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The cool new Exhale Fan is the world's first bladeless ceiling fan that generates a smooth cyclonic airflow that feels like a calm breeze blowing from the side instead of straight down.
No doubt that we got bored by choosing different colors and unique blades designs for every new fan.
They are even same in their working style, all the fans throws air vertically and straight down.
Exhale is inspired by the Nikole Tesla, an Inventor of 19th century and it will be the first fan with no blades.

This gently flowing and virtually silent vortex of multiplying air stabilizes a room's temperature, which helps reduce the strain on your heating or cooling system AKA saves you money.
Privacy Policy5555 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels. The manufacturers have completed their first phase but, now in search of investors to complete the dream project. But, two innovative peoples Richard Halsall and Nik Hiner have found a way to move forward from the old ceiling fans.

The Exhale Fan, A fan with no blades, no noise and an ability to cool down the room temperature like an AC.

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