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Leviton offers many products that will help lower electrical costs and add convenience to everyday living. Decora Plus devices combine designer styling with all the benefits of rugged Commercial Grade construction.
Energy Efficient Products Decora Passive Infrared Wall Switch Occupancy Sensor, 180 Degree, 2100 sq. Leviton's ODS10-ID Decora wall switch passive infrared (PIR) occupancy sensor is used to provide automatic lighting control for energy savings and convenience in a variety of commercial applications, including: "Class Room" -"Conference Room" - offices multimedia rooms - day care centers - lounges the ODS0D- ID provides automatic switching of two separate incandescent lamps and fluorescent and low-voltage lighting with electronic or magnetic ballasts. By simply replacing standard switches with timer switches will reduces energy consumption and extends bulb life.

The robust product offering includes: single pole, double pole, 3 and 4-way switches, momentary and maintained contact switches, as well as pilot light and illuminated switches. The unit also features a manual override switch that can be used to keep lights off while an area is occupied, which may be desired in "Conference Room" and other areas during slide or film presentations. Better than ever - Leviton Decora Timer Switches offer advanced features, superior accuracy and contemporary aesthetics. Our robust selection provides convenient timed control of lighting and motor loads in homes, offices, schools, hotel rooms and other small commercial applications.
Homeowners can set lights to turn on and off for a lived-in look while they are away, or automate control of heat lamps, pool pumps or bathroom fans.

Our versatile selection includes fully programmable and preset timers in popular styles and colors.

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