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That would be a great question – if it wasn’t the wrong question.  The simple truth is, there is no such thing as a “best franchise”. It’s also helpful if this owner is good at watching the many, many details that have a big impact on a McDonalds, such as inventory levels or wastage. But not every franchise is like that.  Some have very few employees, and maybe no inventory.
These are both excellent franchises.  But the person who would make a great McDonalds franchisee has very different skills from the person who would be successful owning 101 Mobility. What kind of a work schedule do you want?  Business hours only?  Or are you happy to work nights and weekends. Your investment budget is an important factor.  How much do you want to invest?  Think hard on this one – you don’t want to lie awake at night regretting too large of an investment.
Dan CitrenbaumDan Citrenbaum is a Franchise Coach and Entrepreneurial Consultant, and is a franchisee himself.
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Need a NEW Resume?MBA Highway members receive $200 OFF on the Doostang Resume Rewrite package. Franstop's franchise personnel are committed to provide you, as a prospective franchise buyer, a no-cost personal consultation to assist you in determining if buying a new franchise is the right decision for you and your career path.
Whether looking for a new franchise or an existing franchise re-sale, Franstop and Sunbelt Business Brokers have the largest selection of franchises in nearly every industry and for nearly every budget.
Franstop’s Franchise Consultants are here to take the guesswork out of the franchise buying process. My Franchise Specialist at Franstop assessed my personality to help determine what types of businesses best would suit me.
Franstop LLC is the successor company to Sunbelt Franchise Sales which has been providing franchise consulting services since 2002. February 19, 2015 By Kiwise Marketing Agency Are you keen to leave your office job behind? Put your money where your mouth is! February 18, 2015 By Kiwise Marketing Agency Well done to Greg for his key note speech and sharing some great stories about his 28 years of working with a variety of franchised businesses. Franchises are purposely packaged to look good and appear as though they are immensely successful.  It can take some serious research to find the one that is best for you. Build Out – Many franchisors will provide equipment financing, design support, architectural and help navigating the permit process. Fees – You are obligated to pay monthly fees – royalties, marketing, franchise, support…These are usually non-negotiable, so no matter what your sales were last month, you pay the fees.
Financial requirements – The best (highest volume and biggest names) franchises have specific personal financial requirements.
Creativity – Your creativity and great marketing ideas are not welcome in a franchise environment. If you have the know-how, maybe a little restaurant experience and a really unique selling proposition it may be a better choice to open your own place. Flexibility – If something is not working, like that lasagna special, take it off the menu or lower the price to move it. No Franchise Fees – Paying out 3-6% per month is tough on a business with a tight cash flow.
Recipes and Development – There is a significant cost associated with developing a restaurant menu.
Training – Unless you know what you’re doing, find someone that knows front of house and back of house training to help you.
Is it Time to Look at your Food Safety Programs and Standards?March 22, 2016 - 4:30 pmDue to multiple Norovirus outbreaks at multiple Chipotle locations throughout the country, restaurant owners everywhere are starting to think about food safety issues. Orange County Restaurant Week 2016 Participating RestaurantsMarch 7, 2016 - 2:10 pmDining in the OC is definitely an experience no matter what cuisine you want. Restaurant Business Plans: Management and Operations TeamDecember 15, 2015 - 7:25 amSo you want to create a comprehensive Business Plan for your Restaurant or Food Service Operation? Franchise Business brings potential franchisees news, insights, advice and a directory of available franchise opportunities: it is your essential guide to buying a franchise in Australia. Husse is delighted to announce ?10,000 (Platinum Franchise Package) or ?6,000 (Gold Franchise Package) Start-up support and full training included in all start-up franchises. Complete Dry Food Start-up Support – ?8,000 (RRP) for Platinum Package and ?4,000 (RRP) for Gold Package.
Exclusive territory - containing at least 90,000 (Platinum), 70,000 (Gold) or 35,000 (Silver) households. Lifestyle Business – Husse pet nutritionists operate in their local area, focusing on building trust with local pet owners and pet-related businesses.
Opportunity to Work Part Time, a Lifestyle Choice – Many of our franchisees chooses to or initially worked or currently work part time due to other commitments or as a lifestyle choice. Taste Guarantee – Pets love the taste of our unique Swedish recipe which gives us the confidence to offer a taste guarantee covered by HQ - our franchisees have an excellent selling tool to encourage the customer to try Husse.
Route to Market – Husse has developed over the years proven marketing strategies allowing our franchisees to engage with local pet owners all year round. From the day a franchisee starts with Husse and every day after, they will always have the reliance of 28 years industry experience and success. Initial training will cover intranet, nutrition, products, business strategy, marketing and sales . Ongoing support includes online marketing, an in-house graphic designer, in-house vet to assist you or your customers, continuous training and mentoring. Husse is delighted to announce 3 start-up support packages for new Husse franchisees in England where we are yet to operate. Tony talks about his journey as a franchisee in a international company and why he believes in the complete range of Husse products, our unique business concept and ongoing support. Brenda talks about why she and her family choose a Husse franchise after having successful careers in the health and science industries. Franchise Tom talks about how he came to be aware of the Husse brand and how he delivers an excellent service to the local community by giving advice, free samples and free delivery to his local customers. Kevin and Zoe talk about their reasons for joining as a Husse super healthy pet food franchise from an office and sales environment to catering to the local pet community. Husse is the fastest growing pet food franchise in the UK and the only one with international success in over 40 countries.

