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The Hidden Blade is the signature weapon used by the members of the Assassin Order, used for both stealth assassinations and open melee combat. Over the course of known human history, the Hidden Blade remained the most versatile weapon of the Assassins, with several upgrades and variants of it appearing across the globe. However, despite their versatility and strength, Hidden Blades could be broken when struck with enough force. The first recorded use of the Hidden Blade was dated during the 5th century BCE, in the area known as modern day Iran, when Darius used it to assassinate King Xerxes I.[3] By the High Middle Ages, Assassins were regularly outfitted with a Hidden Blade as part of their equipment. By the 15th century, the updated Hidden Blade design was dispersed throughout the Old World. Through studying pages from Altair's codex, Leonardo da Vinci was able to provide Ezio Auditore with a variety of upgrades, such as the addition of a second Hidden Blade.

By the 17th century, use of dual blades had become more common, as suggested by the large amount of such weapons collected by Julien du Casse. Please improve it in any ways necessary in order to achieve a higher standard and follow our Manual of Style. It consists of a blade which can be discreetly extended or retracted from a mechanism worn on the user's wrist, sometimes utilized in conjunction with a protective bracer. Several Assassins, including Giovanni Auditore da Firenze and his son Ezio, both had one of their blades broken in combat.
The mechanism no longer required a wrist "flick" to release the blade, allowing the user to extend or retract it without any hand movement. Slight structural changes had also emerged, as the blades used by the Caribbean Assassins, and the Colonial Assassins prior to the purge in 1763, were wider than those seen in 16th century Europe.[7] At an unknown point in time, former Mentor of the Colonial Assassins, Achilles Davenport, acquired a Hidden Blade which could pivot and be used in a manner similar to a dagger.

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