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Featuring a look and feel that qualify them as modern classics, Decora Designer Rocker Switches add so much at a modest cost that no home should be without them. Hospital Grade SmartlockPro Slim Guidelight Tamper-Resistant GFCI Duplex Receptacles feature our patented reset lockout which provides an end-of-life indication and prevent reset if the SmartlockPro GFCI is damaged so that it cannot respond to a ground fault. Leviton's comprehensive Residential Grade Receptacles portfolio includes devices rated for all residential applications in a variety of standard configurations.
Decora Plus devices combine designer styling with all the benefits of rugged Commercial Grade construction. Leviton offers many products that will help lower electrical costs and add convenience to everyday living. Leviton's duplex receptacles are designed for a chic appearance, quick installation and durability. The Vizia RF + family of products captures the essence of "smart" lighting control with its embedded Z-Wave radio frequency technology and stylish form factor that is compatible with Leviton's hallmark Decora design. Their sleek simplicity and smooth, quiet operation stem from quality materials fitted to tight tolerances and finished with great care, ensuring years of trouble-free service. Our Hospital Grade SmartlockPro GFCIA’s include a dual function indicator light which acts as an installation wiring diagnostic and as a power indicator once GFCI is properly installed. The robust product offering includes: single pole, double pole, 3 and 4-way switches, momentary and maintained contact switches, as well as pilot light and illuminated switches.
By simply replacing standard switches with timer switches will reduces energy consumption and extends bulb life.

The impact-resistant thermoplastic design allows for a long service life and high performance in homes, offices, schools and other settings. Robust features like Zone Control, Scene Control and Timed Events give you one-touch control of your home's lighting and any Z-Wave enabled device. The GFCIA’s feature external wiring clamps designed specifically to withstand high torque and provide exceptional holding strength as well as positive indication of proper wire seating. The Decora duplex receptacle is designed for a chic appearance, quick installation and durability. Better than ever - Leviton Decora Timer Switches offer advanced features, superior accuracy and contemporary aesthetics.
20 Amp 125 Volt, Tamper Resistant Duplex Receptacle, Straight Blade, Residential Grade, Self Grounding.
Zone Control is your key to controlling multiple light sources in many rooms or areas of your home with one push of a button on a zone controller. Legendary Decora Designer Rocker Switches come in a variety of colors to harmonize with any decor. Our shutter mechanism inside the receptacle blocks access to the contacts unless a two-prong plug is inserted for added safety. Its impact-resistant thermoplastic design allows for a long service life and high performance in homes, offices, schools and other settings. Our robust selection provides convenient timed control of lighting and motor loads in homes, offices, schools, hotel rooms and other small commercial applications.

Scene Control lets you vary the light levels in a room for any activity or change the ambiance with one touch on a scene controller.
Their sturdy construction and dependable performance are everything you'd expect from the pre-eminent switch maker. Homeowners can set lights to turn on and off for a lived-in look while they are away, or automate control of heat lamps, pool pumps or bathroom fans. Using Timed Events, you can schedule lights to turn on and off or activate any network device at preset times to enhance security or enjoy a more convenient lifestyle. 15 Amp, 125 Volt, NEMA 5-15R, 2 Pole, 3 Wire, Decora Receptacle, Straight Blade, Residential Grade, Self-Grounding, Quickwire Push-In and Side Wired, Steel Strap. Our versatile selection includes fully programmable and preset timers in popular styles and colors. The Vizia RF + line includes dimmers, switches, remotes and fan speed controls that all work together to create a wireless mesh network of automated lighting control in one room or your entire home. It allows you to preset lighting levels on multiple fixtures for four different activities that will respond to a single button push.

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