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Jared Leto's Joker has finally been revealed, with mixed opinions galore filling the internet.
Jack Nicholson's Joker looked as if it was ripped straight from the pages of a comic book with its bright contrasting colours of green, white, red and purple.
Following the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, this video game incarnation of The Joker by game developers Rocksteady was hard to look at - for all the right reasons.
This version of the Clown Prince of Crime -- for DC's rebooted New 52 Universe -- is an incredible, modern interpretation of the villain.
Nolan's Batman films were all about bringing a sense of realism to the superhero genre and his interpretation of The Joker made no exception to this rule. I've recently bought a new laptop (since my old one couldn't even handle the strenuous task of typing) and it has me wondering -- what internet browser do you use?
For the past few weeks I've been writing about WWE for a sports site called Talking Baws and this week, we started a wrestling podcast!
In the first episode, my co-hosts and I ran through the entire Fastlane card, giving our thoughts on the matches and outcomes. It would mean the world if some of you gave it a listen, it's available on Soundcloud and iTunes -- click here for access! As a fan of vampire mythology – by which I mean Buffy and Angel – I was interested to see another take on one of pop-culture's favourite mythical creatures. Dracula Untold is somewhat more grounded in history than other takes on fiction's most notorious vampire. However, unreasonable demands from the Turks means that an all-out war is inevitable and Vlad must find a way to save his family and his people. When Vlad awakens from his transformation, the film barrels at full speed into what becomes a montage of huge action set-pieces. Don't get me wrong, though, the action sequences – whilst totally ridiculous and over-the-top – are a complete blast to watch and are very, very well presented. Uncomfortable in his role, however, is Dominic Cooper who is horribly miscast as the villainous, leader of the Turks Mehmed.
Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of Dracula Untold, though, is the truly spectacular and shocking climax which absolutely took me by surprise, leaving me with a big grin on my face. Last week, we reported the awful rumour that Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man may be recast by the time the Sinister Six movie swings around.
While I don't think that there's an actor in Hollywood right now who could do justice to Peter Parker, or his alterego, the way Garfield has, I felt compelled to put together this list of possible replacements. Taylor-Johnson has already proven his worth as the wise-cracking, superhero-wannabe Kick Ass. Comedy is an integral element of the Spider-Man character and was sorely lacking in Tobey Maguire's rendition of the wall-crawler. Twitter activity aside, Will Smith's baby boy has shown his mettle as a star on the big screen.
Let us know in the comments down below and be sure to keep your peepers peep'd to VersusTheScreen for all your Spider-Man news. Sex Panther -- the cologne made famous by Anchorman -- is available for purchase in the UK.
So, if you're having trouble with the ladies, pick up this little bit of film memorabilia because '60% of the time, it works every time'.
Yes, the third and, probably, final instalment of Liam Neeson's Taken franchise has been branded with the awful monicker: Tak3n. Not only is the sequel to 2001's The Fast and the Furious missing the star power of Vin Diesel but it's missing a sensible title, too. Few comedy movies have entered the cinema with as much hype and expectation as Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues sees Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) – after losing his job and his wife, Veronica Corningstone (Christina Applegate) – reuniting the old news team of Brick (Stevel Carell), Brian (Paul Rudd) and Champ (David Koechner) to take a crack at New York's first 24-hour news channel. For instance, so much of the comedy hinges on the peculiar ways in which Will Ferrell delivers Ron's lines and, while this may be hysterical to begin with, my laughs turned to sighs after a short while. However, I do suspect that the news team weren't the only ones to smoke some crack as things get a little out of hand towards the end of the film. It would have benefited Anchorman 2 to remain a little more grounded, both in plot and performance.
Surprisingly, there's a particularly poignant and cutting satire of the modern news industry underneath the surface of this insane tale.. In the end, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues lands somewhere above bitter disappointment but well below its potential.
