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On Tuesday, 26th September, 2006, the 26-man Ekiti State House of Assembly (ESHOA) passed a motion to serve a notice of impeachment on the Ekiti State governor Mr. On that same day, Governor Fayose filed on an ex-parte motion in an Ado-Ekiti court to stop the impeachment process, a hearing which had a drama of its own: various Ekiti State judges (Wale Kowe, Segun Akintayo in that order) declined to take it. Figuring that it had received all the "answer" that it would ever get from the accused duo, the ESHOA went ahead on Thursday, October 5 to instruct the Chief Judge Bamisile to announce a seven-man panel to conduct the formal impeachment investigation of the Governor and his Deputy. On Monday, October 9, Governor Fayose, in an anticipatory volley, wrote to Chief Judge Bamisile, completely denying all the charges against himself in the impeachment notice. On Tuesday, October 10, 2006 , the CJ announced his seven-person panel - and more: a group headed by Remi Bamigboye (Chairman) and comprising Alli Apanisile, Sesan Adesuyi, Segun Da-Silva, Olu Alade, Solomon Ajisafe and Mrs. For refusing to re-constitute the rigged panel, as well as refusing to appear before the Assembly on Wednesday, October 11, the ESHOA promptly suspended CJ Bamisile on that Wednesday – taking care not to "remove" him and hence not violating Section 292 of the Constitution. On Thursday, October 12, the Bamisile panel still went ahead to meet on the impeachment matter - for a total of about thirty minutes.
Aladejana went ahead to announce, on the Friday October 13, a new panel with people of unquestionable integrity and impeccable credentials, headed by Mr. At Ado-Ekiti on Monday, October 16, at exactly 9:17 am , after receiving the Aladejana panel report and calling for a vote, the Speaker of the EHOA's gavel fell in the House, formalizing the impeachment of Fayose and Olujimi. Later on that same day (October 16), now suddenly finding his voice, the Attorney-General of the Federation, Bayo Ojo, weighed in with an opinion that the State House of Assembly had no power to suspend the Chief Judge of a state, nor (echoing the Chief Justice) to appoint an acting CJ. Also on October 16, the deposed deputy governor Olujimi filed a suit at an Ado-Ekiti High Court challenging her removal from office. On Tuesday, October 17, Fayose also spoke to a Lagos TV channel from his rat-hole hide-out, claiming his gubernatorial "throne" back. All of the above actions ended up in a state of emergency being declared by President Olusegun Obasanjo on Thursday, October 19. The Governor and his Deputy and those who purported to be Acting Governors or Deputy by this declaration will cease to be in charge of the affairs of Ekiti State. This State of Emergency step was the crowning one of the vertical cocktail of illegalities, and has been condemned by many segments of Nigerian society, including many Ekiti indigenes at home and abroad.
The fact of the matter is that I also join in expressing serious objection to President Obasanjo's double-standard in declaring a State of Emergency over my native Ekiti State .
Moreover, nothing in our 1999 Nigerian Constitution – confusing and confusionistic as it is - translates a declaration of a state of emergency into the destruction of the democratic structures of the State Executive and the House of Assembly, and the appointment of a "Sole Administrator", an-ex military person for that matter. More importantly, the 2007 General elections (hopefully) begin with State House and Gubernatorial elections on Saturday, April 14, 2007, and end with presidential elections on Saturday, April 21, 2007. In the coming days, the State of Emergency will be fully discussed in the National Assembly, whether to give it ratification or to reverse it.
Constitutionally, the CJ - who barely 3 months earlier had just been sworn in by Governor Fayose on Friday, July 21, 2006, and leap-frogged over a more senior judge - had seven days to do so. It promptly discharged the Governor and his Deputy from all allegations without taking a single oral evidence for and against the accused persons. Fayose and Olujimi became ex-Governor (having served May 29, 2005 to October 16, 2006 ) and ex-Deputy Governor ( December 7, 2005 to October 16, 2006 ) respectively. He warned that "Federal Government will not fold its arms and allow the breakdown of law and order in any part of the country" and that it would "take appropriate steps to fulfil its responsibility of maintaining law and order in Ekiti State and indeed in all parts of the Federation." It turned out to be a promise, not a threat. On that same day, ex-governor Fayose disappeared from the scene, some kind of fugitive on the run up until this day, leaving his Deputy Olujimi to fight the battle on, still claiming to be Deputy Governor while acting as Governor on behalf on her "departed" Governor. President Obasanjo announced the imposition of a former ex-military person, Tunji Olurin, as "Sole Administrator" on Ekiti State . An Administrator to manage the affairs of Ekiti State in the person of Brigadier- General Tunji Olurin (rtd.) is hereby nominated for six months in the first instance.

