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We spend billions of dollars every year on the electricity costs of air conditioning, accounting for up to 15% of the energy used in many homes and even representing up to 70% of the summer electric bill in warm climates. That’s a whopping 99% decrease in cooling costs when you use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners. The summer sun is heating up our homes and causing many of us to switch on our air conditioners. Ceiling fans can actually do the job just as well, and the difference in both the energy and economical cost of ceiling fans compared to air conditioners is immense.

Just like turning a light on and off, a ceiling fan doesn’t need to run when you’re out of the room. We also have a whole house fan which we run at night when the temperature drops to the high 70s or low 80s on a very hot day. One of the biggest cost savings of ceiling fans is that they can be used with your air conditioner. It cools you by triggering evaporation from your skin and, since they force hot air down and away from you, a ceiling fan can actually make you feel about 8 degrees cooler.

We usually don’t need to turn on the AC at all, or worst case scenario in the evening about 5 for dinner. And although the environmental cost of ceiling fans can’t be measured as specifically, making the switch from air conditioning to ceiling fans has an incalculable effect on our natural resources as well.

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