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If you are looking for a particular size of ceiling fan, are too limiting and are not the best guide to follow.
A ceiling fan can provide a cool breeze and circulate the air without the high cost of operating an air conditioner.
To determine the correct size ceiling fan for your room, simply multiply the length x the width of your room and refer to our room size chart!
Before choosing a ceiling fan, calculate the size of the longest wall in the room where you want the ceiling fan. If the longest wall in the room is between 12 and 15 feet, you need a fan that is 40 to 48 inches wide.
And if the longest wall is greater than 15 feet, you need a fan that is at least 52 inches wide or more. If you want a ceiling fan on your porch or patio, or perhaps in a screened-in porch, we have a wide selection of outdoor ceiling fans that are specifically constructed to keep the elements out to ensure proper operation all year round. You can install an outdoor ceiling fan indoors, but you shouldn’t install an indoor-only ceiling fan outdoors.
ENERGY STAR-certified ceiling fans can save you up to $170 on heating and cooling costs over the life of the fan.
Look for the ENERGY STAR logo on a variety of styles to complement any room or outdoor space. There are two ways to measure diameter, depending on whether your fan has an even or odd number of blades.
Three or Five Blades: measure from the tip of one blade to the center of the fan and double that distance. Paraclipse fly control is the premiere no mess, sanitary option available for controlling insects.
Some people may prefer a noisy (but still pleasant-sounding) fan as a white-noise generator. Some designs (especially box fans) have a rotating front grill with angled slats to divert the wind into a large cone.

Oscillating and rotating fans can develop irritating rattles and vibration noises, if not immediately then possibly in a few months. The input power rating (watts) of the fan is an imperfect but usable indication of the wind power of a consumer fan. If not specified in documents, the fan's wattage should be labeled at the back or bottom of the fan. Box fans (window fans) are slim and can be placed on window sills to bring in fresh outside air. The squat, fat designs (floor models, but can be placed on tables) are stable and good for homes with small children or pets. Tiltable models are useful for mixing air, especially bringing down heated air from the ceiling in winter.
Ceiling fan blade spans range from 29 – 54 inches – the most popular being the 52-inch model. A rule of thumb is to use a 52-inch fan for up to a 400-square-foot room, 4 Easy Steps Help You Choose The Most Efficient Ceiling Fan For Your Needs 1 .
This is a guide to let you know proper coverage on ceiling fans so that you don't purchase a ceiling fan that Select the perfect ceiling fan from Hunter Fan for any size room, indoors or outdoors, with style and feature options to suit your taste.
Your ceiling fan's efficiency depends on getting This ceiling fan buying guide explains your options so you can find the right Normal ceiling fan size can range from 18 inches in circumference to a 52 The instructions provided are a general guide. Standard 8 foot ceilings Manufacturers design fans to fit a standard eight-foot ceiling, which puts the blades seven feet from the floor for the best air movement Let us show you what’s cool in the world of ceiling fans. If the longest wall of the room is less than 12 feet, you need a ceiling fan that is 36 inches wide or less. Optional downrods are used in rooms with tall or vaulted ceilings, to bring the fan to the desired 8 or 9 feet from the floor. If you have an existing ceiling fan that you want to replace, installing an upgraded fan will be easy. For more information on ceiling fan installation, check out our How To Install a Ceiling Fan project guide.

You won’t ever have to worry about rain, wind, sleet, snow or moisture damaging your fan. He has a background in small-farm agricultural hydroponics and electrical engineering, with degrees in applied engineering and emerging media.
Antique designs can be dangerous if the grill is too widely spaced and allows fingers to enter and touch the blades. To determine which size you need, measure the Ceiling Fan Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Fan Size. Handy Guide to ceiling fans has a guide to selecting the right fan based on the size of your room. Even in today's air-conditioned age, the simple electric fan can save money, maximize heating and air-conditioning, and even save the environment. A large fan turned on low, is quieter than a small fan on high when moving the same amount of air.
Stainless steel will still rust (most steel fans are only coated or chromed anyway), and even brass fans can oxidize and require polishing. However, there will be no direct wind in front of the fan as the wind is deflected either up or down in that position. Oscillating fans can be used with the oscillation switched off, leaving the oscillating feature as a "just in case" for some occasions. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use.Local store prices may vary from those displayed. You may have a particular style Selecting the correct ceiling fan size for your room is important for style and functionality. To determine the size of the ceiling fan you will need will depend on the size of the room the room you are gonna put it in.

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