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I hope this helps someone figure out how to change the light bulb if the globe won't twist off as expected. The Hampton Bay 2-Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit features beautiful white-alabaster glass and mounts to most fans.
This question is from 2-Light Ceiling Fan Light Kit 4 answers I pulled the light chain completley off. If this is the same light that you already have, but it maybe difficult to just change out the switch housing.
There is a receiver that is mounted in the fan's canopy and a transmitter that is mounted with a bracket to the switch plate on the wall. Even if your ceiling fan operates like it should and has the appropriate switches, these are just too convenient to operate your ceiling fans to pass up!
More often than not, your going to have a ceiling light fixture at the location you are planning on installing a ceiling fan. If you are installing a fan where there is no previous fixture, then you'll be running a new circuit to the fan and can accommodate for the light as well. Although I will be going through these circuits on this page in some detail, I recommend you checkout my other pages that cover 2-way switches and 3-way switches. Some manufacturers may use different color codes so be sure to follow the instructions that come with your particular product.
This is assuming that you are installing a ceiling fan in a location that had no fixture there before.

Maybe you are just replacing an old ceiling fan with a new one and you already had (2) separate switches. The previous owners of my house installed them and the first time a light bulb went out, I had a devil of a time figuring out how to change it. It comes with 4 different finials (white, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel & Antigua brass) to easily match to your home decor. They sell both chains that can be snapped on to extend the length, also just the switch is sold separately for very cheep. I suggest just replace the whole light easier and quicker and if you buy the whole light as shown here, you will have an extra shade should you ever drop one or break it while cleaning. The fan is a hampton bay as well and everything seems to fit so I don't understand what is causing the problem. With the Hunter Ceiling Fan & Light Remote Control switch (model #27185), it can be installed on almost any ceiling fan and you use a remote control to do the switching for you. The remote control can be carried anywhere in the room and hung back on the bracket for storage when not in use.This manufacturer is the only one we have seen that uses this type of bracket system and it is much cleaner and easier to use than the other ones. As far as getting your ceiling fan installed, Please follow the manufacturers manuals and safety guidelines for proper mounting due to weight and other variables which can be an important factor. If this is the case, then odds are that this old ceiling light only has enough wires to switch off & on the fan and not the light.
These pages can help you to determine how your circuits are wired or possibly help you decide how you want them wired especially if you are running a new circuit.

You can see the three holes in the part that connects with the fan, and one of the screws on the left. I bought this expensive energy efficient bulb that lasts 7 years since changing the bulb is difficult.
Although you can get just a ceiling fan most units offer a light kit that can be added in the future.
Keep in mind that I refer to a load in those circuits which means a light, ceiling fan, outlet, etc.. Chances are, you only have a 3-wire cable ran to the fixture so you would be limited to powering the ceiling fan & light both. Then leaving the double switch box is a 3-wire cable going to the ceiling fan and a 4-wire cable going to the other 3-way switch. If the switch is damaged or there is no chain to attach another chain to, then this kit will not help you.
If you have a piece of chain exposed where you can attach another chain to than this kit will fix the problem.

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