When I watched the first The Hunger Games film, I had absolutely no preconceived notions of what to expect from the franchise; it was an entirely new, unfamiliar entity to me. I say mostly because The Hunger Games: Catching Fire spends the entirety of its opening half following the fallout from the first film. As a means of quelling the fire of revolution that Katniss and her mockingjay have become a symbol for, Snow and his new gamemaker – Plutarch Heavensbee (Philip Seymour Hoffman) – decide that in order to celebrate the 75th Hunger Games, the tributes will be selected only from previous winners. But once that breath can be taken, and the film reaches its climax, it all ends extremely abruptly. Another success that carries on from the first film is just how aesthetically astounding Catching Fire is at all times. That's right, my PSN friend list is embarrassingly baron so I need some fine MyIGN'ers to populate it and give me a whole bunch of cool people to play games with. I plan on buying FIFA 14 and Killzone: Shadow Fall on launch day so some people to get online with in these would be awesome.
In the video game world, when a new piece of hardware launches you will often hear journalists and industry professionals alike talking about something called a “killer app.” A killer app refers to a piece of software that is so good – and so necessary – that it totally validates the existence of the new system. Bullock and Clooney's Stone and Kowalski also make for an incredibly likeable pair, offering considerable chemistry despite being polar opposites. Gravity is a landmark moment for cinema and will always be remembered as the moment that I began to take 3D seriously as a possible progression of the cinema experience. As a journalism student, pop culture nerd and IGN fan extraordinaire, landing a position with San Francisco's finest really is the dream job for me. The secret formula has been staring us in the face for years and has only become truer over time, it's a mystery that it has escaped us for so long. At first, I wasn't sure whether or not I putting 2 and 2 together and making 5 so I decided to delve deeper into the mystery. Soon, my research went transatlantic as I wanted to see if the formula was native to the US or if it was a global issue. Last week, I posted my review Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa and claimed that it just might be the best comedy of the year. Ah, ol' Irving Zisman is nothing if he isn't a ladies man and this is his pick-up line of choice when encountering a young, Hispanic lady. Once again, Irving tries (and fails) with a younger lady by diving straight in at the deep end with this hilarious, yet rather disturbing, quote.
Now, after reading the 5 sickest, crudest, most disgusting quotes from Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, you should probably go for a shower and clean off all the residue. And please don't forget, MyIGNers, if you like the blog then hit the submit button below - it'd help me out a lot!
The latest effort from the Jackass team – Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa – pushes the boundaries of taste further than they have ever dared to venture before.
Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa stars Johnny Knoxville (Irving Zisman) and Jackson Nicoll (Billy) as a grandfather and grandson on a road-trip across America in a Borat-style blend of cinema and hidden camera set pieces. Bad Grandpa’s greatest asset is that it is never scared of going too far and its performers are always willing to put themselves in the line of fire for the sake of comedy. His timing and improvisational skills are top notch as well; years of experience allow him to react in just the right way – or deliver the perfect line of dialogue – as each of the skits unfold.
In addition to the stellar performances and thoroughly outrageous hidden camera hijinks, Bad Grandpa manages to spin a decent yarn along the way. However, not every season of Buffy was perfect - which is understandable considering that it reached 7 seasons and 145 episodes.
Rather aptly, Season 6 lands the number 6 spot as Buffy's penultimate season was one of the series' weaker campaigns.
Although it was only two months ago, I'm getting all nostalgic about the very first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I've just finished this 7th and final season of Buffy so the events are still fresh in my mind and I'm still reeling from what went down. In a number of ways, Season 3 is the very best season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but it is just too inconsistent to take the top spot. However, I've recently realised that I've missed blogging about anything that takes my fancy and feeling like part of a community who cares about reading everyone else's thoughts and opinions as much they do for sharing their own.
Raw kicked off with - soon to be ex- Managing Supervisor of Raw teaching us how to climb a ladder.
In a very brief and very rare mention of Divas, The Bella Twins were on commentary and claimed that their return has caused an increase in ratings. Really those are the only talking points from this week's show which feels kinda weird because it was such a good edition of Raw. About nine months ago, I started my own blog - Kevin Versus The Blog - and started blogging on here. Right now, I'm favouring the first option but please comment below with your opinions and even your own suggestions! That's all for now, this is firmly in the ideas stage at the moment but I hope to get things up and running in the next few weeks.
