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Price apart, by a size difference of 4" can KDK produce equivalent or more wind then Elmark?
If I will to buy Elmark, purely is bcos of its rpm but if I choose KDK then purely bcos of its reliability. My family has been using that similar model for 15 years, no problems and still blowing strong. Ceiling Fan Create Airy Environment In Singapore, hot weather throughout the year. Hello guys,After patiently waiting for 3 years, I've just finally collected keys to my 4 room premium BTO!!Decided to start this t-blog to share my scandinavian renovation works with everyone as I'll like to contribute back to homeowners since I've been a quiet reader for the past one year.
Thanks to much recommendations from renotalk and other forums, Ia€™ve decided to take a big step to travelling to Malaysia, Johor to purchase my ceiling fans and standing fans. Thanks to much recommendations, I’ve decided to take a big step to travelling to Malaysia, Johor to purchase my ceiling fans and standing fans.
I’m indeed particular about both fan design as well as how much wind it can generate.
Eventually, I purchased a Elmark ceiling fan for my living hall, 2 Ventos Fino Oak fan for the bedrooms, 1 KDK standing fan and 1 Joven 25 litre water storage heater. Additional unexpected purchase was Joven water storage heater which I got at RM490, $40 cheaper than Singapore.
T-blog has been really 'educational' to me in terms of tips and tricks as well as contacts thus I'd hope what I will be sharing would contribute to those who are renovating their home or getting keys to their new place!Anyway, here's my floor plan for reference:My scandinavian design which I will be having are inspired during my stay in Denmark.

I started out about 6-12 months ago, casually making appointments with all the big and small ID firms, as well as recommendations by renotalk people such as Contractor K. There are some fans that looks really really nice, but does not generate as much wind thus it defeats the purpose. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
During my stay there, I was influenced by the danish way of life, how their designs were clean and timeless as well as functional.
Noticed that the very branded ID firms such as Chew Interior hires various 'supposedly' ID to serve however upon sitting down and sharing our scandinavian ideas and designs, the ID serving me actually has no idea what is scandinavian and showed a whole lot of other modern, resort designs to me.
To find out more on which fans generate more or less wind, check with the sales person and get them to explain to you the difference between AC and DC motors which ceiling fans use for power since I’m no expert as well. I love everything scandinavian and my place would only be made of four colour scheme - which is white, brown, grey and black. He also wasn't keen to listen and cater to what we wanted and kept pushing for what he thought was perfect for us. After talking to him for half an hour, we gave up and left the place however he kept calling us up after that to tell us he's really excited and keen to do our home even though we told him we were not keen.Infact, I met many of such IDs who wasn't sure of exactly what we wanted and matching it to our expectations. To find out more on which fans generate more or less wind, check with the sales person and get them to explain to you the difference between AC and DC motors which ceiling fans use for power since Ia€™m no expert as well. With some knowledge and research, some tried to smoke their way through to getting us sign our ID contract, some simply blatantly was too pushy and ignorant.Met with Contractor K as well and he's really nice like what everyone shared.

He's experienced and friendly however his quotation was on par with reputable IDs we met thus we decided to drop him out.One of the deepest impression I got was from Free Space Intent. If you have the budget, I say go with them cause they are really patient, experienced and very very helpful, accommodating however their quotation was on the high side as well. If I had a little more budget, I would go with them.To be honest, up till today after getting my keys, I haven't signed with any IDs because we weren't comfortable to sign a contract way too early, unlike our neighbours. We realised that many people typically sign their IDs way in advance however from experience, some had regrets as they realised there was better IDs or cheaper options. We didn't want to be in the position of not having any options and getting stucked with the same ID so we decided to finally shortlist an ID which we are most comfortable with - to come to our place this weekend, take actual measurements and revise his quote with us before we sign it. Eventually we got a parking ticket when we finished our shopping Herea€™s Tampoi, a big building in yellow you cana€™t miss. One reason why we are taking our time to sign was because previously when we were getting married, we signed for a bridal package way in advance, paying $3K deposit only to find out months before our wedding that the bridal went bankrupt and closed down.
When I called her she simply brushed us off and after checking with different authorities, it was way too troublesome to get back any money. They say, once bitten twice shy so better to be safe than sorry now Lastly, more updates on my purchases this weekend once I get them!

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