the Lion and the Bear looked on in helpless rage.
The Fox one day thought of a plan to amuse himself at the expense of the Stork, at whose odd appearance he was always laughing. The hungry Stork was much displeased at the trick, but he was a calm, even-tempered fellow and saw no good in flying into a rage. At that moment he scented a panther and in an instant was bounding away through the forest. The Peacock, they say, did not at first have the beautiful feathers in which he now takes so much pride.
Presently the Peacock saw an Eagle soaring high up in the blue sky and felt a desire to fly, as he had been accustomed to do. To distinguish themselves from the soldiers in the ranks, the new leaders proudly bound on their heads lofty crests and ornaments of feathers or straw.
The Weasels accepted the challenge with eagerness, for they were always ready for a fight when a meal was in sight. The Wolf could not help thinking how nice it would be to have a fine fat Dog to eat instead of the scrawny object before him. Brooke quits dance during season 2 of Dance Moms to try out for cheerleading, but she ends up not liking cheerleading and goes back to ALDC.
They asked many more questions and I tried to craft my answers so that they could not nail down a diagnosis. It appeared that the famous talk show host had left long term partner Stedman Graham at home as she joined several other high profile guests at the bash. Standing alongside her second husband =in the back garden at her Swiss home, the 73-year-old looked pretty in the frock which featured a full circle skirt that stopped mid-calf. It was mounted on an Ass adorned with garlands and gorgeous trappings, and a grand procession of priests and pages followed it through the streets. But in the midst of his song, his driver guessed what the Ass had got into his head, and began to beat him unmercifully with a stick.
The foolish bird got the idea that if he lived like the Swan, swimming and diving all day long and eating the weeds and plants that grow in the water, his feathers would turn white like the Swan's. But though he washed and washed all day long, almost drowning himself at it, his feathers remained as black as ever.
The trunk of a fallen tree formed the only means of crossing the chasm, and on this not even two squirrels could have passed each other in safety. They had crossed this river many times before without accident, but this time the Ass slipped and fell when halfway over. On the way home the Ass, remembering what had happened at the ford, purposely let himself fall into the water, and again got rid of most of his burden. At the ford the Ass again tumbled over; but when he had scrambled to his feet, it was a very disconsolate Ass that dragged himself homeward under a load ten times heavier than before.
Mad with rage, the Lion struck fiercely at the Gnat, but only succeeded in tearing himself with his claws. And there, he who had defeated the King of beasts came to a miserable end, the prey of a little spider. His dancing was very clever indeed, and the animals were all highly pleased with his grace and lightness. He was very sure that he could dance quite as well as the Monkey, if not better, so he pushed his way into the crowd that was gathered around the Monkey, and rising on his hind legs, began to dance.
While the Ass cropped a fresh bit of greens, the Fox would devour a chicken from the neighboring farmyard or a bit of cheese filched from the dairy.
But when the Lion saw that the Ass was his for the taking, he first of all struck down the traitor Fox. Such deceit was unpardonable, and Birds and Beasts made common cause to drive out the Bats. The two fought furiously for the prize until they had received so many wounds that both sank down unable to continue the battle. That very same morning a hungry Wolf came by farther up the stream, hunting for something to eat.
The Stork gladly accepted the invitation and arrived in good time and with a very good appetite. But it was set out in a very shallow dish, and all the Stork could do was to wet the very tip of his bill. But his plans were very much changed when he met a Lion, who, without making any excuses, took the Lamb away from him. He greatly admired the graceful arch of his antlers, but he was very much ashamed of his spindling legs.
But as he ran his wide-spreading antlers caught in the branches of the trees, and soon the Panther overtook him.

These, Juno, whose favorite he was, granted to him one day when he begged her for a train of feathers to distinguish him from the other birds. In every battle the Weasels carried off the victory, as well as a large number of the Mice, which they ate for dinner next day. Then after long preparation of the Mouse army in all the arts of war, they sent a challenge to the Weasels. It happened to be a very lean and bony Dog, and Master Wolf would have turned up his nose at such meager fare had he not been more hungry than usual. As a Louisville native, she trained at several different dance schools including Ellena€™s School of Dance and the University of Louisville Dance Academy.