Yeah, the crowd weren't really into that opening segment, the classic pre-Money In The Bank get everyone in the ring all saying that they're going to win when, in reality, only one or two of them actually have a chance. Lest we forget, last Thursday was the second anniversary of the promo that shook the world, the epic pipe bomb that CM Punk delivered in the lead up to Money In The Bank 2011. So, I've actually been trying to keep up with SmackDown lately but I totally just bleep bleep through it in 25 minutes because it isn't very good. The one thing I took away from this past Friday's episode was that the team of Christian and the Usos beat The Shield.
Stephanie McMahon said the words "LITERALLY anything can happen on Monday Night Raw" and although this may seem like it's true, it isn't. My heterosexual man-crush, CM Punk, is embroiled in a stupid storyline with Paul Heyman right now as they try to bridge the gap from now until SummerSlam. World War Z is one of the summer's biggest blockbusters and a great deal of hype surrounds it.
Firstly, this film may take its name from Max Brooks' World War Z but it bares absolutely no resemblance to the book whatsoever. World War Z follows the story of former UN Investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) as he tries to figure out how to stop the zombie outbreak that has seemingly brought the world to its knees overnight. Brad Pitt is the film's only consistent main character and he plays the role of Gerry Lane well enough. The words of Thomas Haynes Bayly act as both inspiration and excuse for my absence over the past few weeks. Ok, so we have plenty to catch up on so I'll quickly breeze through the highlights then we'll move on to this week's episode of Raw. That's right, after two matches that equalled an entire hour of what resembled meat being slapped together like a butchers fridge in an earthquake, the John Cena and Ryback feud is over. The participants in the WWE Championship Money In The Back What A Mouthful This Is Ladder Match have been announced and the gimmick is officially no longer about pushing up 'n' coming talent. Following on from that, Daniel Bryan made Randy Orton tap out in Raw's outstanding main event this week.
I'm keeping things short this week as I ease myself back into things and work on some other blogs that you'll be seeing very soon. I'm having some issues with my laptop right now but I'm going to try to sort it out over the weekend and then I can get back in to the swing of blogging! Typing this on my iPad is a pain so I will go for now but I can't wait to get active on MyIGN once again!
It was PPV weekend in the world of WWE and this weekend we were given Extreme Rules, the one night of the year that WWE goes EXXXXXTRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEMMME!!!2213! Oh, Alberto Del Rio, the man who has yet to get his rematch for the World Title, won the right to have the rematch he was already entitled to (booking!) by beating Jack Swagger.
Ok, so I feel that I've fulfilled my duties of ranting, raving and making failed attempts at humour for this week.
Video game information, credits, reviews, box covers, screenshots and more for 168 video game platforms from 1971 to date! From Zombos' Closet comes a classy and trashy collection of popular culture artifacts for those who love the terrors and treats of horror in movies, books, and Halloween.
Rummaging through the closet I came across this First Day Issue Dracula Gold Stamp issued by USPS.

When it comes to devouring her delightfully outrageous, phenomenally fun fiction, Meg Cabot’s fans are Insatiable! Insatiable ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. The green, slicked-back, short-back-and-sides look is  awesome and that thin-lipped smile is so scary. Heath Legder's Harlequin of Hate got his ghostly complexion, dark eyes and crimson smile from make-up. Not only did the book take us on a frightening journey through the psyche of Batman's greatest foe but he also looked as menacing as he ever has. But at my university, the computer technician recommends Firefox (which is what I've been using on my new laptop, so far). With a new, working laptop, I plan on rejoining the MyIGN community that has been so good to me.
What I found was a very unique look at Dracula, told like a superhero's origin story, that could have been something genuinely special but fails to hit the mark. He seeks out a Master Vampire – terrifyingly played with real authority by Charles Dance – willing to share its extraordinary power with him, but there's a catch: Vlad will return to his mortal self only if he is able to resist the urge to drink human blood. It's as if the film-makers couldn't wait to show off all of Vlad's new might and so much of the mythology feels rushed or missing. He just does not have the presence to serve as a lead-villain and he looked more like a member of a boyband, filming some Gothic-fantasy video for their latest single. It's a unique take on the famous vampire that ultimately fails to reach its potential due to an impatience that, sadly, gives us more style than substance. I repeat, I DO NOT think that any of these guys would be better than Garfield but maybe,  just maybe, they would make for a decent webhead. Plus, his new bulkier frame -- as shown off in this Summer's Godzilla -- would give him an aesthetic somewhat reminiscent of the 90's cartoon Spider-Man.
