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A brand new super, compact, plug and use, climate controller – for indoor and outdoor areas. Available in black The Tornado is built from the finest materials and fittings to INDUSTRIAL and COMMERCIAL specifications, ensuring maximum coverage, efficiency and durability, and should not be confused with other DOMESTIC models currently on offer in the market place. Charges range from $3.99 upwards based upon location and priority selected during checkout.
Ideal for all indoor and outdoor areas, restaurants, clubs, pubs, gyms, sports events, dance halls, outdoor vendors, beaches, entertainment venues, all external or patio hospitality areas and private home use.

The Bruna Parede Metal is a Wall Mount Fans style Wall Mounted Fan Designed for use indoors or outdoors in either damp or dry locations. The Tornado, as well as being ideal for home or hospitality use, packs a big grunt for both warehouse and outdoor or semi outdoor industrial use.
This fan features a 2 Amp Motor producing 1500 RPM With an AirFlow rating of 3 where 5 is best. The Tornado Misting Fan can be plumbed to a standard outdoor tap and has its own float system which prevents over filling.

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