She has performed professionally with Anna Sapozhnikova€™s MOYAMO DANCE, Gordon Dance Projects, Rachel James, jan street dance theatre, and as a company soloist with Art! Originally wanting to become a ballerina, she quickly changed her path as she was inspired by Isadora Duncan strength and resilience. In residence at Radford University and Pulaski Dance Producation, they have been presented in dance festivals throughout the country and abroad including the United States of Asian American Festival and Pro Danza Italia. She grew up doing all styles of dance in a local studio and went on to major in dance at James Madison University. She studies ballet, pointe, jazz, and modern at Allegro Dance Theatre in Radcliff, Kentucky. A He received both his Masters and Bachelors of Arts from University of Dayton and has had an eclectic training in dance including Dunham, Cunningham and Safety Release techniques. Her three-part work journeys through different moods, ranging from languid to energizing and powerful. She is currently assistant choreographer, pilates trainer, and company member for MamLuft&Co. Amber completed her studies as a dance major at the Youth Performing Arts School and has trained with the University of Louisville Dance, the Louisville Ballet School, Monsters of Contemporary, and various master classes.
Powell is a graduate of Wittenberg University where she studied both Dance and Political Science.
She attended Goucher College where she received her BA in Dance Cum Laude with a concentration in choreography. She has been studying dance for over 10 years, her studies ranging from Irish dance to modern. She has been dancing since the age of 3 at her home studio in Hagerstown, Maryland and was a member of the Potomac Classical Youth Ballet Company during her teenage years.
Pre-professionally, she studied with the Gary Geis Dance Company, in Springfield, Oh, and currently teaches for the GGDC 1st & 2nd companies in modern dance technique. She has studied dance with the University of Louisville Dance Academy, the Youth Performing Arts School in Louisville and Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania. After 4 years back in Louisville, Lew is starting to feel like he is fitting back into the community and he appreciates Moving Collective and LDA for helping with that. She received a BA from Haverford College and an MA in religion and literature from Yale Divinity School; she has also studied and taught high school English classes in France, Germany, and Austria.
Katie is currently a senior student at Bellarmine University.A  She will graduate in May 2013 with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing.
Oprah, 59, opted for a tight light orange T-shirt and beige tracksuit pants for the outing, while Gayle showed off her curves in red bike shorts and a patterned pink and white vest. Direct Wristbands is your source for great wristbands of all kinds that can persuade her (or him) to boogie down!
As the Ass walked along, the people bowed their heads reverently or fell on their knees, and the Ass thought the honor was being paid to himself. And as the water weeds he ate did not agree with him, he got thinner and thinner, and at last he died.
A great many persons in Rhodes had seen him do it and would prove that what he told was true.
But the big hulking Camel made himself very ridiculous as he kicked out his knotty legs and twisted his long clumsy neck. It is said the quarrel grew out of the persecution the race of Geese suffered at the teeth of the Fox family. So when they saw the Birds getting the better of it, they were Birds for all there was in it.
And since then the Bat family hides in dark towers and deserted ruins, flying out only in the night.
The Fox arrived promptly at the time that had been set, and the Stork served a fish dinner that had a very appetizing smell. Then the Stag perceived that the legs of which he was so ashamed would have saved him had it not been for the useless ornaments on his head. Then, decked in his finery, gleaming with emerald, gold, purple, and azure, he strutted proudly among the birds. In despair the Mice called a council, and there it was decided that the Mouse army was always beaten because it had no leaders. Professionally she has performed with VEE Corporationa€™s Sesame Street Live, La Comedia Dinner Theater, and Six Flags KY Kingdom along with this being her 7th Moving Collective Concert. Since then danah has performed and presented choreographic work in festivals throughout the country and abroad. She has had the opportunity to work with numerous talented choreographers such as Shane Oa€™Hara, the late Ed Tyler, Donald Laney, Adrienne Clancy, Meisha Bosma, and many others. She came to the Cincinnati area after receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Akron, where she was the recipient of multiple scholarship awards and studied modern, ballet, pointe, jazz, tap and dance composition. Since then she has studied at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet, Louisville Ballet School, and is currently a student and member of Dance Theater at The University of Louisville Dance Academy.
