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Boy, having a screened-in porch is nice and allows you to have some nice times outside without being totally outside and keeps the bugs away. I had to cut the electrical power to the porch and then disassemble the existing light fixture.
It’s important to note that the instructions explicitly say to make sure that the fan blades are at least 30 inches from the nearest obstruction, for safety reasons.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I used my skills that I have improved upon after installing several new light fixtures throughout the condo. Then, I simply followed the instructions that came with the fan to construct it, starting with the ceiling mount. Just make sure you always cut the power before beginning any light fixture project and follow any directions you have.

We looked at new fans at Lowes (cheapest one was around $75) and used fans on Craigslist (all the fans were overprice or assembled, making them hard to install). This fan had a nifty little hook on the motor that you could hang it to the ceiling mount while you tied the electrical together, making this a much easier process than having to force Morgan to hold the unit up while I tied the electrical. Then one day, Morgan was walking around Consign Charleston and found a new fan, still in the box, for $20 and snagged it. If possible, we need to always make sure to buy multifunctional pieces of appliances and equipment.
But, think about this question: Why settle for just a single purpose product as you can take benefit of the double functions of the other?The overhead fans outfitted with light fixtures are priced the same yet you are given the ability to bring in not only coolness into the area but also some bright lighting to it.
The double purpose that a double ceiling fan with lights has can provide lots of savings to the homeowners. The people at home do not have to worry on buying and installing a light unit to the ceiling.

Those are very good for areas in which lots of tasks need to be carried out such as home offices and kitchens.
More than the lighting a double ceiling fan can bring, it can also provide a cool atmosphere in the house that this device is truly made for. It can provide and then circulate in a cooler and also refreshing air in the area to make everybody feel relaxed and comfortable.Another interesting utility of a double ceiling fan is that it can be used not only for the period of summer seasons. It can rotate in the opposite directions in order to help circulate warm air throughout the winter seasons as well. The light fixture is customizable and it can be fitted in the center of the ceiling fan or at the both ends of the horizontal bars holding up the blades.

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