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An outdoor ceiling fan can provide cooling breezes and light to outdoor living spaces that are exposed to the elements. If you are mounting a ceiling fan in a space with very high ceilings, select a model with a pole extender. If you purchase an outdoor ceiling fan equipped with a light, make sure the light is also rated for outdoor use. These fans use weather-resistant materials and are specially designed to keep moisture out of critical motor and electrical parts. Replacing this brace with the sturdier one supplied with your fan will ensure that your fan has proper support. The wires are reconnected, using weight strips to balance the blades, reduce wobbling and improve efficiency.

A ceiling fan gets a new look, a coat of stainless-steel acrylic paint is applied to give it a rustic look reminiscent of old metal. Follow these steps to install a motion-activated light for added security around your home's exterior. Recessed "high hat" lighting or "can" lights provide excellent illumination and give a room an elegant appearance. A motion-detector switch will automatically turn on the lights whenever anyone walks into the room.
For outside lighting decorations, you need to measure the yard, among other basic steps, and have a plan of how you want to lay out your outdoor lights before you purchase them. Once the electricity is turned off and you've removed the existing light fixture, a support brace is attached to the electrical junction box.

It's best to install the fan blades before you hook the fan onto the bracket, to save time and aggravation.
Many units also come with remotes that allows you to easily adjust the blades speed when the fan is out of reach. Blade lengths are measured from the tip of one blade to the tip of the blade on the other side.

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