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Just moved into a 20 year old home and the Hampton Bay brand ceiling fan stopped working properly.
Multiple fans or fans with lights may require the top of the drop rod is properly engaged with the fan fan, ceiling fan does not turn on, ceiling fan not working, how I installed a Harbor Breeze ceiling fan last night. Hampton bay ceiling fan light not working with remote control Our Hampton Bay Fan with installed remote is not functioning properly. So I purchased the Hunter 60" Grand Lodge Ceiling Fan (23529) about a year ago, and the remote has stopped functioning properly.
In all cases the neutral (white) wire from the fan assembly should be attached to the neutral (usually white) lead from the house wiring.
How do I wire a dual switch ceiling fan to work with a remote control?I unhooked my old fan and hooked up my new fan, but my remote does not work. Everything appeared to be working properly, but after Turned it back on, and the lights did not flicker Always turn off power before working on the fan.
Note that if you encounter a white wire with a marking piece of colored tape attached, this could be used to signifiy it is being used as something other than a neutral. I need help with the wire colors - I have red, white, black and green wires that are coming out of the ceiling.
The only problem is that the pull chain was hard to pull to turn on the lights so I just did not use that feature.This past winter, every time I turned on the lights, there was a burning smell of rubber.
Fan pull chain: turns the fan on This is most probably the problem if both the light and the fan are not working properly. A few days ago I noticed in the spare bedroom #1 that the lights to the ceiling fan weren't working. Fan is not working First, check to make sure that all controls on the fan are functional and set properly. As with any electrical wiring, make sure all wire connections are made securely with the proper size wire nuts, that they are not loose and that no copper strands are showing.
It's so disappointing to spend all that money on a beautiful fan only to be having problems already!!
So I removed the light part Can a ceiling fan and a light kit be are used to properly position fans from ceiling What causes a fan to stop working? The fan will not turn both fan light are working Online shopping for Ceiling Fan Lights from a great selection of Lamps Light Fixtures; more at everyday low prices. Most "house wiring" should be 14 or 12 gauge solid copper wire attached to a 15 or 20 amp 120vAC circuit respectively. I will attempt to follow up with the company but from what I'm reading it doesn't seem that this company stands behind its products. So I no longer have ceiling lights since I will not use the lights in the fan and now I do not think I will use the fans either. Consult a professional if you encounter something varying from this and are not aware of how to safely handle it. The fan is connected Your ceiling fan light is used to spread others will not work properly. The lighting fixture went bad and we contacted company and they sent us a new fixture, but we had to have it installed again.
Upon explaining my problem the person put me on hold and transferred me to Technical Assistance - the same guy I spoke with less than 10 minutes ago did not recall my problem.I hung up on him, the next morning I called Hunter's Corporate Office. We purchased a Hunter because we thought they were top of the line in the ceiling fan business. My son has had his Hunter fan less than a year in a bedroom and the lighting fixture has gone out.
Have learned that Hunter fans continues to manufacture equipment that is designed to fail often, in order to force you to buy replacement designed to quickly fail over priced replacement parts. It was known fact at the time of the ceiling fan's light kit's manufacture that Hunter was making light kits that would not take standard bulbs available during the fan's span of use. CFL or LED lights, the lights that were know to be the standard and that incandescent manufacturing was being terminated. It was known that during the 25 year anticipated life of the ceiling fan most users would use what is available, CFLs and LEDs. Their plan was to 1 - print labels that made it impossible to determine the model through micro print and sloppy printing. 2 - Use the fact that no one can read the labels so Hunter fan call center just tell you they won't help if you can't read the non-legible labels. If you can read the label, they charge you 70% of the cost of a new fan for replacement parts. You will have to either rewire the product yourself soon after you buy it or have it done professionally or continue to be ripped off buying Hunter replacement parts. There had been no power outage, the breakers had not blown and power had not been lost to the rest of the room.

