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Launched in the summer of 2009, 7a€‘Eleven’s program offers discounted franchise fees to retired or separated military veterans who have been honorably discharged from the service within the past five years.
Our stores sell more cold beer, cold single-serve bottled water, cold Gatorade and fresh-grilled hot dogs than any other U.S.
Franchising with the worlda€™s #1 convenience store is easier than you think, for all kinds of reasons. If youa€™ve got what it takes to franchise with 7a€‘Eleven, go ahead and take the first step.
7‑Eleven provides the store, land and equipment, plus extensive training and support from our franchise pros. Our brand is known and loved around the world, and 7‑Eleven is consistently ranked as a top-five franchisor. Wea€™ve invested in technology that helps streamline operations and manage inventory so you can stock your shelves with what sells best in your neighborhood. The 7-Eleven Bill Pay App means more convenience for customers and easy profits for Franchisees. 7‑Eleven will never stop looking for ways to offer new levels of convenience to customers.
Now that you are ready to take the next step, Fill Out the Form and Get this Important Information Delivered to You Immediately. While the more than 200 available stores are located in cities across the country, many of the Zero Franchising Fee opportunities are in markets like Charlotte, N.
The convenience retailer is offering these stores to qualified, prospective franchisees as well as existing 7a€‘Eleven franchisees who want to grow their retail business by adding 7a€‘Eleven stores. Basic 7a€‘Eleven franchisee qualifications include being 21 years or older, a permanent U.S.

Because the stores qualifying as Zero Franchise Fee opportunities are considered low volume, they may qualify for additional, limited-time financial support.
In New York, buttered rolls and bagels are the most popular bakery item but in Southern California, chocolate chip cookies sell best.
Qualified veterans who become first-time 7a€‘Eleven franchisees receive up to a 20-percent discount on the initial franchise fee for the first 7a€‘Eleven® store they franchise.
In the past six years, 82 military vets have received $1.5 million in franchise-fee discounts.
Some 1,700 military veterans competed for a franchise fee-free 7a€‘Eleven store of their choice among available locations.
With the support of a global brand and a business model built for your success, a new word was definitely in order. Now that a 7a€‘Eleven customer base has been established at these locations, the company is looking to transition these stores to franchise operations.
Prospective franchisees for these Zero Franchise Fee stores will undergo the standard 7a€‘Eleven franchise approval process.
Armed Forces The retailer has set a goal of recruiting 100 veterans and providing $2 million in discounts by the end of 2016. The retailer also has supported military-assistance organizations including Hire Heroes USA, the USO, Reserve Aid, Warrior Gateway and Operation Mend.
Based in Dallas, Texas, 7 Eleven operates, franchises or licenses some 10,700 7 Eleven® stores in North America.
Buy Our Franchise White Paper for $19.95 Financial Data - How much to start and grow with a 7-Eleven Franchise.
Prospective franchise owners will still be responsible for the costs of licensing, permits and the initial down-payment on inventory, totaling approximately $30,000.

Based in Dallas, Texas, 7a€‘Eleven operates, franchises or licenses some 10,500 7a€‘Eleven® stores in North America.
Today, 7-Eleven is a global icon, driving the brand forward through its dedicated franchise system. The company has military veterans serving in every level from top management to field staff to store sales associates.
7-Eleven franchisees are the voice of the brand, protecting a legacy and conveying its vision every day to millions of consumers worldwide.Opening your own 7-Eleven franchise provides an opportunity to own your own business while following a proven, standardized startup process. If you have at least $100,000 to $150,000 in liquid funds and you are ready to move forward, keep reading.Financial Assistance7-Eleven offers financing for all or a portion of the franchise fee or down payment if a qualified applicant meets all loan qualifications and displays a financial need that, in the franchisor’s sole opinion, makes it difficult for the qualified applicant to pay all of the initial fees.
This financing may not be offered to all applicants.Term of Agreement and RenewalThe franchise term ends at the earlier of 10 years after the Effective Date of the franchise agreement or 30 days before the end of the lease of the real estate for the Store that was in effect on the Effective Date.
One renewal term is available for a term equal to the number of years of the initial term in the then-current franchise agreement. Breakdown of CostsThe following information is compiled from the Franchise Disclosure Document of 7-Eleven (2014). Veterans Magazine and on GI Jobs magazine’s Top 100 Military Friendly Employers for 2014. Complete, low cost business-in-a-box for you!Min Inv: $200 Learn More Vernon Street CapitalLend Money! AFFILIATE PROGRAM that offers training on residential loans, commercial loans and business loans.Min Inv: $5,000 Request Info PrivacyAbroadOnline privacy is big business!

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