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Installing a paddle fan outside on a porch or other covered area is a great way to stay cool and keep insects away during the hot, summer months. Make sure the fan turns counterclockwise so the blades push the air down, rather than drawing it up, to increase cooling.
Danny Lipford: You know, we wait all winter for warm weather so we can spend more time outside, and then before you know it we’re complaining about the heat. If the fan has the option, and you have the space, use a down rod to lower it a little bit from the ceiling. Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. July 15, 2013 by Gil Schauer 1 Comment You can enjoy the energy efficiency and cooling benefits of ceiling fans all year round—both indoors and out—in a wide variety of styles to match any decor.
Outdoor ceiling fans offer the same comfort and cooling as indoor fans, but they’re built to withstand the exterior elements and can even help with insect control. Be aware, however, that although tropical blades are a designer’s delight and add a wonderful element to any decor, they are sometimes limited in the amount of air they can move.
Ceiling fans also need sufficient air space between each blade to adequately move air; large oval blades often don’t provide for that. As you’re shopping for outdoor ceiling fans you’ll notice that they’re rated as “damp” or “wet.” A wet-rated ceiling fan can be directly exposed to rainfall and can be washed off with a hose. Damp-rated ceiling fans are specially designed for outdoor areas and can withstand humidity, but not direct rainfall. The Fanimation Windpointe outdoor ceiling fan features an oil-rubbed bronze finish and a broad spectrum of sizes spanning 44 to 80 inches. This damp-rated tropical outdoor ceiling fan features an antique dark finish with dark brown palm leaf blades.
Ceiling fans have become quite a way to add an interesting design feature to a room as well as being functional – especially during a hot summer! August 16, 2013 by Gil Schauer 4 Comments The old adage, “You get what you pay for,” rings true time and time again and, if you’ve invested in a high quality ceiling fan, it continues to be true.
The first step in buying replacement parts for ceiling fans is to find the model number of your fan.
If your ceiling fan needs a replacement blade or blade holder, you may find yourself having to buy a multi-pack. Pull chain switches for speed control that have a broken chain must be brought to a ceiling fan specialist. Like so many home appliances, a premium ceiling fan is worth the upfront investment to avoid hassles down the road and to save money in the process. Shopping with a reputable ceiling fan store online is the best way to avoid this catch-22 and make sure you’re getting quality at a reasonable price.
It sounds like we have a switch that can handle what you need, but we’ll need more information first to make sure.
However, if your light kit has more than one light and the pull chain turns different lights on or off in a sequence you may need to replace it with a more complex type of ceiling fan pull chain, but since this is in only about 10% of ceiling fan lights you will probably be fine with a regular pull chain light switch off the shelf.
If you have a standard 8’ ceiling, you probably want to look for a fan with a short downrod rather than a flush mounted version since air circulation is usually better when blades have a little more distance from the ceiling. In larger living rooms or great rooms where you need the air to flow throughout the entire room you will want a large room ceiling fan with a blade span of about 60” to 72”.
The downrod is another important factor to consider when buying the right size of ceiling fan for your room. If you have a vaulted ceiling in your home the guidelines for ceiling fan size and downrod length may be a bit different. For one thing, differing heights at various points along the ceiling would obviously require different downrod lengths.
We carry a huge assortment of ceiling fans – Contemporary, Traditional, Flush Mount, Energy Star, outdoor, or design your own!
Ceiling Fan Brands: Casablanca Fan Company offers a large line of high quality, customizable ceiling fans and accessories.
Quorum International – manufacturer of designer-coordinated lighting families and decorative, energy-saving ceiling fans. Shop our decorative chandelier ceiling fans that have lavish detailing to enhance the look of your room.
But to get the most out of your ceiling fan, it’s important to make sure to choose the right fan and install and use it properly. Well, if you want to make your outdoor spaces more comfortable, maybe you should think about adding a ceiling fan.

