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After you readers decided you would like to see the studio painted with white walls and a colored ceiling (check out the poll in this post), we decided to take care of getting the walls painted a crisp white over the weekend. I’m in love with teal right now, so that was my vote, BUT #1 would be really pretty too! The ceiling is a huge swath of real estate in a room, yet its color is often overlooked as a conscious design choice.
In Stacy & Christoph's Classic San Francisco Hilltop Home, the white ceiling "frames" the grey walls and the eye is immediately drawn to the ceiling line. Painting the ceiling the same color as the rest of the room creates a rich and full atmosphere that feels complete. Above, the bathroom in Abigail Ahern's East London Home is both dark and dramatic, with color that envelopes you. This paint strategy also creates an endless plane of color that's very soothing to the eye, without the jolt that comes with a color change. As a twist on the second strategy, alter the ceiling color to be several shades darker or lighter that the walls. Since ceilings tend to look darker than walls, try a couple of shades lighter to make the room feel airier. If you want a cozier feel, a slightly darker shade than the walls will make the ceiling feel lower and more intimate. Painting the ceiling a totally different, or contrasting, color adds character and interest. A brightly colored ceiling, atop stark white walls, is a strong and graphic statement, as shown by Justina Blakeney. And, Miranda Lake's living room ceiling was faux finished, with a custom glaze in various shades of turquoise. Dabney is a Southern-born, New England-raised, current Midwesterner who writes about design, obsesses over dogs, and can easily read a book a day. I have never painted a room before, but my wife and I decided to make some changes in the house that we just moved into. I had budgeted one Saturday for the repaint, but it ended up taking me all of Saturday and Sunday, and I didn't even finish the trim. But I still have some problems that need to be solved and that's where I hope the collective wisdom of this forum can come in.

I don't know much at all about painting, so I don't even know what the best color or the trim in the room is.
Finally - is it bad interior design to have the ceiling of this one room not match the other ceilings in the house? I'd normally skip over a post like yours and let the Pros hand out their sage advice but your words brought back a flood of memories. As to the trim, I haven't done any more painting since my first post and so there is still time for white trim. No problem- Here's a little hint for your base- you can buy a paint shield at the local Home D or paint store. All base are painted trim color in the homes we do in the Bay Area (for the last 24 years). The recourse that you have is to go back to the paint store and tell them what you think has happened. I don't think the paint store is going to do much for him since this post is from over 17 months ago! White walls are common in houses all over the world, maybe the reason for this is because people associate white color with innocence and youth.
When repainting white walls it can be hard to notice which places you covered with paint, but this is exceptionally hard to do this when you are painting the ceiling. To repaint white walls with ease you can use color-changing paint, this paint is pink when you apply it but it turns white when it dries.
Although it's tempting to avoid, committing to color (and then choosing the right one!) totally transforms a room. A basic decorators white is a classic and safe choice that won't have you repainting every couple of years. This is great when you’ve got any architectural features you want people to focus on, like the crown molding in their living room.
You still get the soothing nature from a unified space, with a touch more depth and dimension.
Above, the living room in Alysia's Stunning Vintage Sanctuary is painted a lighter shade of pink. I'll never forget the day that I took the initiative to paint the stairwell, unbeknownst to the little woman.

It's quite common our here to change the "feel of certain rooms in a home by changing both ceiling and wall colors. Slide the paint shield in between carpet and base as deep as it will go and then flatten it to the carpet. White wall maintenance can be very hard, since these walls get dirty quickly and in order to clean them you will have to repaint them.
The reasons this is hard is because you are using the same color, and the other reason is because you are looking at it from an unusual angle. This paint can be bought in most of the home improvement stores or paint stores, if you have any questions about this paint then you can ask the paint specialist at these stores. Consider going this route is your ceilings are over nine feet tall, so it doesn't feel like the room is closing in on you.
SOme are only 9 inches, some are about 18 (we like the 18 because it's stiffer and works better for carpet). I am such a sucker for Martha’s Sea Glass, but I thought the hummingbird was more fun and suits the purpose of the room. You actually need two different kinds of paint, each with its own characteristics and special attributes.View in galleryThe ceiling paint is obviously designed to be used on the ceiling.
Ceiling paint has to cover well, stick well and hide well and this is usually achieved at the expense of other characteristics not needed for this portion of the room.View in galleryWall paint is designed to be more durable so you can easily clean it with soap and water.
Why don't you and her take a few moments and go down to the paint store to look at some of the color charts to get an idea as to what color combination works well with your wall paint. Some of the paint stores (Sherwin Williams) have an interior design consultant that will assist if you can't come to a decision. Some brands make their paint in such a way that it looks pale blue or pink when applied and then turns white when it dries out. I don't think there are any rules other than considering what future home buyers might think of your color selection.
For example, for the bathroom you should use wall paint that’s water resistant as well as resistant to mold and mildew.

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