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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Customers who bought this product also commonly purchased the following combination of items. While a ceiling fan can help you stay cool in the summer, the same principles that apply to summer fan usage will also help you stay warm in the winter. Most ceiling fans have a switch somewhere on the motor housing that allows you to change the direction of the turning blades.
It is important to remember that a ceiling fan is really only worth using when someone is in the room. More even single-room heating isn’t the only benefit of using a ceiling fan during the winter.
Horizon Services, the Delaware Valley’s largest home services company, is ready to meet all of your needs for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning.
Autumn in Chicago can be the most unpredictable time of year when it comes to the weather, so it is important to be prepared.
Inspect your windows and look for gaps or missing caulk around the exterior, take note of rotted wood frames or sills and determine if damage requires replacement or a simple repair. The water valve connected to your garden hose is located at least 12 inches inside of the home, usually by copper pipe. Window maintenance is especially important this time of year because as the temperatures drop, you might be cranking up your heat and losing it through poorly installed or insulated windows, literally throwing money out the window. Tension seal and magnetic weatherstripping are efficient and durable solutions for double-hung windows.

During the cooler months, change the direction of your ceiling fan so that it rotates clockwise allowing an upward draft to redistribute warm air. Cleaning out your gutters is an important home maintenance task year round, but it is especially important during the autumn season when leaves are falling and causing clogs. Check to make sure the sump pump is working correctly and make sure an alarm is set up, often linked to a home security system, in case any problems persist.
Everyone tries to find a warm place to stay during the winter and mice and chipmunks are no exception.
Changing the filters in your furnace and humidifiers are important before the heating season really takes off.
The roof is your first line of defense when trying to stay warm and safe during the winter months. If you discover damaged windows or insulation and heating problems upon your own inspection, do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation. All refurbished items are inspected, cleaned and repaired by the Hunter Refurbishment team to meet original factory specifications and quality and carry the same warranty as new but at a fraction of the cost. This reverse mode pulls air up toward the ceiling, driving the warm air that has risen naturally back down and around the edges of the room.
When the first frost comes and your hose is still connected, the water inside the hose and copper pipe inside the home is likely to freeze and burst leaving you with water leakage indoors. For sliding windows and casement, apply V-strip adhesive weatherstripping to the clean, dry side of the sash or window jamb.
Avoiding this task, tedious as it is, can cause serious issues if it is not done before the first frost.

Experts say batteries should be replaced twice a year and should be replaced entirely every 6-8 years. Avoid having to deal with breaks or maintenance issues when it gets cold out and take preventative measures by replacing filters now. Save money on your heating bill this winter and call us for an estimate on a home exterior makeover. Once determined, this reverse mode pulls air up toward the ceiling, driving the warm air that has risen naturally back down and around the edges of the room. Avoid this less than ideal situation by disconnecting your garden hose and allowing the water to drain from the pipe line. There should be at least one smoke alarm on each level of the house and one near each bedroom. Based on questions we've received from our friends and clients, we have put together a list of quick, inexpensive fall home maintenance tips that we think are important to you and the safety of your home.
In addition to cleaning your gutters, be sure to check that downspouts are clear and sloping away from the foundation of the home.
Place carbon monoxide detectors on each level of the house as well, high on the walls and away from furnaces, gas appliances, or fireplaces to avoid false alarms.
Be proactive about roof damage and avoid having to deal with a leaky roof in the middle of a snowstorm by inspecting now.

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