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In my hometown the old Walmart had 56" brown industrials over the checkouts with green labels (I guess Evergos). My Walmart used to have an assortment of their own fans over the registers and a couple Dayton industrials if I remember right, and four huggers in the little cafe thing. I'm not sure if the old Walmart in Dilworth, MN had any fans installed, I don't remember, but I'm sure they had some in there somewhere. Also, at one Walmart I went to, there was a white five blade 52" builderfan with a light kit above the jewelry counter, with the light turned off. The two industrials over the garden center checkouts at my local Walmart were in bad shape too.
There used to be an HRS industrial above the camera counter, but I think they replaced it with a newer Hampton Bay Industrial.
Then there was always the random off the shelf fan installation in odd places in the store.
The dumbest by far was a 52” Hugger mounted 25ish feet off the floor above the photo counter.

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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. I seem to recall that there were 36" SMC Lagunas at each end of the front entrance area (which had a lower ceiling than the store itself).
It has no fans in the store, but there are some reddish colored Regencies in the Subway inside the store.
I think there's a Hampton Bay Quick Connect over the camera counter, and Regencies in the Subway. 42" white Laksos were in nearly every Wal-Mart snack bar too as far as I can remember.
I know of one location that had a 52" 4 blade GE vent generic fan over the photo counter, the store remodeled and the fan remained, just randomly placed in the middle of the store. Please remember to use your first name and last initial when registering; no handles please.

At some point the front industrial in the garden center was removed, and there were two 36" industrials installed on long downrods over the checkouts there.
There were windows looking into the baking area and I could see there was a line of white HB Quick Connects with no light kits back there. They also installed a HB Industrial over the fabric counter with the control mounted on a column nearby. In about 2006, the rear industrial in the garden center was removed and the ones over the checkouts were replaced with 3 bladed spinners that have switch housings.
When the store rearranged for the new layout with wide aisles, the fabric dept was done away with, so the fan there was removed, as were the two over the photo counter.

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