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I am replacing my bathroom vent that has a fan, heater, light and night light with a new very quiet Broan unit that does the same things. You need four colored (not green) wires, for fan, regular light, night light, and heater respectively.
Now if the power comes to the light fixture first, you can connect the night light to the raw (unswitched) power and you have enough wires down to the switch box for the other three items. It is difficult to shop locally when the locality slaps you with a fine if you are a little slow getting back to your car. With the Heat on and then turn on the light, the Light doesn't turn on but Heater stays on.
And where the power source and by the way with heater verison it have to be on it own circuit due the wattage rating.

Bathroom Fan Heater - Comfy Warmth in a Cold Winter Night Bathroom Fan Heater – Comfy Warmth in a Cold Winter NightHaving a hot bath or shower is great especially during winter but the only drawback is getting into that cold bathroom to prepare for that hot bath. Let’s not forget the going back into the cold bathroom after the hot bath or shower, if indeed we succeeded in getting into the tub. But just the thought makes us want to cancel the hot bath experience.Good thing is that there now is a great solution at hand – the bathroom fan heater! It is a safe and efficient heating device that circulates warm air throughout the room It is a fan that blows air through a heating element.Other than making your bathroom warm, it minimizes humidity.
As we all know that moisture tends to build up in bathrooms that in turn promote the growth of mold and mildew on the structure of the room. It also clears condensation from your mirrors and windows due to excess moisture.National Panasonic Whisper Warm™ Model 11VHL2 Fan-Heater-Light combination Bathroom fan heaters may be portable, wall mounted or ceiling mounted.

Bathroom fan heaters with 110 CFM is ideal.The bathroom is normally our first stop upon waking up but at winter time, it is much nicer to stay in a warm bed than enter an unheated room like the bathroom.
Whether it is night or day, as long as you got a cold bathroom, it can be a place you would avoid going to but really, that is not a natural thing to do.

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