Steve talks about the benefits of a Husse Franchisee and shares us his pictures of all the local events, shows and pets that he has visited.
Prima Plus is a super premium food for adult dogs between 10kg and 40kg, with low to normal energy requirements. Husse is the fastest expanding franchise system in home delivery of quality pet food operating in 30 countries with over 600 franchisees.
I have always had the desire to run my own business but never really knew where to start, it all seemed a little daunting!! My name is Leticia and along with my husband Rogerio we decided some time ago to seek a new source of income. After many years of public service, and some life-changing events, we decided to ?nd something completely different to do with our lives, where we could work for ourselves and enjoy a more ?exible lifestyle.
I had been working for Avis Rent a Car in various locations around the UK for twenty six years.  I was living in Swansea when in May this year my mother sadly passed away. I left school at 16 and joined the Royal Navy where I served for six years leaving as a Leading Electrical Mechanic. After many years working in office based customer service jobs I realised that I wanted to start my own business. After over a year looking for and researching different franchises it was by pure coincidence that we looked at the Husse franchise.
I had spent the last year back in the corporate world chasing unobtainable targets for little gain.  I decided that I had to become my own boss again and set my targets and my goals. If you are familiar with the Dilbert cartoon strip you will know and love some of the absurdities of existing in a large organisation.
With over 25 years in retail, working for some of the leading companies around the world, I tired of the corporate world of shareholders and board members. The Husse brand has been grown rapidly in the last quarter with no fewer than 12 new Husse Franchise Start-up in England. The franchise package is a key element of choosing the right franchise, the key to start-up, and also to long-term success.
2014 is already proving to be a successful year for Husse UK.  We have more active franchisees than ever before, our product sales are increasing in franchise territories, and we’ve experienced growth in the online and business-to-business divisions. From over a thousand franchises to choose from in the UK, deciding which one is right for you can be a challenging task. It’s the New Year, and many of us have set resolutions to improve something in our lives.  Perhaps one of yours is to find a new job or even to start a whole new career?  Maybe owning a business or opening a franchise is what your heart desires.
Amidst over a thousand franchises to choose from in the UK, deciding which one is right for you can be a challenging task.
Having officially retired from Kent Police on 2nd January this year I had hoped to start on Monday 13th January but unfortunately and owing to the death of an old friend I wasn't able to start until Wednesday 15th which was quite handy as my first stock delivery arrived that day. I’m Tom, Husse Franchise owner for West Wiltshire & Bath and this is a little information about why we joined Husse, how we found things and what’s currently happening. Management of First Level Customer Support on the licensed territory (e-mails; phone calls, chat with customers). I am happy to receive emails from and have my details passed on to carefully selected, relevant, third parties. By sending this message, you confirm that you agree to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. The task of funding franchise ownership can be even more difficult for entrepreneurs who are entering the world of business ownership for the very first time. We will help you find the RIGHT franchise, and assist you with every aspect of the buying process. As a franchise, we are uniquely equipped to help you value, market and sell my existing franchise business. The best part was, they didn’t box me into the service profession that I represented my last 25 years of work (hotel and restaurant). Hundreds of these franchisors have come to us because of our national presence and our ability to bring qualified buyers to the table. Provide us just a few quick pieces of information, and see more details about the franchise opportunities of your choice! Although, this can be a negative when you are forced to buy specialty products that are expensive.
The best franchisors provide specialized management and owner training for those with little foodservice knowledge by experts in the field.
The big guys also tend to sell multi-unit development agreements to seasoned operators, which means unless you already own and operate several restaurants, you’re out of luck.
Some are very helpful, but remember, the franchise support personnel are there to protect the brand. As the owner, you make the rules.  If you think you can run it more efficiently and profitably than the franchise, you have an opportunity to make more money. Those fees are not for nothing, but consider that you could probably pay a consultant the equivalent of 9-12 months of franchise fees to help you define your brand, set up your procedures and train your staff (and never pay any additional fees). This is somewhat rare, but it can happen.  Basically, you have an opportunity to build your own, and cut some corners to save a few bucks. Restaurants that start without written policies and procedures are doomed to repeat their mistakes.
Not only do you have to test every item, you have to make certain the margins are adequate and ingredients are priced correctly.  Some of the biggest new restaurant mistakes are born in the kitchen if menus are not thoroughly researched. During the opening period, you have to put your best foot forward, so take advantage of anybody that has training experience to help. I can’t stress how important a well-developed brand is and this is the first step to creating your enduring and popular concept.