Efron showed us his funny bone in Bad Neighbours, proving what he could bring to the role of Peter Parker.
We'd need to see a bit more personality from Hutcherson before he could really become Spider-Man, though. For those of you tilting your head in confusion, I'm proposing that Jaden Smith could assume the role of Miles Morales -- Ultimate Spider-Man.
This one stars Buffy The Vampire Slayer's Marc Blucas and, no, I haven't heard of it either. You'd think that a movie investing in huge names like Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman could invest in a decent title. It has been nine years since the original Anchorman hit our screens but it's an unequivocal cult classic that people are still quoting to this day (“60% of the time, it works every time.”). It's a solid premise that acts as a base for a great number of laughs and, at first, it feels like the guys are just picking up where they left off nine years ago. Similarly, the Brick Tamland character's shtick in the first movie was that, every so often, he'd chip in with a line of seemingly random dialogue (“I ate a big red candle.”). The guys smoking crack on air, Ron having dinner with his new girlfriend's black family and bidding farewell to Doby the shark are all particular highlights. There's a barrage of impressive yet over saturated cameos – I won't ruin any of them as they are legitimately surprising – and the obligatory battle of the news teams will get at least as many eye-rolls as belly-laughs. The plot sets off with a clear path ahead but quickly loses its direction; corrupt corporations, TV ratings, romance, fatherhood and friendship are some of many themes and plot points that Anchorman 2 fails to juggle successfully. At times, it feels more like an Anchorman parody than a true sequel and while there may be a plethora of laughs, there are plenty of sighs too. Therefore, the next instalment in the series – The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - is viewed in a different light to the first. President Snow (Donald Sutherland) visits Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) at her home in District 12. I understand the need for a cliffhanger as we approach the conclusion of the series but it still felt like there should have been another scene or two before the credits began to roll. Her brilliant delivery of lines, range of emotion and near-flawless performing is on show once again as she brings Katniss Everdeen to life. Donald Sutherland, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Elizabeth Banks and Woody Harrelson all shine within what is an imposingly star-studded cast. The desolate slums of the lower districts create stark contrasts to the unrestrained flamboyance of the Capitol. The action and drama of Panem's most brutal and shocking tradition is just as exciting as it was before once it gets going. Yes, I know that all you American folk already have yours and I'm am teh jealous but us UK people have to a whole 'nother week to wait. As we enter a new console generation, gamers like myself are keenly awaiting the arrival of this application in order to justify dropping exorbitant sums of money on these shiny, new boxes. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney), the pair are left adrift in the darkness of space tethered to nothing but each other. More so than ever, the camera feels like a window through which we watch these incredible events unfold and this truly allows the audience to feel like part of the action (this is particularly true in the few first-person sequences). Never before has a film validated the technology with such gusto and – if every film-maker treated 3D like Cuaron does – then I genuinely believe that it would be the future of cinema. Ryan Stone is the quiet newcomer who quickly finds herself out of her depth both figuratively and literally. The odd line of woefully cheesy dialogue does slip in on a couple of occasions, some scenes are predictably cliche and there is one symbolic moment that is about as subtle as brick. Underneath this, however, in the best action film of the year and a pair of instantly lovable, well acted characters.
Before my very eyes, I saw the formula rear its head in IGN's London-based offices via this photograph of Alex Simmons and Keza MacDonald. And with great comedies, I like to post some of the very best lines to come out of them in these top 5 quotes thingymajigs. After going looking for his Grandpa in an adult book store, Billy gets help from one of the clerks only to assume that she's a stripper.