The calm situation on the ground did not give sufficient justification for that hasty action, and one is fully aware of other states in Nigeria with worse socio-political situations which did not receive similar treatment. He should perish the thought – not after the death of Omojola, not after Daramola, not after that pregnant woman a la Bamiteko. That is what would be conducive to peace, justice and public order in Ekitiland - that Fayose not return to Ekiti State as governor even for one more day. Abiodun Christine Olujimi, (nee Ariyo, of Omuo-Ekiti), alleging gross misconduct against them. By allegedly packing this panel with family relations and cronies of Fayose, Bamisile initiated a seeming vertical cocktail of illegalities, the consequences of which he himself could not contemplate. Also on this day, Justice Bamisile filed a case before a High Court in Ado-Ekiti, challenging his suspension by the House of Assembly. The House also formalized the acting judgeship of Aladejana, who immediately proceeded to swear in the Speaker as Acting Governor.
The new national president of the NBA, Olisa Agbakoba, also stridently weighed in on the side of the AG, brazenly storming into Ado-Ekiti to interfere without the courtesy of waiting for an invitation by Ekiti State's chapter of the NBA, or consulting with the two Ekiti indigenes Femi Falana (president of the West African Bar Association) or past NBA President Wole Olanipekun (SAN).
Demonstrating quite some chutzpah - and seemingly from a political script written elsewhere - she even held a "cabinet meeting" at the Old Governor's office. The Ekiti State House of Assembly also goes on suspension as the formal legislative body of the State with immediate effect for six months.
The President therefore assumed powers not given to him – the same accusation that has been made against the Ekiti Legislators in suspending Bamisile and appointing a new CJ. What happens with political activities in Ekiti State for the next six months: same as other states without a state of emergency - or what? Nebuchadnezzar was strong, powerful, and hard king, and offended God gravely – he destroyed Judah and burned Jerusalem , destroying the temple of God and taking all of the gold goblets and incense burners back to Babylon.
He swept aside the objections of the Speaker and his ESHOA - giving the excuse that as a judge with limited contacts with ordinary folk, he was not expected to know everybody's backgrounds - and dismissed them all as "jokers." The Bamisile panel went ahead to be inaugurated by the CJ – even after the Speaker forced his way in to the arena to object to its composition. Having a State Assembly in position under a State of Emergency is incongruous and may not allow for the expeditious actions that the Administrator will need, to put the State back into a situation of peace, harmony, security for all, and maintenance of law and order throughout the State. One wonders what would happen to the Presidency and the National Assembly if a State of Emergency were to be declared in the entire nation as allowed by the same Constitution. After being been warned by the captive Jew Daniel following Nebuchadnezzar's own foreboding dreams, the king was turned into a bush animal and went through seven years of eating grass and living in the wild with other animals before he learned to give God the glory. Would it mean suspension of the national democratic structures (National Assembly) and the appointment of an ex-military Sole Administrator from neighboring Togo ?
The House informed the world that it delivered the notice by express mail to the accused duo on Friday, September 29 (giving them 14 days to respond), although the governor indicated that he did not receive his own copy until Tuesday, October 3. The Federal Gazette containing the Declaration has been forwarded to the National Assembly in accordance with the Constitution. Is the situation of Ekiti State therefore a prelude to such an unfortunate and untenable circumstance? Later on that same day, a letter from the Chief Justice Belgore in response to Aladejana's own October 12 letter to Belgore of notification of his new elevated status was made available to the Press – but apparently not directly to Aladejana. In any case, the Belgore letter warned that Aladejana's appointment as Acting CJ was in violation of Section 271 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. However it was silent about the constitutionality of the dismissal of the Chief Judge Bamisile himself.

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