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We had some problems during installation, that had Nothing to do with the product (it was a preexisting issue with our old fan). I like the fan, the cost, the looks, but does not put out any air due to the fact it is a hugger to the ceiling.
With a rich brushed nickel finish and bowl light featuring swirled white glass and CFL bulbs, the Bennington brings a sophisticated look to rooms with lower ceilings. The Groveland ceiling fan by Hunter is a great choice for large rooms that need a touch of style and effective air circulation. I have vaulted ceilings so I wanted something a little grand that would make a statement; this has.
So needless to say it turned what would have been a 1 hour installation into a 4hour ordeal. Even if you put a rod on it to extend further from the ceiling it does not turn fast enough on high speed.
I needed a fan with a light that did not hang down too far-these are great for 8' ceilings.
Premier Bronze Ceiling Fan 1 answer What additional parts do I need to buy if I mount fan on a sloped ceiling? I'm sure I would need to purchase a longer down rod, but unsure whether I would need to purchase a different ceiling mount. We would definitely recommend purchasing a longer downrod, depending on how sloped the ceiling is, but you would also need to purchase an angled ceiling mount.

It will pull up the fan and from there you can access all of the literature for the Groveland model. I wanted something a little different from that normal everyday fan blade that we see everywhere and I'm getting tired of looking at chrome and nickel.
It features five medium brown faux palm blades and a powerful motor that quietly produces high airflow. I did have to replace the old electrical box in the ceiling first, but that did not create a problem. I have a plant directly underneath it and the leaves have never moved that's how ineffective it is! Using anything over the sixty watts could cause the light limiter that is installed in our fans to blow, which in turn the lights would no longer operate. Ceiling where installed is about 12 feet, so that accounted for additional time to access with a ladder slightly too short for the job. Dramatic tropical carved wood blades complement the Johnston's aged brass finish, and are accentuated by the sunset glass of the bowl light kit. Sure, the fan itself is as classy & stylish as the picture, but the dimensions are no where near what's advertised. This fan with it's carved real wood blade and the modern updated take on brass fit the bill. I am building a new home, put in special ceiling fan boxes in the ceiling, and this thing still wobbled.

The powerful motor quietly produces high airflow while the CFL bulbs of the light provide energy efficient full room illumination.
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CFL bulbs deliver energy efficient illumination, and the 3-speed motor is reversible for year-round comforting air circulation.
CFL bulbs provide energy efficient full room illumination, and the 3-speed reversible motor is backed by a lifetime motor warranty. I just wish it had one more speed to create more air, but it does the job and I am cool at night.
Not sure if it's just mine or what, but it's not enough of an issue for me to disassemble and wait for a new one to ship (not available in my store). I did not like the tuscan sand bowl (a color you get with any bronze fan, it seems), but was able to find a white swirl glass replacement bowl elsewhere. I had a Hunter fan previously, and when turned on, it almost immediately noticeably cooled the room. It took a little thinking to get up but we haven't come up with a model that didn't yet and it was certainly better than some.

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