Firstly, how does anyone's mind go to a place and come back with "Vagitosis?" Secondly, Johnny Knoxville actually said these words to another human being and, lastly, that human being didn't just die of laughter right there, on the spot. Then you should come back to VersusTheScreen and let us know your favourite quotes in the comments section down below. Along the way, the duo wreaks havoc on a funeral home, a biker gang and a children’s beauty pageant in some of the most outrageous pranks you will ever see on any screen. Every time the film seems to have reached a peak of outlandishness – with seemingly no way of exceeding itself – it goes further again. Over the years, he has made a name for himself by entering into outrageous situations and subjecting the general public to an unparalleled number of horrors but Bad Grandpa is a step up.
This kid is one to watch, I suspect he may well be an even bigger comedy star in the future.
The manner in which hidden camera pranks and storytelling is interwoven has never before been accomplished with such success and the developing relationship between Irving and Billy carries an unexpected amount of heart.
It seamlessly blends the hidden camera shenanigans of Jackass – which we’ve come to know and love – with a surprisingly warm story of a Grandfather and Grandson getting to know one another then turns the shock factor up to 11. I couldn't wait to see where the Scooby Gang would go next, the colourful characters they'd meet and the apocalypses they would halt.
It felt too much like a period of transition for the show and lacked a strong narrative, and great villain, to tie everything together. Once again, the biggest let down here was the lack of a solid overarching narrative and the season didn't have a great villain from the get go. A little sister for Buffy - Dawn - appeared out of nowhere and the explanation took ages to rear its head. It had everything from great standalone episodes to a well-told overarching narrative but, most impressively, it gave us three absolutely incredible villains. 1500 words later and we have every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer reviewed and ranked in order. I used to blog on here pretty regularly until a few months ago when the return to university and launch of my new film blog stole me away. I've missed reading all the weird, wonderful and thought-provoking blogs that such a community creates. It carries the name of a well received novel and presents its own spin on the flavour of the moment zombie genre.
Brooks' novel tells its story through a series of interviews after all the action has taken place. He, and his family, are caught in the middle of the action before being whisked off to a UN ship that's acting as both control room and refugee camp. However, director Marc Foster commits many of the same crimes as he did in his Bond outing, Quantum of Solace.
He's believable as both family-man and reluctant, action-hero but the character is poorly fleshed out and is never worth caring about. Its story never comes together in any meaningful way, its action is either stupid or confusing and its characters, bar one, are non-existent.
CM Punk has finally returned to WWE television making it 312% more bearable in the process. However, rather than swap in a light, agile guy like Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler, we get Mark Henry.
It was meant to happen last week before the referee called off the match, resulting in a real backstage blow up between Bryan and HHH.
That means, for those who care, The Rawview will return and I plan on writing a The Last Of Us review very soon.
I teased that there may be no Rawview this week, that Uni exams would get the better of me and I'd be too overwhelmed to write the wrestling blog that four of you read. Dean Ambrose won the US Title while Reigns and Rollins ended Team Hell No's Tag Team Championship reign.
The point of interest though is that referee, Mike Chioda, used instant replay to reverse his decision of a Swagger win when Colter sneakily threw in the towel on behalf of Ricardo. And now the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Princess Diaries—not to mention a host of wonderfully winning grown-up novels like Queen of Babble, Big Boned, and Every Boy’s Got One—has a subject she can really sink her teeth into: vampires!
Gaunt, angular features, that long and pointed chin, a wide smile of yellowing teeth and a wiry mop of bright green hair; this is The Joker. Despite being known for impaling corpses and decorating battlefields with these morbid pillars, Vlad is presented as a man, not a monster, and the film very much encourages an empathetic eye to be cast towards him.
It's in this plot point that Dracula Untold lets itself down a little; we rarely see our temporarily-turned vampire struggling with the desire to feast. It's not always clear which vampiric rules are in play; Vlad can't go out into direct sunlight, is weak to silver but crosses have no power over him because he's only a part-time vamp. Watching Vlad test out his powers by going to battle with a 10,000-man army on his own is a definite highlight. Needless to say, Anchorman 2 had a lot to live up to but I'm very sorry to say that it does not meet the high standards set by the first. However, through the means of a half-hearted love story, Anchorman 2 sees entire scenes dedicated to Brick and his new love interest – played by Kristen Wiig – going back and forth with totally illogical sentences; it's tiresome. Similarly, toning down some of the performances would have gone a long way towards elongating the appeal of the movies' humour.
