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Decorative recessed mirror optic luminarie with bright  anodised aluminium reflector and low glare P5 paralight louvre.
High Efficiency designer recessed mirror optic luminaries with opal polycarbonate frame and decorative coloured corner pieces. High efficiency LED 300X300mm luminaire with CRCA powder coated body and new generation  high transmittance PMMA diffuser to provide high LOR and soft glare free light. Surface mounted downlight with decorative translucent polycarbonate housing & chip on board LEDs provides good quality light. Many of them complain of headaches, nausea, and visual fatigue as a result of the visual demands associated with computer use and bad office lighting conditions. Optical system comprises of bright anodised aluminium reflector with low glare P5 paralite louvre.

We at CG want to help by making theirs a comfortable and beautiful place to be with modern lighting options that look gorgeous and give them the perfect light to work by.We have introduced elegantly crafted range of modular recessed mounted energy efficient luminaires to create perfect ambience in offices. There are a wide variety of fans to choose from, from simple finishes to decorative, four blades to three blades, high air delivery to low noise. Brightly lit ceiling and walls along with working plane makes the working places comfortable to work and increases sense of belongingness amongst employees. When used in conjunction with an air conditioner, a ceiling fan can lower energy costs, because you can set the thermostat of your air conditioner at a higher temperature.You should select a fan based on size of the room. Fan sweep size is measured by taking the width straight across from one blade tip to the other blade tip. Thus, for a fan to operate efficiently and effectively, the motor’s characteristics must be engineered to match the blades.

If you have ever tried to row a boat, you know that if you put the oars in the water virtually flat, it takes very little effort to row; but even if you row very fast, the boat moves very slowly. If, on the other hand, you tilt the oars at a steep angle in the water, it becomes very difficult to row the boat, but each stroke makes substantial progress. Ceiling Fan Direction in Summer: Anti-Clockwise During summers, run your fan's blades anti-clockwise to blow air downward and create a cooling breeze so you can set your thermostat at a higher setting and still feel cool while saving money on air conditioning costs.

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