Her instructors include Carol Zagar, Dale Brannon, Kathy Sawyer Holtgrave, Tamara Begley and Theresa Bautista. In the summer of 2010 she worked as an assistant choreographer and instructor at Stagedoor Manor in New York working on Avenue Q, Evita, and Guys and Dolls. Emily served as a faculty member at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco for six years, teaching ballet, modern, tap and jazz to adults and children as young as two. Nicole graduated from Butler High School in 2007 where she was in the musical theatre program. She grew up dancing at Diana Evans School of Dance and attended the School for the Creative and Performing Arts in Lexington, Kentucky.
Formed in 2007 by Director, Jeanne Mam-Luft, the company has a charge to make progressive and palpable dance that is both accessible and affordable to the general public. She has trained with David Dorfman, Lisa Race, and Jennifer Nugent at the American Dance Festival, as well as the Susan Marshall Company and Tricia Gelmini; she is also a former member of Rhythm in Shoes. After graduating, Elena moved to Dayton, OH where she danced for SMAG Dance Collective under the direction of Michael Groomes. Since at Radford she has studied and performed multiple works with the outstanding faculty at RU. Recently, Jessica returned from Malawi where she spent 14 months serving in the Peace Corps and enjoyed learning traditional African dances in a rural village. She is currently an intern in dramaturgy and literary management at the Actors Theatre of Louisville.
She was also a 2 year scholarship student at the Ohio Governor's Summer Institute for the Gofted and Talented in the Arts, at the Ohio State University.A  Nicole has had the privilege of working with such choreographers as Kristina Isabelle, Andrea Woods, Mark Cummings, Lori Common and Gary Geis. Neither would give way, and so they both fell, to be swept away by the roaring torrent below. Delighted to find how much lighter his burden had become, the Ass finished the journey very gayly. At last, worn out with rage and covered with wounds that his own teeth and claws had made, the Lion gave up the fight.

But while they were debating how best to meet death, they thought they heard a noise and in a flash were scampering off to the warren. But the Fox lapped it up easily, and, to increase the disappointment of the Stork, made a great show of enjoyment.
Instead of flying up to greet the first rays of the morning sun or to bathe in the rosy light among the floating clouds at sunset, he would have to walk the ground more encumbered and oppressed than any common barnyard fowl. So a large number of generals and commanders were appointed from among the most eminent Mice. The privates easily slipped into their holes, but the Mouse leaders could not squeeze through the narrow openings because of their head-dresses. As always, Nicole would like to thank her family and friends for their continuous support and strength throughout her dance career. In addition to dbDW she collaborates with colectivo caliban, an artistic collective that transgresses borders through sound and movement. Colleen has performed stagings of David Parsons and Petitpa works, as well as work by Hernando Cortez of Verbs Ballets and Amy Querin of Fresno Dance Collective. She will graduate from Bellarmine University in the spring of 2013 with a double major in History and Foreign Languages and International Studies. In addition to taking regular classes throughout the school year, Abi has participated in summer programs at her studio, as well as the Louisville Ballet Schoola€™s Summer Intensive of 2010. She is currently the dance department leader for All About Kids in Louisville and Crestwood. Fleisher is a graduate of Butler University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance and a minor in International Studies. Emily has served as a choreographer and instructor in Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and California and currently teaches at several schools in the Louisville area. Emily is also a 2007 alumna of the Kentucky Center Governora€™s School for the Arts, where she enjoyed working as a Resident Advisor last summer.
With dancers not only from Ohio and Kentucky, but Texas, New York, and Virginia, MamLuft&Co.
She then danced for the Dayton Contemporary Dance 2nd Company under the direction of Shonna Hickman-Matlock. Currently, Cana is studying jazz, ballet, and modern, but is also trained at other forms of dance such as hip-hop, tap, and Irish. Outside of Radford, she has attended Burklyn Ballet Theatre for summer intensives and continues to teach class when she is on breaks from school.
Wolf snapped up such delicious morsels without making any bones about it, but this Lamb looked so very helpless and innocent that the Wolf felt he ought to have some kind of an excuse for taking its life. On the way they passed a pond where a family of Frogs was sitting among the reeds on the bank.