He warns that her actions have incited rumblings of revolution and that, in order to ensure the safety of her family and friends from his wrath, she must commit to her charade of a romance with Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) as they embark on the Victor's Tour. From here, things pick up considerably and the tension leading up the games is infectious, oozing through the screen at all times. Some new additions also stake their own claims, particularly Jena Malone – who plays former victor Johanna Mason – who is quite terrifying. The fashion on display – especially the clothing, hair and make-up of Banks' Effie Trinket – is both hysterical and quite breathtaking.
And while it may take a while before it does indeed get going, it's certainly worth waiting for; this is not one to miss.
You may wonder why on Earth I am talking about video games in a review for Alfonso Cuaron's first feature film since Children of Men – Gravity – but, trust me, I'm getting there.
However, Gravity is no slow-paced, “float around in space” character drama, it is a non-stop, action thrill ride that rarely gives the heart a chance to rest as it follows the pair fighting for survival against the odds. The way in which Cuaron has the camera flying and spinning around furiously oh so often is both terrifying and utterly compelling. Whereas Matt Kowalski is a seasoned veteran who always makes the best of bad situation by sharing totally irrelevant stories and oozing copious amounts of charm at all times.
These are merely minor complaints within a film that will hold you in its grasp for the majority of its short – but perfect – run time. Although I do suggest you see Gravity in 3D, the important thing is that you see it – it's a great movie.

But allow me to tell you, this was by far the hardest one I've written, thus far, as I believe that we could easily have posted a top 50 quotes and every one would have been merited.
And when she declines to tell him her "stripper name" Billy decides to choose his own for her and opts for Cinammon. It’s vile, crass, juvenile and utterly brilliant; Bad Grandpa is the best comedy of the year. And it spaces these moments out perfectly as well; whenever there is a moment that will leave your sides aching, and your lungs empty, it settles down for a little bit before tickling you into submission once again. There are so many moments where you wonder how he survived some of the scenarios he has committed to without getting his face punched in, you’ll see that the man is fearless when Bad Grandpa reaches the strip club scene. How such a young man can hold his nerve, act and react so flawlessly and think on his feet so well in the hidden camera segments is bewildering to me. For two and a half years, I was reluctant and had resisted her efforts, casting Buffy off as dumb show for little girls. So, I'd like to recount my experiences with everyone's favourite Slayer and rank every season from worst to best. Angel had just left, riding off into the sunset of his own spin-off show (taking Cordelia with him) and this freed up Buffy to pursue new love interests.
The story just seemed to trundle on, focussing more on the characters' relationships (and messing them up) than fighting demons and saving the world. I mean, all the gang had to worry about was being possessed by demonic hyenas, being sexually assaulted by a giant praying mantis and The Master opening the Hellmouth and bringing his brand of terror back to earth. So the big bad for the final season was like nothing the gang had ever fought before, it was the essence of pure evil known simply as The First. I've missed getting in slightly heated, but good natured, debates about my thoughts on a particular comic book movie. In order to keep his family's place on the ship, Gerry must go out into the chaos, resume his investigator role and find a way to counter the outbreak before humanity is wiped out.
Many of the film's actions scenes are choppy, flipping between too many camera angles thus making them disorientating and hard to follow. These are all factors that, not only, good zombie films require but all good films in general.
If I never see two half-naked men tied together again, I'll be a happier (if less erect) man. Randy Orton winning in a meaningless match is as certain as a Ryback nip slip - you know it's gonna happen but you still sigh when it does. Additional content displayed is copyrighted by the respective contributors and owners of that content. A deliciously twisted modern-day sequel to Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula, Cabot’s Insatiable will leave you laughing…and hungry for more! The vampire with whom Vlad makes this terrible pact promises that even his very own wife and son will become food in his eyes but we only see this particular turmoil once.
