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I noticed that the white wire (B) comes from the center of switch labelled A in my picture. This site answers questions related to home electrical wiring, home wiring, general electrical help,and other electrical questions related to aleternating current (AC). More often than not, your going to have a ceiling light fixture at the location you are planning on installing a ceiling fan.
If you are installing a fan where there is no previous fixture, then you'll be running a new circuit to the fan and can accommodate for the light as well. Although I will be going through these circuits on this page in some detail, I recommend you checkout my other pages that cover 2-way switches and 3-way switches. Some manufacturers may use different color codes so be sure to follow the instructions that come with your particular product. This is assuming that you are installing a ceiling fan in a location that had no fixture there before. Maybe you are just replacing an old ceiling fan with a new one and you already had (2) separate switches. A ceiling fan remote control can offer you many more features than you would otherwise have with just a standard pull chain.

Process of Ceiling Fan Wiring Before we start wiring ceiling fan we need to be sure the circuit is “cuted”. Twin and earth wiring is required for all installations except those using a double wall control. However, If in doubt with any part of the installation procedure then please contact a qualified electrician.
I attached the black and white wires from the light to the blue and white, respectively, labelled 'B' in the image (which had a tag on them labelled 'light'). When the switch is at the top, the fan goes clockwise, and at the bottom, counterclockwise. I will bet that if you remove your fan from the ceiling you will find the other end of that blue wire was never attached to the house electric. I can help advise people on their wiring needs, what kind of outlets and switcher to use, explain what an electrical service is and how their breakers work. As far as getting your ceiling fan installed, Please follow the manufacturers manuals and safety guidelines for proper mounting due to weight and other variables which can be an important factor.
If this is the case, then odds are that this old ceiling light only has enough wires to switch off & on the fan and not the light.

These pages can help you to determine how your circuits are wired or possibly help you decide how you want them wired especially if you are running a new circuit. Although you can get just a ceiling fan most units offer a light kit that can be added in the future. Keep in mind that I refer to a load in those circuits which means a light, ceiling fan, outlet, etc..
Chances are, you only have a 3-wire cable ran to the fixture so you would be limited to powering the ceiling fan & light both. Then leaving the double switch box is a 3-wire cable going to the ceiling fan and a 4-wire cable going to the other 3-way switch.

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