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I cleaned the outlet(Should have done this first) and it says it supports fans up to 70 LBS.
In your second picture, it appears that it is designed for the fixture mounting screws to pass through the ears and thread into holes in the back of the box. Is that accurate?If so, are the holes in the back of the box drilled and tapped for 10-24 thread?Does the legend on the box say it supports fans up to 70 lbs, or fixtures up to 70 lbs, or just that it will support up to 70 lbs? I have seen those adjustable metal bars that some use to mount metal electrical boxes between wall studs.
I know there are bars intended for heavy lighting fixtures or ceiling fans that is much sturdier, I am talking about the ones they used for wall mounting, can they be used for ceiling mounting of very light fixtures?
We call them stud brackets or screw gun box brackets; they are available for both 16 and 24 inch stud spacing and generally used in commercial work with steel studs (can also be used with wood studs).
Also, if you have build documentation of that sweet camper box you put on the bed, I'd love to see it. I bought the truck new in 2000, I have no clue (nor do I want to think about) how much I have in it.

I checked through the trailer build, but didn't see any pictures of the completed inside of the pop-up, and didn't see any pictures of the inside of the box that's sitting on your flatbed. LED lighting, fantastic fan, 12v power outlet and 110v inverter running off of a dedicated house battery on solar. T-rex even tho we are running different types of engines what are your thoughts from your experience with your snorkle? They're not strong enough, in part because they're made of thin metal and in part because of their particular 2-part design. Virtually no dust made it to the filterbox after several hundred miles of dusty roads out West.
This snorkel that im building is for a 98' 12v ctd engine with upgraded injectors, 0 fuel plate, and an upgraded air intake. And to answer your last question it says it supports fixtures up to 150 lbs and Ceiling Fans up to 70 lbs. They are designed to be used only in walls, for uses such as those CJ and PJ already listed. We are donating $10 of each blue star subscription to the Blue Ribbon Coalition to ensure that we will have trails to recreate on for years to come.

Also got rid of a nasty vibration on one of the buses no amount of wheel balancing could cure. Can you describe the way you made the mounts that are running up the windshield and maybe some pics if you have some. Was it restrictive you thought because of the cfm flow of the pre-cleaner or the diameter of the tubing and what symptoms were you experienceing, high egt's, lower hp?
Im building my snorkel not so much for water but for weeds, weed seeds that float when the wind blows, and dust from gravel and dirt.
My airbox is always full after bout 5000 miles cause I spend alot of time out in the pasture working with cattle, following people on gravel roads, and I excavate for a living and always around dirt.

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