While the outbreak has put the food safety in a national spotlight, it should’ve always been a serious concern amongst restaurants everywhere. This is where you can attract those who pass by and people who didn’t intend on stopping by but saw the building and decided to give it a try. While that fact remains true all year long, there is a certain time of year that it gets even better. An in-depth evaluation of your Company Management Team and your food service Operations team is a good place to start.
Husse produces and sells a wide range of affordable premium pet food, accessories, health and hygiene products for cats and dogs, and care supplements for horses. They enjoy meeting new people and at the same time being able to make money - just by following a proven business concept that is successful all year round.

Whatever your circumstances are no or minimal overhead cost allows our franchisees to launch and develop a business suited to their needs. Husse arranges regular meetings, seminars and webinars allowing continuous development of our franchisees.
It is based on chicken with added nutraceutical components to make it a super tasty every day meal for your pet. The business concept is simple; a customer shouldnt have to break his or her back carrying.
We have initiated a process of study and research to find out which segment we would invest in. I immediately joined Kent Police where I served thirty years, retiring in January 2014 as a Neighbourhood inspector. Our new business partners have come from all walks of life and almost all of them have little or no business experience.
A franchise package can reduce your initial investment and can be broken down into two parts:  the initial franchise package, and the long-term franchise package. Nonetheless, a thorough research before investing into a franchise is one of the most important steps in the process. Many American companies don’t ship internationally and even when they do, the shipping costs can be very high.
There may be benefits to using your retirement account to fund your dream of franchise ownership. Although you may be able to secure financing for franchises as part of the purchase price, count on the fact that you will have to somehow come up with a significant amount of capital just to get your foot in the door. Individuals coming straight from the salaried workforce often lack available capital and are forced to scramble for funds from a variety of personal sources.Most prospective franchise owners avoid tapping into their 401(k) funds at all costs. Click on the picture above and learn more about how you can put the largest and most successful business broker to work for you!
Together, we tuned into my passions and skill sets, resulting in the purchase of a new home care franchise. Consequently, we are constantly pre-screening franchises to determine whether they meet our high standards of excellence, integrity, and quality.
Orange County Restaurant Week is when the top 140 restaurants are showcased throughout Orange County.
Husse is the fastest growing pet food franchise in the UK and the only one with international success. Husse operates in over 46 countries and via 750 franchisees we deliver Husse products to over 300,000 clients at no extra cost to customer’s door. With clear vision and a unique business strategy allows a successful applicant to launch Husse franchise in weeks.
Our products are produced from human grade meat (independently verified) and only from natural ingredients.
Husse is a super healthy Swedish pet food brand and for over 28 years we have been providing free delivery and nutrition advice directly to customers. Professionalism in handling the numerous queries and organizing our first meeting with Fahim and Dr Majid was brilliant.
That is why he or she has to prove his capacities, responsibilities and experiences in marketing communication, web marketing and e-business. But recently Franchise King identified several reasons why using you're your 401(k) to fund your franchise might not be a bad idea.No Debt. Click on the picture above to schedule a no-obligation call with one of our franchise experts. As a result, we are able to present you with the top franchise opportunities currently on the market.
Husse operates in over 40 countries; ISO 9001 regulated and believed to be the first European pet food brand to be granted a US DA licence. Pet food is in year round demand and our franchisees benefit from high margins across our 350 product range. Husse Pet Nutritionist benefit from choosing the hours to work, a flexible lifestyle and manages their business from home. Husse markets itself as a Swedish brand enabling franchisees to be different from the rest. Husse products are manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and believe to be the first European band granted a US DA license to import into the United States. Depending on the size of your 401(k), it may be possible to purchase the franchise without debt financing. Our taste guarantee demonstrates our confidence in the quality of our products and it is covered by HQ. We have over 350 products including unique professional products designed to target pet related businesses such as kennels, catteries, groomers, trainers, etc. But even if your 401(k) reduces the amount of financing you require, you will be further ahead than franchisees who are financed to the hilt.No Collateral. Franchise financing requires collateral, usually in the form of your home or other personal assets.
If your franchise fails, it's probably better to lose retirement savings than it is to lose the house that you and your family call home.Control. If you go the investor route, you will inevitably have to relinquish a certain amount of control over your franchise.
But if you fund your franchise with your own assets, you retain complete control over your franchise as well as your fate as a business owner.No Interest. I chose a franchise because I liked what they had to offer and felt my hometown was in need of a full service repair shop.
By reducing or eliminating the amount of the purchase price you finance, you can minimize interest expenses and improve the profitability of your operation.Invest in Yourself. Many franchisees are hesitant to risk their 401(k) accounts because they represent their nest eggs. But under the right circumstances, using a 401(k) to fund a franchise represents an investment in yourself and can potentially generate even greater returns than a 401(k) fund.Leveraging retirement funds to finance a franchise isn't the right decision for everyone. But it's a concept that is definitely worth exploring as you begin to flesh out the details about how you will fund your transition to franchise ownership.

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