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Sunday we had a free day before the event and decided to make our way to the famous Singapore Zoo by taking buses, the subway, and walking. Singaporean people are extremely polite for the most part, and almost everyone speaks English.
Each near-city neighbourhood has a distinct "flavor" based on its ethnic or colonial origins. According to Travelpack Singapore, by Vivien Lytton, the island state has about 300,000 foreign workers employed under a strict guest program. The construction industry can hire four foreigners for every Singaporean employee, and enjoy higher pay and better working conditions. I have been told that if you are caught bringing drugs into the country, they literally hang you within a few days.
Workers generally stay two years and the government strictly enforces occupational and health and safety rules.

During our trip, we got caught in an afternoon downpour and happily waited it out at an open restaurant at the zoo. The animals seemed playfuland happy -- you could swear that some thought of themselves as "fashion models," posing and pacing in front of us humans. Monkeys and gorillias are free to climb it, so you can literally see a gorilla just above your head at almost any time.
The drink includes gin, Cherry Heering, Benedictine, and pineapple juice, which creates a foamy top.

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