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I dont know if you can tell tis or not, but the back grill is metal, but for some reason, the front is a plastic grill.
Durable, Tubular Steel ConstructionThe Lasko 2264QM high velocity floor fan features durable, tubular steel construction for long-lasting operation. Pivot ActionThe 2264QM electric fan includes pivot action that directs airflow to exactly where it is needed.
Front-Mounted ControlsThis electric fan includes conveniently located front-mounted controls.
Safety FeaturesThe 2264QM includes a 9-foot grounded cord set and is ETL listed for your safety.
As a characteristic of American-made paint uneven and somewhat dirty, causing distortion of the parts, such as if.

They actually have a website now you can go to to order some of their fans and let me tell you, some of their box fans look prety sharp. One of the major problems with this fan is that that the barrings are so worn out that you can put as much oil in them as you want and they will still make a lot of racket.
Also for your comfort, this fan features a carrying handle and rubber pads that protect surfaces. Electrically Reversible Window Fan 2155ADESCRIPTION: Shop for Heating, Venting & Cooling at The Home Depot. With the broad 90 degree oscillation sweep this fan is sure to supply any room with the air flow you want from 3 quiet speeds. I am not sure of what speed I wired it to or if it is safe, but I use it mainly as a shop fan because of the shap it is in.

The bearings squeak, it's dirty, the frame is rusty, it dosen't have a handle, the motor makes weard humming noises when it runs, after about 30 min. The Storm Guard feature makes it possible to close the window behind the fan during inclement weather and for security when you're away.

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