Theresa has created works for the U of L Dance Theatre, The Center for Women and Families, Empujon, Bluegrass Youth Ballet, Moving Collective and the UK Dance Ensemble and her choreography has received Gala honors at the Southeast Regional Ballet Festival. Her teaching credits include ProDanza Italia, Monterey Dance Fest, and Bates Dance Festival. She lives in Floyd, Virginia where she is a Financial Secretary at New Century Church and is happily married. She also studies yoga, loves to travel and be in nature, and is a student activist in her community.
In 2011, Abi attended the Kentucky Center Governors School for the Arts as a dance major, where she received the David X.
Dance and is so excited to be making his debut in the Moving Collective.A  Clint's passion is teaching and he has taught master classes throughout Ohio and Indiana as well as Louisiana, Florida and Texas. She also teaches at the Sutton Studio for the Performing Arts in both the Louisville and Bardstown studios. Susana€™s work has been seen in Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Connecticut, Wisconsin, New York, and Austria. After graduating, she danced with Ballet Theater of Maryland in Annapolis, MD as an apprentice for the 2009-2010 season. Dance creates and performs re-creations of work by choreographers from Rhode Island, Florida, Washington, New York, Texas, and of course, Ohio.
Her favorite styles of Dance to preform are Acro and Jazzand she enjoys to watch all different styles of Dance. A 'The sweet comments and the suggestions are helping us make connections that are going to change things for kids like Kate and their families.'However, she says her main aim with the blog is to encourage a better understanding of autism so there will be more Mr Kunkels in the world. In 2006, she created and continues to co-produce Moving Collective, a venue to promote the works of independent choreographers and bring greater awareness of contemporary dance to the Louisville Region.
Colleen has taught in Akron and Cleveland, Ohio and currently teaches children with Webby Dance Company and in MamLuft&Co. A He is very active in the Winter Guard International Sport of the Arts (WGI) as well as teaching in a variety of school districts throughout the Dayton and Cincinnati area. The choreographer, Sarah Gamblin, wanted to create something as simple and true, but also as messy, raw, and complex. In 2009, Susan was commissioned to create an original work for Merge Recorda€™s 20th Anniversary Dance Concert, Merge with Motion.
Amanda has performed with Moving Collective since 2010 and took on the role of co-producer in 2011. A graduate of Butler University with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Pedagogy, she performed many featured roles in The Nutcracker, Balanchinea€™s Serenade, and in contemporary choreography, including pieces by Cynthia Pratt and Derek Reid. Amanda has performed with Moving Collective since 2010 and took on the role of co-producer inA  2011.
Theresa is currently Chair of the Dance Faculty for the KY Governora€™s School for the Arts. Abi has alos attended master classes with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and Lula Washington Dance Theatre, and she performed with Moving Collective in the fall of 2011.
The three sections are movement analogies for the types of desire that fuel a body, a community, and a life. She is also the co-founder of Distance Dances, a blog and video-based dance collaboration with fellow dance artist Gina Ta€™ai. Dance also offers educational and outreach programming to adults, children, and even dance professionals and pre-professionals through year-long and summer programming.
Colleen has previously had her choreography adjudicated at the East Central regional conference of the Amercian Dance Festival and performed by the University of Akron Dance Company.
Abi has not decided on a major for college, but she plans to continue exploring her love of dance throughout her educational experience. Fleisher was also in the MASA Dance Journey Apprenticeship Program in Kibbutz Gaa€™aton, Israel with the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company. Powell has also choreographed for her alma mater and the adjudicated Choreographers Without Companies, presented by Contemporary Dance Theater.
When she grows up she wants to be a professional Dancer as a broadway star or choreographer.
She recently presented work at DanceCincinnati2011, Moving Collective, and the 2011 & 2012 Area Choreographers Festival.
While with MamLuft&CO Dance, she has worked with outside choreographers including Betsy Miller and Sarah Gamblin. Kenzie is too young to compete in many group dances with the older girls but she has competed in some of them with small parts. When Kenzie is not Dancing she likes to stay at home and eat chips.Kenzie has a twitter but does not have a facebook.

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