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Warm air rises and in the winter months, you should run your ceiling fan in a clockwise direction. In the summer months, your ceiling fan offers the greatest energy savings when running in a counter-clockwise direction.
FixitRus offers a unique line of ceiling fans with products that are truly innovative and extraordinary. Combining old-world elegance with newest technology gives The Bourbon Street® fan a truly unique flare.

The Brewmaster® carries on Fanimation's reputation for reproducing unusual, yet functional, belt-drive fans.
Closed when not in use, it presents two entirely different – yet beautiful – faces to the world.
This beautiful, elegant fan boost with turn-of-the-century charm and it sure to be a conversation piece in any room of your house. These fans were originally produced in the late 1800s by Snediker & Carr®, the premier belt-drive fan manufacturer of their day.

This collection couples stylish tropical design with the ability to operate outdoors – so you don’t have to leave the porch for any reason, except, perhaps, to add a little ice to your glass. This unique fan features adjutable motor heads to provide five angles of blade tilting design, from vertical to 60° in 15° increments.

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