That one’s pretty obvious, but even under cover you want a ceiling fan that’s designed for outdoor use.
Most have reversible motors now, and for cooling purposes you want the blades to be moving counter clockwise when you look up at the fan from the floor. In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. Tropical ceiling fans, many of which are designed for outdoors, provide an ideal way to keep cool and save energy in an island motif.
With a tropical-styled fan, you can add a little flare and character to your outdoor living space.
Wicker or rattan blades often do not have the rigidity necessary to effectively push large amounts of air, and large wooden blades are sometimes too heavy for a smaller motor to rotate quickly enough. Unfortunately, making the selection process even more difficult, the standard airflow efficiency ratings—cubic feet per minute (CPM)—often don’t account for a change in blades. This is ideal for uncovered areas or even partially covered patios where the fan may get wet.
Wet-rated ceiling fans can be used in place of damp-rated fans, but a damp-rated fan cannot be placed in a wet location. Since it’s light fixture adaptable, you can use this fan to replace your outdoor area’s exterior lighting. A variety of fashionable tropical blades are available ranging from natural palm to walnut leaves to traditional wood. From traditional to contemporary and indoor to outdoor ceiling fans, you can find the perfect fan to suit your budget and your outdoor living needs. As mentioned before, universal doesn’t mean universal when it comes to replacement parts for ceiling fans.
The numbers on the outside of the switch do not indicate the proper internal workings of the switch.
Lower quality ceiling fans are much more difficult to find parts for and they break at a much higher rate. Call in at (877) 724-2326 and ask for Al, who handles all our service, maintenance, and repair on the ceiling fans.
If your pull chain simply turns the entire light kit on or off, you can easily get another pull chain to replace it here or just about anywhere. If you want to maximize its use, it is important that you buy the correct size of ceiling fan for a room. If you have a narrow room or very small area, a short blade span of 29” to 36” is recommended. If you want the air to circulate throughout the entire room it is probably best to invest in a ceiling fan with a larger blade span. This blade span will generate more airflow and will be able to push the air through the entire room easily. You should make sure that the downrod is long enough so that the blades are approximately 18” from the sloped side of the ceiling closest to it (or even more for better airflow) and should still allow the fan to hang 8’ to 9’ from the floor. The premier choice of designers and architects for decorative ceiling fans for indoor and outdoor use. That means the metal parts with be coated to discourage rust or corrosion and the fan blades will be made from a material that won’t warp or sag with temperature and humidity changes.
But that “more is better” philosophy doesn’t hold up when it comes to the number of blades or the blade width. As you’re shopping for a tropical outdoor ceiling fan, keep the following tips in mind to make sure you buy a fan that perfectly fits your style and needs. For example, if you have wicker furniture in your outdoor space, a fan with wicker blades would be most appropriate. To make sure the tropical ceiling fan blades you choose will operate effectively in your environment, it is best to make sure the airflow efficiency specs include the blades, or check with sales people who have actual experience with the various types of blades available. If your outdoor living space is covered and the fan will not be exposed to rain, you can install a damp-rated fan. Therefore, if you think your fan will have exposure to rain or other harsh weather conditions, consider a wet-rated fan just to be safe. Another truth is that universal doesn’t always mean universal when it comes to replacement parts for ceiling fans.
In the majority of cases, hole patterns in blades, for example, are different from one manufacturer or model to another. While this is convenient for multiple breakages, it can be problematic if you only need one of something.

Before you make any purchase of a replacement light kit, make sure that it is an exact match for your ceiling fan. If you buy from a big box store, you’re likely going to get a lower end fan that is available only for a limited time. They come in a wide variety of sizes, so consider the following tips to help you determine what ceiling fan size you need for the room and the type of ceiling you have.
If you are installing a fan in a patio, bathroom, den, or small bedroom, it is important to measure the height of the ceiling. These mini ceiling fans are ideal for tiny spaces such as bathrooms, stairwells, and laundry rooms. Standard room ceiling fans with blade spans between 50” and 56” are perfect for medium to large rooms like larger bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms.
Another option for very large rooms is to use multiple fans evenly spaced throughout the room to ensure a high level of even air comfort in every area of the room.
For larger rooms the downrod should be between 6” to 96” long depending on your ceiling height. For steeper slopes, sloped ceiling adaptor kits are often available from the premium manufacturers. If your vaulted ceiling is low and your slope is small, you should determine the fan size based on the room size. Six blade fans, or those with large decorative blades, actually move less air because there’s less space between the blades to draw air through. If, however, you have a tropical theme and perhaps even have palm trees in your yard, a palm frond style may be a better fit.
Its tropical flare will make you feel as though you’ve escaped to an island paradise—even if you’re stuck in the middle of the city. The Hunter Bayview is light fixture adaptable, so use it to replace your current outdoor lighting for versatility and comfort all in one. This is another reason to invest in a high quality ceiling fan or to consult a ceiling fan expert if you’re in the market for ceiling fan replacement parts. Ceiling fans that are sold bundled with light kits cannot usually accommodate kits that are made for different brands. The switch needs to be opened by a ceiling fan specialist and dissected to determine how the switch operates and to provide the correct replacement. Once that ceiling fan is sold out, it’s gone and it can be very difficult to buy replacement parts. If your room is approximately 9’ x 9’ you will want to consider ceiling fans with a blade span of 40” to 48”. Talking to an experienced ceiling fan consultant is often helpful in deciding how best to efficiently maximize air comfort and airflow in very large rooms.
Casablanca Ceiling Fans, for example, has a sloped ceiling fan adaptor kit that can be used on a ceiling with up to a 56-degree slope and can be used on fans by other manufacturers as well. If you have a higher ceiling and need a longer downrod, it’s best to purchase a fan with a larger blade span that can fully circulate the air.
Tropical ceiling fans can tie your outdoor living space’s decor together, as long as you select one that complements what you already have in place.
And, by keeping these simple tips in mind, you can make the process easier and ensure that you get exactly what you need.
If you’re unsure, you can contact the ceiling fan experts to discuss your needs for ceiling fan replacement parts. A good ceiling fan supplier will have a wide selection of ceiling fans with lights as well as replacement light kits, and can help ensure you purchase the right one for your fan. Flush mount or hugger fans hug the ceiling so they do not hang too low when the ceiling is less than 8’ high. If you have a large living room but want the air mostly concentrated over the seating area, a medium size ceiling fan will be adequate. In any case, for vaulted ceiling configurations, contacting a local or online ceiling fan specialist is your best bet to make sure you buy and install the perfect size ceiling fan for the room.
Low ceiling adaptors or close-to-the-ceiling downrods are accessories specially designed for ceilings lower than 8’ and that fit many regular ceiling fans.
Making sure that the fan is approximately 18 inches away from walls, sloped ceilings, or other lights will help ensure its efficiency.

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