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I want to use the light independently of the ceiling fan, and assume I need to remove the 3-way switch labeled A and replace it with a single-pole switch. I'm new to DIY home electrical, but I've successfully replaced a dimmer switch and added a timer switch to the bathroom fan.
Perhaps an electrician will correct me, but it doesn't sound like what you want to do is possible without running a new set of wires from one switch to the light and then rewiring the fan completely. The light and fan are wired together in series and they need to be wired in parallel for your setup to work. This is unlikely, but they are both on the same run of wiring, so without getting into the ceiling and adding wire there's no way1 to control them independently— there's only one set of wires going up there, and the power to that set of wires can only be on or off.

An electrician can re-use the wires you have already, Your two that you want as three ways will need one less wire and the 4th, extra wire can be used just for your single switch to the light. If the light and fan are on the same run, and all the switches are up-circuit of those, you're pretty much going to have to run wire. Without having a wiring diagram of the switching circuit (IE: I'd have to know what wires go where at each of the three switches and the ceiling fan) you can't tell for sure but it is likely that you can't do this with existing wire. Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. If it matters, I just looked at Switch B, which as four wires and nothing labled on the switch.

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