More time on the back-story could have fleshed out this universe and made it much more enjoyable. The ending promises some really big and unique for this incarnation of Dracula on the big screen. It makes you look at the film you've just watched in an entirely new light. It's as if there was such a strong idea of what an Anchorman movie should be that the entire focus went towards conforming to these ideals and the end result feels more like a movie doing an Anchorman impression.
The following gives the audience a better understanding of the horrid political system that is at play in this universe. When the games get under way, the action is as visceral, thrilling and inventive as ever; the combatants and audience alike rarely get a chance to breath from the moment the klaxon sounds.
Once again, the jewel of the supporting cast is Stanley Tucci as the enigmatic, delightfully colourful and smile-inducing Caesar Flickerman. And the arena in which The Hunger Games take place is gorgeous; a fitting setting for such a monumental event.
However, Gravity's 3D is like nothing you have ever seen before; it adds an unparalleled layer of depth to the vast darkness of space, debris flies past your face to make you feel like you're right there in the action and it is even used to enhance emotion when a solitary tear floats towards the screen, lingering in front of your face as a stark reminder of the hardship that these characters are facing.
And while I may have been critical of Bullock in a previous review, she absolutely shines here by showing incredible diversity and range as an actress.
There are only a finite number of positions, competition is tough and - for people like myself - there's a few thousand miles between me and my Mecca.
The grand finale, at a children’s beauty pageant no less, is the most scandalous scene you’ll see in a cinema for a long time. From the very beginning of the season, it terrorised our cast by taking the forms of the dead, influencing those around it and eventually sending its foot soldiers in the forms of The Bringers and Turok-Han (Ubervamps). Firstly, there's Spike with his slicked back, bleach blonde hair and black, leather trench coat - he looks awesome.
It leaves you wondering why the film-makers bothered to pay Brooks' for the rights to his license when the film could easily have existed as its own intellectual property. World War Z's 'thing' is showcasing a vast number of zombies moving at incredible pace but the special effects let this aspect down. I have high hopes for this match but there are only two people in the match that I could see both winning the briefcase and actually gaining anything from it: Daniel Bryan or Sheamus. I was away living the high life for two weeks on the lovely island of Tenerife with my girlfriend. No interference, no helping each other, they all won fairly and came out looking dominant because of it. It turned out to be the re-debut of Michael McGillicutty under the much-improved name of Curtis Axel. This blog is a non-commercial, ad free site for monsterkids, historians, researchers, and all fans of the fantastique, the horrifying, the trashy, and the sublime. This tale brings the mystery and intrigue that still delights readers of Dracula into the realm of romance, and will disappoint neither Stoker enthusiasts nor fans of the romantic genre. But the universe-building in the film just isn't good enough and makes the whole concept feel like a missed opportunity.
It's both utterly fascinating and mildly frightening to watch with the actors and film-makers both helping to create a realistic, dystopian world.
Mitch Dyer, Colin Moriarty, the list goes on but the one thing that so many IGN staff members have in common in the formula.
Season 4 followed on from the destruction of Sunnydale High and saw Sunnydale U become the home for most of our episodes. Meeting this cast of characters was incredible, learning about this rich and wacky universe was so much fun and it even had the holy trinity - a great narrative, a big scary bad guy and exciting standalone episodes. Although it lacked great individual stories, Season 7 built up the overwhelming sense of impending doom better than any of the six seasons before it and made you believe that this may well be a fight that the Scooby Gang would not win.
Mostly because Dawn annoyed me but I got over it and, by Season 7, I actually quite liked her. His goal was to transform himself into a true and pure demon at Buffy's graduation ceremony. On top of this, the way in which he articulates his words - with that English accent - can be both genius and hilarious.
Far too many moments leave you either shaking your head in disbelief or cringing at the overwhelming cheese that is on display.
Sadly, World War Z does not give us those characters or anything else in their place for that matter. Curtis Axel debuted as the latest 'Paul Heyman Guy' thus diluting the phrase 'Paul Heyman Guy' as it's now just a gimmick as opposed to an actual thing.
CM Punk is only killing time until his clash with Brock Lesnar and I feel like Orton is above MitB. Onwards and upwards for the most exciting faction we've seen in years, don't ruin this or I'll kill you Vincent. Although, in fairness, the only names worse that Michael McGillicutty are Stinky McPooperpants and Fandango.