I flipped the breaker off and on and the fan worked again, for another day, then the same thing happened. We had the electrician come back to our house to fix the problem, and he said that it was a problem with the fan. My husband emailed the company, took pictures, described the issue, and never heard back from Hunter. The second fan that is not working did work fine in the beginning, but within a year, on its highest speed, no longer works. When I called customer service to discuss the issues, the only thing that he was able to offer us was a long troubleshooting email that he said he had never seen before and it would be too long to discuss it with me on the phone.
So, essentially, I have to read through it and try to figure it out, even though it is obviously a motor issue which they claim to cover for life. And he said there was nothing he could do to help us with the other fan that never worked from the beginning. It is one of two in the room that match, so we are left with nothing to do, but buy two new fans to replace them and a new one in our kitchen. Obviously something is very wrong with their product and they don't seem to want to change anything. Spending this $60+ is not only unfair, but will result in having the same problem further down the line. Suppose to be a 10 year warranty and they have not made this particular model for 10 years but can't ship me a new light without a receipt that Lowes can't provide. Been using the lights more often and they started flickering when we turned them on and after a while they would light up. The model is 28029, we contacted Hunter and they said it was the "limiter" that quit working. The "limiter" is something the government requires on all new fans so you can't put in a larger bulb. I did some Google search trying to find out what was the issue since I never experience light kit issue with any other ceiling fans. After I found this website and read the comment about Hunter fan, I was shocked so many complains about the Hunter ceiling fan light kit issue. 19, 2015Satisfaction RatingHello all, I will begin with this disclaimer: I AM NOT AN ELECTRICIAN, I AM A HOMEOWNER THAT ENJOYS THE SATISFACTION OF DIY PROBLEM-SOLVING.
The same tech who installed fans for me 20 years ago, installed new fans (one is the Hunter). I am only sharing my experience with an issue that so many others have also had!Okay, so thankfully I never bothered calling Hunter directly (sounds like a migraine-inducing experience). One they replaced under warranty, the others were after their one-year warranty period and they basically said 'tough luck, the warranty has expired and we have no obligation to you'.
This is a ridiculous failure rate that they had the nerve to try and blame on our home wiring, which was all brand new and done by professional electricians, who also installed the fans. I went to my local hardware store (a REAL hardware store with KNOWLEDGEABLE staff) that carries Hunter fans. While they were aware of the issue with the lights, they unfortunately did not have a solution.
So I purchased a replacement pull chain switch for $3.50 figuring I'd at least give the easiest solution a shot. I did some Google searches on this and here's what I found: Federal Law now requires that all new ceiling fans include a wattage limiter to limit the maximum wattage of any ceiling fan light fixture to 190 watts or less. It seems this is mostly an energy conservation rule, but I did not research it much further.I removed this wattage limiter in my light fixture and "TA DA" the lights work again! In my fixture this was a very small, white plastic box with a pink and white wire coming out of it.
I found online, though, that there are many different shapes and sizes of this type of device.
I don't have any need or plans to ever install bulbs higher than 60W in my fans, so I'm still operating the unit within the Federal guidelines and manufacturer's design specifications.I have no idea why the Hunter company isn't more forthcoming and helpful with this issue (they MUST know that this is the issue if a do-it-yourselfer figured it out in an hour!). I would assume you could source a similar part to replace yours, but I'm just going to leave mine out.
I hope this information is helpful to your situations and you can once again have lights that go on when you flip the switch!
This afternoon we smelled a burning odor in our kitchen area and couldn't figure what it was and fortunately my wife saw some smoke coming from the light unit on the fan. From reading all the other complaints, they obviously have a design flaw that needs a recall. Furthermore, it sounds like Hunter has a poor customer service call in line, judging from all the complaints here.
But, I still don't know if Hunter stands behind their products or not, since I don't have a product of theirs that has failed.James of Florissant, CO on Jan.

So every year it is going to be a major expense to own this ceiling fan by the time you pay an electrician and pay for replacement parts.
8, 2014Satisfaction RatingI hang about 20 fans a year and this Hunter Louden 42" low profile is the hardest I've ever hung. I even had to tin snip the housing to make sure the rotor and blades didn't rub because the motor mount is the worst I've seen. The glass bowl does not have enough room for CFLs vs the miniature base bulbs it comes with.
After spending a lot of time to find a replacement 40W circline CFL, I found that the bulb is exclusive to Hunter.
I contacted Technical support via email and finally received a response 6 days later saying, "Sorry, but the ballast is not available, however you can purchase the whole light kit for $310.00". I finally reached a live person at Hunter and she confirmed that the ballast ($20.00) WAS available, just on backorder. This company has shoddy products, misinformed technical support, and seems to like to run scams on consumers.
Have had several fans over the years 17 years ago to be exact that provided great light for a bedroom. These fans 52" fans today give out so little light that one would have to describe it a low light (mood light at best). 2, 2014Satisfaction RatingFive years ago we bought two identical Hunter fans that were going to be in the same large room. After many bulbs burning out way sooner than seemed normal, and after only two years of having the new fans, one of the light fixtures blew out with a pop, pop sound. Hunter should be held responsible to fix the problem before being allowed to sell anymore!!! 1, 2014Satisfaction RatingI have purchased and changed at least 5 or 6 Hunter ceiling fans and light kits from Lowe’s in Batesville, MS and from Southaven, MS. I am absolutely shocked to find this website with all these complaints on the same fans that I have purchased and installed at my home. 15, 2014Satisfaction RatingI am one of probably several hundred who have had issues with a defective Hunter Fan Switch Housing Assembly (light kit). When I tried to call customer service to purchase a replacement, the first wait was supposed to be "less than 3 minutes" but I hung up after 20 minutes of elevator music. I called a second time but decided not to wait when I was advised that my wait would be "less than 109 minutes." One way or another I will get this fan fix but be assured that I will NEVER again buy a Hunter or a Harbor Breeze (same company) product.
12, 2014Satisfaction RatingI have a 5 yr old Hunter Ceiling Fan that the chain has pulled out of the 4 speed control. My understanding was that there was a lifetime warranty on the entire fan, I was wrong it only covers the motor. My husband tried to buy a replacement part at out local hardware and local electrical shop but unfortunately this part does not exist being the fan is considered 4 speed not 3.
My first day of calling left me frustrated and aggravated with wait times of 29, 56 and 101 minutes to the service department. Finally to reach a person - to be told they no longer carry the parts for the fan and that I would have to buy a new one.
I agreed out of frustration and the fact that the fan in the ceiling is stuck ON, to purchase SAME fan (identical) but different model!! The same day at 12:45 am I rec'd an email informing me it is now on back order and won't ship for 5 weeks!
The next day I called service again to have my wait time to be 56 minutes and of course hanging up and calling back to sales they answered right away to transfer me to a supervisor. The supervisor Aubrey first told me it couldn't be reversed but after a lot of yelling he was able to do it.
Day 3 - called again to have ridiculously long wait times to finally get another supervisor to tell me the order was cancelled and offered me to purchase another style fan from them!!! After reading all of consumer report reviews on Hunter Fans I would NEVER purchase another fan from them again!!!
Unfortunately I still have a fan in my ceiling that is broken and have gotten no satisfaction from Hunter!!! Thank you consumer reports for allowing me to share my experience with other consumers so they can make educated decisions and have purchasing power!!

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