The only rule of the match is that your opponent must utter the phrase 'I Quit.' It's in the name!
However, no matter how interesting this world may be, the film spends too much time setting the scene and things do begin to drag. The oft-teased relationship of Buffy and Spike finally kicked off but our titular character was only using him. The only let down of Season 1 was that the climax felt rushed and after a whole season of build up, Buffy defeated The Master in a matter of moments. It even tied everything back to the first season, taking us back to a new Sunnydale High while The First set his sights on reopening the Hellmouth.
Anyway, Season 5 cranked it up a notch in the villain department by forgetting about silly, old demons and throwing a god at our Vampire Slayer.
Again, the sense of impending doom was dialled up to 11 and the final few episodes were absolutely nerve-shattering, not knowing how the Scooby Gang were going to overcome the odds. In the screening of World War Z that I attended, a large section of the audience began to laugh out loud at a particular example of this cheesiness during a scene that should have acted as a huge, dramatic crescendo for the film. And the overarching narrative surrounding The Initiative, and the main villain Adam, just didn't live up to the standards set in the 3 seasons previous. And Buffy spent half of the season sulking around like a stroppy teenager after being ripped out of heaven by her friends. I found the ending a little bit disappointing but, to be fair, there was nothing that they could have done to give us a definitive ending without killing Buffy (AGAIN!) and I was happy to see her make it out alive. Glory was a great villain, wonderfully eccentric and terrifyingly powerful, and she truly came across as a force to be reckoned with.
On top of this, we got to meet Faith - the other Slayer - whose fight scenes with Buffy are some of the best that we ever see in the entire 7 seasons.
Along for the ride is the enigmatic Drusilla, perhaps the creepiest character that Buffy has ever seen.
There's one particular action sequence in the middle of the film that is so over the top that even Die Hard would blush. Rob Van Dam is returning to 5-Star Frog Splash people from atop his zimmer frame and, in the most important news since my mysterious disappearance, the John Cena and Ryback feud is over!
However, there was one shining light in the form of what I consider to be Buffy's best ever episode - Hush.
Season 5 also had the best climax to any season of Buffy with the heartbreaking moment when Buffy sacrifices herself to save the world and, more importantly to her, save Dawn. Season 2 also puts a huge focus on the love story of Angel and Buffy - a romance that is never matched in the following 5 seasons. It's only as the film reaches its finale that things finally slow down and we get some action that is well-directed, tense enough to make you hold your breath and genuinely thrilling. Hush exceeds all of the 144 other episodes, giving us the truly terrifying Gentleman and building more suspense and tension than you can handle.
There were some highlights though like the musical episode Once More With Feeling and The Trio made for some great comedy even if they weren't great villains.
Season 5 also holds the award for most heartbreaking episode - The Body - in which Buffy's mother dies and we have to watch her deal with the sudden loss.
Oh, and before I forget, this is the season in which they remaster the theme song to make it even more head-bangingly awesome.
This, then, adds incredible weight to the huge, enormous, unbelievable twist in which Angel loses his soul, once again, and returns to his evil ways. He's hotter than ever right now, the crowd love him and have even been cheering him over Orton in recent weeks.
You win by placing your opponent in an ambulance but that does not mean to say you must incapacitate your opponent. There aren't enough good beards in WWE right now and Curtis Axel has a wonderful, big, ginger beard.
The one thing that elevates Season 6 above 4 was the final villain, something that I saw coming for seasons, in the form of evil Willow. Having a character, that both the audience and Buffy had grown to love, turn on and terrorise our cast of heroes was a stroke of genius by the creators and a moment that was never surpassed in the series. He even got to have a match with HHH on Raw and was instantly shoved into the shadows to put over some sort of 'HHH is dizzy' storyline. I would argue that Angel is Buffy's best and ultimate nemesis, the extreme pleasure he takes in chaos and death is terrifying. I do not hesitate in saying that Season 2 is the absolute best season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer as it is some of the best television that I have ever watched.

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